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  • --Post your TWD ideas here (2)--

    I know we have this thread somewhere hidden but recreating it: POST UR IDEAS

    My Random ideas: (some may be bad ideas/ might not be possible- ideas here are just to inspire people/ devs to think of anything else/ create thinking outside the box).

    1) A bot where you can type a single command and you automatically challenge for both jav and wb duel at same time

    2) When a game is accepted- it shows up in pub (could perhaps advertise TWD to none twd players- get them tempted)

    3) Mentioned this before: Incorporate spacebux to TWD :P. Each twd game played wins spacebux for the squad. With the spacebux, captains can then decide to set the amount that each player receives after the twd is finished- optional. If no money in the squad bank- then no pay. Can buy perhaps shipskins/ another assistant spot etc

    4) Squads can design their own squad TWD arena using DCME map editor: has to be approved (same wall layout). Squad assist or cap can bring the bot to the arena to challenge there instead!

    5) Big events advertised on the CALENDAR: Could include a competition where the world will vs the number 1 squad at the time. ATM Zombie is number 1 squad in jav (for instance). If zombie agree + select the date- they will show up with their 4-5 players and the host will select 4-5 players to vs them (perhaps 5 lives each). If zombie win: another 4-5 players will selected by the host until either zombie lose or everyone on the list has played etc. Perhaps Squads that have 4-5 players that want to vs zombie will take priority over the random players.

    6) Don't think this is possible but an idea of seeing who's captain or assist just by looking on the ?chat. ** next to name= captain *= assist. No * = normal player. For example ?chat: Fork*, steadman**, plate, inaphyt, sertifi*, kim, geio **. From this you can see clearly geio and steadman are captains and fork, sertifi are assistants. Like i said- its prob not possible without the codes to this game.

    7) Maybe a squad calendar (prob be too hard to implement) where players can select the days they can actually play or be online which will encourage others to come online if they can see a list of people that will show up that day. Everyone on squad can see this in the squad page on TWD website or maybe a new website? idk.

    Different modes i can think of:

    1) First to 50 wins the round... for both twjd and twdd. !challenge* 3 - it will show up: First to 50! Fork is challenging you to a 4 vs 4 (etc).

    2) This will be like javufc where you have 2 teams and its 1 vs 1. Exception: Players get 3 lives instead of just 1. Once they are out- the next player on the same squad goes in. It continues until all the players are out from one team. Captains/ assists can choose who gets in + who goes first.

    3) 3-5 vs 3-5 but 1 player is secretly selected from each team prior the game starting: That player selected has 5 lives. Rest have infinity lives. Killing that secretly selected player out wins the round (The squadmates will know who's been selected in their teams but the opposition squad won't).
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