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  • Running TWDT cheat sheet

    Posting this here rather than buried in the other thread, for easy future reference.

    Some dev things we need:
    - make sure the twdt bot is ready to accept !signup for the new season
    - unpin/archive threads in the twdt forum section

    Some things the person who runs it needs to get started:
    - forum moderator permission in the twdt section
    - twdt bot permission to see signups
    - to make a signup thread, and regular zoners
    - to make a google sheet for signups and ratings and collate signups there; make a thread for people to post ratings change suggestions
    - staff volunteers to run the matches, and ideally permission to do this themselves

    Then when we know we have enough players:
    - update the rules
    - choose the caps, get team names from them
    - randomise the draft order, ideally video it for youtube so people can check you didn't cheat
    - schedule the draft, avoid US/EU holidays + major US sports events
    - post a season schedule, avoid US/EU holidays + major US sports events

    Then after the draft:
    - update the twdt website (wirah) with schedule, teams, blank standing, blank stats
    - get volunteers for hot-or-not for each division; optional: videos, gifs

    Then during the season:
    - deny all appeals for the lulz
    - keep notes of everything that happens, so at the end of the season you can post a thread with suggestions for the next person who runs it

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    Best way to manage ratings

    I think ratings are the most important things to run a good TWDT, here's my opinion on how to make it good in 4 steps.

    1st step : Nomination of a chief

    A good chief is :

    - cultured, he must know the players
    - serious, he must take this task seriously and not as a way to be entertained
    - honnest, he must not overestimate a player by kindness
    - trustworthy, neither underestimate by strategy
    - collective, he must be open to debate for everything
    - perfectionist, he must be guided by the wish to make a good work
    - persistent, he must finish the work

    Mythril and turban are best suited for this role, my choice goes for Mythril because my TW opinions are closer of Mythrils than those of turban.

    2nd step : Settlement of the ratings

    How to rate a player :

    - 10*, one of the very best players
    - 9*, good players
    - 8*, good players rusty / average players improving
    - 7*, average players
    - 6*, bad players / good newbies
    - 5*, idiots / bad newbies

    3rd step : Organisation of a debate

    Best exemple :

    -Ratings release 1.0
    1 week of public debate + late entries
    -Ratings release 2.0 + explanation of choices
    1 week of public debate + late entries
    -Ratings release 3.0
    1 week for captains to plot + late entries
    -Start of the season
    2 weeks for late entries + public debate
    -FA Ratings release

    4th step : Closure of the season

    Release an upgrade and open a public debate.
    Next season's chief will base on this + TWL to make future ratings.
    Trasher> lol hellrazor