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TWD Season Reset Scheduled: Dec 1

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  • TWD Season Reset Scheduled: Dec 1

    There will be a long-overdue reset of TWD coming December 1.

    Current plans: run seasons in regular intervals again, and reset at precise times. Seasons will likely be 3 months long: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.

    Recognition: worthwhile? Often squads are broken up and coincide with DT. But if it was seen as meaningful, could recognize top squad or squads in each division (+caps?), perhaps via map immortality.

    Feedback appreciated. I've got very little time right now, so apologies for the neglect and the short message.
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    what about elim?


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      Just replied back to an older message about this, my apologies for not finding this thread sooner Qan.

      I really appreciate where you are heading with this and support this idea. My only concern is it may be a lot of extra work for you that doesn't pay off. I'm not sure people even care about TWD these days truthfully. Maybe if at the end of a Season there was some kind of recognition of best players/squads to make it worthwhile? Or maybe we can use Seasons as pre-requisites for TWL qualifying or something. Other much smarter folks should brainstorm this possibility other than myself lol

      If nothing else, just having ladders reset 1-2 times a year would be really welcomed but like I said, the idea of Seasons is quite interesting if we can just find a simple way to make them worthwhile, similar to how people made Elim seasons worthwhile. Big thanks!!! for looking into ways to bolster TWD Qan. Really appreciate it. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Cheers!
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        Season has begun.

        Yes, agreed, ixa -- it's more a proving ground than anything. However, if we can brainstorm a reasonable form of recognition that is subtle enough to not feel condescending but worthwhile enough to feel meaningful, we can go with that. As it stands I put the last season's highest rated squads in the entrance messages. Could look at a place on the map graphic. Not sure if people would compete for that, though, and it seems a bit much for TWD 2019.
        "You're a gentleman," they used to say to him. "You shouldn't have gone murdering people with a hatchet; that's no occupation for a gentleman."
        -Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment


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          I think it would be interesting to have something like past seasons in your personal stats area. You could see how you are improving (or not) over the course of several seasons.

          Think like sports cards.


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            There is no way to make TWD useful at this point in time IMO. We are not qualifying for TWL, and it would be hard to do anything worth while without restrictions on TWD rosters as people today are just joining the most active team with the least amount of idiots. Not to mention, we are borrowing everyone and anyone. Rewarding this would not be beneficial in any way. TWD has become a step above javduel/wbduel/go base. I've always wanted to make twd/twdt go together, just like TWL and twd did when it was going. TWDT is the main league atm, and I've always thought practicing with your TWDT is beneficial to everyone including the newer players breaking into TW / leagues in general. I mean, it's not being used for anything else....
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