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  • current TWBD setting changes


    as of yesterday we have reverted most TWBD settings we changed earlier this year back to the default settings with the exception of two minor changes which we felt are still beneficial to keep when looking at the basing scene from a competitive perspective. please remember that the league staff is still open to change these settings should there be enough demand for it from the community, and thus do not hesitate to give staff your feedback.

    this may not be common knowledge, but Lancaster used to have slightly different ship settings in most of our competitive basing arenas. this was because the ship has been going through an experimental period for over a decade, which include both major and minor changes, and often some of the setting changes were not applied to other basing sub-arenas which lead into each arena having different ship settings. this is clearly not ideal, and thus we felt it would be better to standardize these settings across all our competitive basing sub-arenas to match with the most recent and arguably best version of the ship. below you can see what kind of changes were made to the ship earlier this year when TWL season started.

    if you do not understand what these values mean, you can look at this thread for additional information where I have tried to explain how some of the game mechanics work in this game.

    as for the other change that we kept, javelin rocket is still disabled in TWBD sub-arena. we feel this is not a healthy interaction to have in the game considering how fundamentally broken the interaction between repels and rockets are with your ship trying to reach a certain distance over the rocket duration, and it is even more ridiculous when combined with high player latency and spikes. it is up to the TWDT operators to decide whether they wish to follow this line of thought, but we feel that the ship can still be used effectively in a basing setting albeit you do need to be smarter with your play instead of praying for a lag shot to kill everyone in the base.

    as far as the changes that were reverted, they include things such as...

    - green prize weights returning back to normal. terriers can once again receive bursts, portals, and full charges from greens eaten by team mates.
    - we have temporarily disabled the burst and portal prize timer as it became redundant after we reverted the green prize weight change. it is worth mentioning that we can enable this setting again should the community want to give it another shot with perhaps some additional tweaks, such as instead of a timer having bursts and portals prized every X green eaten by the team.
    - sharks can once again spawn with a random number of shrapnel ranging from 0, 3, and 5 shrapnel patterns.
    - fixed bounty issue. ships were spawning with zero bounty, and now once again spawn with 3 bounty.

    in case I forgot something, I'm sure someone else can chime in and provide additional information. I am no longer an official member of staff, thus any complaints and questions should be directed to active members of staff.

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    Thanks for your clear post about TWBD. I am happy with these changes as you've set out.

    What's been my main issue throughout all this is not knowing whether all basing arenas are the same or not.
    I think all basing arenas should be the same.
    The arenas I mean are:
    - base
    - twbd
    - twdtb
    - twlb
    Can someone clarify if they are all identical / make sure they are all identical?


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      Nerf basebird regen or bullet speed please. So many times I see a team put in a basebird, next game opponents don't want to play and that kills basing for the day.

      A warbird can do circles around a spider for days in the flag room unless they shoot. Then you put sharks into the mix, they can just sit behind their shark and shoot all day. WB Bullets being really fast can rep ignore most shark players. This promotes terr playing like a pussy and is bad for flag room battles which is where the fun in basing is. Speaking of which, is there anything we might be able to change to make cram a tiny bit easier to break?