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messages you get that don't make sense

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  • messages you get that don't make sense

    I'm not an assistant but I get messages that only make sense if you're A or C.

    (MatchBot3)>cise is challenging you for a game of 3vs3 TWJD versus Hit. Captains/assistants, ?go twjd and PM me with '!accept Hit'
             Rab> !accept hit
       MatchBot3> You're not allowed to accept challenges for your squad
    that one's the most annoying because it makes your window flash due to being a private message.

    another one is when your opponent wants you to approve a borrow.

    just send those to A and C.

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    I think both are sent as squad PMs, which are sent to anyone squadjoined. It's been that way for a very long time. Even those who aren't caps/asscaps might want to at least be able to see when chals come in, regardless of if they can be accepted. Anyone else have an opinion? The borrow one might be a little more clear-cut though.
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      This list of squads doesn't make sense.

      (MatchBot)>Banks challenged top squads to 6vs6 TWBD: Thunder, Spider, Demonic, Dudgeon, SPASTIC, Nasty, eggboys, AsianReign, Gryffindor House, and marksmin.