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What are these lights?

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  • What are these lights?

    Am I in a Star Trek episode? Super annoying and distracting stuff, remove it please.

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    I dont see a huge issue here, its a far cry from any special gfx lighting.. it's just pixel dots, to showcase how many people are in the game, and in what ship. more of a helpful feature, and i'm almost positive that the majority of players also have background stars, and planetary effects enabled then not.
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      I don't like the pips either. Lineups are known and don't need any ui elements. I don't see why anyone thought this necessary.

      Same goes for the giant text in the middle of the screen for preparing lineups and go.

      The scoreboard is great though.

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        yeah theyre annoying, take them out. or at least remove them after go go go

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          Removing after GO seems to make sense. I think for base it may be useful while lineups are constructed. Not so much for D/J.

          This stuff all takes time to get where it needs to go, and some ideas don't work or need tweaking. That's dev.

          BTW, BIET spent many, many hours on the scoreboard update. Calculating a junior software dev's salary, he made an in-kind donation of around $2500. Recognizing at least one good point before immediately jumping to criticism might be a good idea if you want him to continue to donate huge amounts of his time in the future. A basic lesson in tact, free of charge for those who are new to it.

          t. someone who's been in his position before

          P.S. Rab's pic is 9/10
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            These line-up indicators haven't gotten their time to shine in DD/JD since they were broken from the start. They should be displaying not just the amount of players per team, and any open spots to fill, but also if they are specced/lagged out, and if they are out of the game. With those added and working I'm sure someone might find them helpful during a match, or for people in spec not wanting to scroll down during a hyped final to see how many are still in. It would look something like this in JD.

            Position and color are of course also important, and the yellow might be a big factor of why it's experienced as distracting. The position could also be an issue when entering the base in JD, but I don't really see any better spot to put them.

            As for making them toggle-able, there isn't any good way to accomplish that, however, you could hide them yourself by overriding the LVZ images with blank images. So, if you feel like killing someone because the "lights" are still so damn annoying, let me know and I'll show you, or post a guide on how to turn off parts of the display if enough people are interested.


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              nvm, disabled during play


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                Follow this thread for more updates on the new overlay. Line-up indicators are now optional. Uncheck "Use Optional Level Graphics and Sound" to not see them during a match, and only during setup.

                Click image for larger version

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