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2009-2017 Box Scores location

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  • 2009-2017 Box Scores location

    If you're looking for old boxscores (2009-2017 seasons) from TWDT, they all here hidden in the 2017 TWDT folder, here is the link:
    1:Racka> how long that skyforger weirdo been hunting you in elim?
    1:Ogron> 3-4 months
    1:Racka> looooooooooooooooooool
    1:zidane> loool that guy hates you
    1:Ease> gg
    1:Racka> pretty sad tbh
    1:zidane> def something wrong in that guys IRL

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    i did printscreens of the ones from the last few weeks i was looking after if u want them i can give u the links.. they were done with lightscribe
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