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    The reason the basing cup stopped running is that some of the countries don't have enough players to make a team anymore. So it's 4 teams at best really. east, west, canada, eu


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      Finland could easily fill up competetive team. In theory there could be 6 teams. Usa west, Usa east, Canada east, Canada west, Finland, rest of the world.
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        I am mostly interested to play in a competitive TWEL season with qualifying, but that is unlikely to happen these days unless someone can really hype it up for people to sign up and compete. It was never considered as a main league anyway, so you can have something else running at the same time. There are also other interesting leagues such as TWRC which is essentially racing cup and that one league Diakka made which was called Attack.

        If there is another TWL season, my proposal would be to have a four-week regular season where everyone plays each other once in a Best of Two or Best of Three format which would then be followed by a two-week long playoff format. This would only be for dueling leagues, and perhaps on the side we can run a Basing World Cup with 6 teams. US-East, US-West, Canada A, Canada B, RoTW, and Finland.


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          A shortened TWL or TWL-style season would be nice. TWL is too long I think, which kills activity over the long run. Assuming TWL isn't going to happen so soon though (and it likely shouldn't), there could be something else run.

          Basing World Cup is an option, although it sort of hurts wb/jav player activity, and many good players wont get to play with how centralized most of the talent is within USA/Finland.

          Racing cup is a decent side option, but I'm unsure if that ever really got off the ground even 10+ years ago, and it's a side league even more than twel is.

          TW Hockey League would be nice, regardless of whether it pisses HZ off or not. At this point, they should probably want it to happen, since it may get new TW players playing in future RSHL seasons.

          I'm not really sure what TWDL is. Maybe I wasnt around for it, or maybe I've forgotten, but can anyone explain?

          I'm sure there are other leagues than can be created if people were interested, sort of like a TWL-lite or something that isnt considered so hardcore. I know that's what TWDT is essentially, but it's a crapshoot as to whether a person gets on a team they gel well with or not. Maybe there could be a TWDT-type star system mixed with a TWL-type 'be on whatever team you want' style, which should give more choices while also spreading around talent as TWDT does. It's just a thought though. Idk if it would work or not.

          As a side note, TWEL is never insanely popular, because a many players aren't really good at 1 vs 1. They can vulch and play off others around them, but they aren't very good when on their own. That hurts their ego though, so they avoid it entirely.

          Did recent TWEL seasons have 2 vs 2 at all? If so, that may be more popular with much of the playerbase, and you could create more of a league out of that. 1 vs 1 TWEL would likely remain a side show as it always has been, even if many of us want it to happen.
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            I meant Basing Cup (not Basing World Cup). Basing Cup was that draft style basing tournament a couple of years ago. Nothing to do with countries.
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              Basing Cup (not world one)
              TWDT with no star cap


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                TWEL hosted or automated in a tourney type arena with time limits of 20 minutes per game, tie games counted on ladder. Programmed Bot settings for all this would be optimal. I'd like to see the personal challenge aspect removed TOTALLY and have games dictated by some type stat results work towards ranking ladder. Start everyone even and do something with like 8 brackets that gets determined by what placement you are on the ladder. I've yet to figure the best way to do this mathematically but using brackets to dictate duels seems in my mind to be the best way to make match distribution fair that reaches an end goal for playoffs.

                I think we could also do something on Sundays too while TWEL goes.

                I'd personally like to see something new.

                How about something like a team battle deathmatch league TWTB where we just make 5 squads and do 10 vs 10 dd and jd games in a larger arena. and shoot for 14 vs 14 in a new basing arena.

                Just my thoughts.

                TWEL definitely but it needs some DEV to make it work and be fair and interesting. Where it has failed before was 30 people in spec all being nitty about who they want to challenge and accept in duels. AUTOMATE A DUEL SYSTEM PLEASE!!
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                  Has anyone ever actually played TWEL? Really can't see it having any kind of success
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                    Originally posted by Zizzo View Post
                    Has anyone ever actually played TWEL? Really can't see it having any kind of success
                    I have participated in most TWEL seasons and can say it was popular and active most seasons where people hyped it up, and this includes the latest season. You would often see the arena crowded with people and I recall there being days where you would have upwards 70 people in the arena playing and watching games. However as stated before TWEL was always a minor league and never pulled the same numbers and general interest as more team-focused leagues such as TWL and TWDT. It was often being hosted on the side while another league was seen as the main dish.

                    I do not enjoy playing TWL and TWDT, and can safely say that I am in the minority with only few top players sharing my sentiment such as Mythril. Dueling is without a shadow of doubt my preferred way of playing competitively in this zone. It is a competition in its purest form, but I would like to see some changes made to the arena such as every javelin dueling area being slightly or completely different to add some variation to the experience.

                    In the end it is not too realistic to host another TWEL season as vast majority of our active player base are not into the dueling scene. It would require monumental effort to get it back up and running, to hype it up and get some of the better known players to participate.


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                      I'd suggest the next leagues run should be:

                      - TWEL and a Basing World Cup run at the same time a few weeks after TWDT concludes. TWEL matches can be scheduled throughout the week whenever both players are on, Basing WC on Sundays.

                      - When that's finished, a few weeks later have a TWL season for only LD and LJ, 8 teams in each with 4 week regular seasons and 2 weeks of playoffs (no losers bracket, top 4 go into semi final one weekend then the final the next).

                      - Then maybe TWLB to follow that up?
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                        Is it just me? or is tw doing better than has been doing in a while. I want to strongly link this with TWDT/elim/twd(not a serious twd). Anyone to provide details of support for or against? I think if you turn twd too serious, or run twl, it could change the balance and not for the good. Potentially run another twdt into the elim championship and let the pop grow? 150 ppl late at night 200+ on sundays..I saw banzi watching/playing twd/elim....Veteran sitings! If we could grab a few more people to the rickos and mcvicars who arent in twdt floating around here who could play but arent...could bolster the ranks again.

                        could run twel with next twdt, would bring back competitive dueling which would make people want to also play w/e is going on simultaneously.
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                          Like Tiny and others have said, TWL is bad for the zone, and shouldn't be run until next year.

                          Canada is, however, ready to defend its World Cup triple crown from 2015.

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                            Run twl next population graph says thats when you had the most active players back in March/April months


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                              TWL was very active at the start of the season and before, I think people are seriously underestimating how badly activity takes a hit when the zone goes down for 2 weeks in the middle of the season. TWL can easily be run again, but we should seriously shorten these seasons, at least playoff formats. Half the teams aren't in the playoffs so it's just a terrible idea to have these winner winner loser loser brackets that never fucking end. A normal playoff schedule would have cut the season down by 3 or 4 weeks.

                              TWEL should never be the main league, it just doesn't get people online... it can be run alongside something but the league has proven for 15 years that theres just not enough interest in it.

                              Modified TWDT or TWL should be next


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                                Short season of TWLD / TWLJ with roster limit of 6-7 players. The roster limits were still too big last season, even though it was a step to the right direction. People just dont rotate in TWL, im sure the stats back this in LD/LJ. 1-2 backups is more than enough.
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