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    I hope I'm not set at the level from 3 years ago.
    3:Wax> ard and i snapchat all the time
    3:Wax> we play virtually tummysticks
    3:i.d.> da fk is that?
    3:Ardour> we basically are each others personal psychologist
    3:Shadowmere> i.d., Wax breaks keyboards playing SubSpace. Best not ask him what anything is.
    3:Wax> Tummy sticks is the situation, commonly referred to as a game, in which two erect men cuddle closely and face-to-face causing their two erect penises, or sticks, to push upwards between their stomachs, or tummys.
    3:Wax> Sticks combine with tummys, hence the name "tummy sticks."
    3:Shadowmere> LOL
    3:i.d.> Oddly, that's close to what I thought it was...

    Best> I never cooked a day in my life

    Deft> beat by a guy who plays ss on his cellphone
    Shadowmere> Rofl
    Up in ya !> With his feet
    Deft> no kidding, redefining l44t
    Up in ya !> l44t feet
    Deft> l44t f44t*
    Up in ya !> Twinkle toes
    Deft> he had l33t f33t but he practiced


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      Originally posted by Geio View Post
      Bro you talk way too much behind a computer fam with all of your mental disabilities.....ole big eard goofball I’d love to see you talk wreckless like that out on the streets fam...dude lives for this game.....go take your pills and go to sleep loser ✌️
      Irony: you call him a loser
      you use "fam" TWICE in your post.


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        lol olde has never won anything, duel or otherwise.

        loser spamming me on multiple aliases like l1k1k1kl11l1l1l1l1l1l during finals while in spec logging on sundays to watch me play.

        stick to pub, newbie.
        2:zidane> steadman gotta try to be nice to ppl man
        2:zidane> u gotta learn to not be a total douche bag 100% of the time
        2:Ogron> stead prob still has an unevolved kadabra on his gameboy color bc he has no friends
        2:mcvicar> LOL
        2:zidane> ded


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          Originally posted by Nipple Nibbler View Post

          Irony: you call him a loser
          you use "fam" TWICE in your post.
          As the saying goes in Kazakhstan, every family has a retard cousin Bilo.


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            imagine how bad of an athlete sum1 must be if they think it takes courage to insert themselves into a twld mitch


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              My name is being thrown around here pretty loosely judging my character so I will add this:

              I don't believe I've spoke with Geio at all even when I squadded with him on Rage. He seems like a decent guy though.

              I am sorry two of your close thunder buddies told people of your "problems", you need to take it up with them. We have all realized this game means a lot to you (this is not a bad thing) but at the same time, there is a reason why 97% of the zone dislikes you lol. I've said this in the past and will do so again, no hard feelings but I do wish you the best where you find yourself help and safety.
              1:Ogron> i can officially say that i am quitting tinder dude fuck that i met the most amazing girl ever
              1:Zidane> congrats man
              1:Ogron> yeah she is into star wars movies and plays little bit of LoL
              1:Ogron> AND we had a 10 minute make out session in my car
              1:Rough> AND this guy wonders why he is a loser


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                Rough you have Anti-Social Personality disorder (you've admitted to being labelled a psychopath on a test we all took in chat), and you should go seek mental assistance.

                I hope this message finds you well and you get the help you need.
                2:zidane> steadman gotta try to be nice to ppl man
                2:zidane> u gotta learn to not be a total douche bag 100% of the time
                2:Ogron> stead prob still has an unevolved kadabra on his gameboy color bc he has no friends
                2:mcvicar> LOL
                2:zidane> ded


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                  Heyo dalee. Oyl, moole, moole.

                  Ex squeezee me...

                  Looky Clausa. Yousa not be nutsen? Yesa? Hmmm... Maken lotsa sense here okeeday.

                  Mmmm.. my no know. Yousa really nutsen matter of factually. Yep. Berry nutsen.

                  By da by Clausa. Boyo ta boyo.. Tanken yousa for deleetin' mesa "HON". Bombad luck next time doen disa again.

                  Mesa luv yousa still.



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                    WB rating
                    vys 10* -> 11*
                    Best warbird to ever enter trenchwars


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                      I agree with pretty much all of the rating change suggestions made by Beam.

                      I will take a closer look at Javelin ratings on a later date when we have some more players signed up, but I do feel they were pretty much spot on last season. There were not many players performing above or under expectations.


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                        Freespirit could have terred behide the stacked lines you played with and won. Clausehouse I've dismantled you in every single duel for the last 15years, spam the guy once years ago just for a rage reaction now its " everysunday" you're delusional! Before they removed resolution cap you were straight up ass for a decade, now you just play safe on an IMAX theater you skilless nerd. Ss was never designed to play on the IMAX reso you people all play on now. Insanely boring.. play safe vs the 25 player population #TW2020
                        : EDIT: And I'll beat your dad up! I also agree with beam.
                        Last edited by olde; 10-02-2019, 08:45 AM.
                        3x Claushouse stomper, gun busting tw pub warrior, #doitwidachewin one bad SOB

                        born in the gutter, and chained to the radiator of a squat basement for 16 years
                        We are proud to announce the triumph return. FROM ALL THE WAY IN THE BACK OF THE FOOD STAMP LINE!
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                          Nowon: +1
                          Mikkiz: +1
                          Sea Bass: +1
                          Paradise: +1

                          Thrill: -1
                          tiger the > i know jebass favorite food, brown sauce with potatoes and deer meat

                          Warcraft> I went bald when I was 15. Literally overnight I went from being a cute popular guy in class that all the girls asked out to being a complete creep whose appearance makes women scream for help. My attitude never changed, just my hairline.
                          Warcraft> But yeah my personality is definitely the problem.


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                            Any word on multi ship ratings for base?

                            Im sure there’s quite a lot of players who would like to play different ships. I’d like to be able to learn/improve in shark, but it’s not possible at 10*.


                            2:zidane> steadman gotta try to be nice to ppl man
                            2:zidane> u gotta learn to not be a total douche bag 100% of the time
                            2:Ogron> stead prob still has an unevolved kadabra on his gameboy color bc he has no friends
                            2:mcvicar> LOL
                            2:zidane> ded


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                              Yeah I'd like to have separate ratings for myself, I'm sure I'd get underrated in shark and terr so it would make it more likely that I get to play, people don't really like paying 8* to spider me even though that rating is fair.

                              Same for quite a few people.

                              We would have to rate everyone, but I'm sure between us we could have that done in a couple of days.

                              It would require a fairly big change to the bots. Bots would have to know about the separate ratings and use them in existing validation. Bot would also have to prevent ship changes which resulted in invalid lineups. Switches would also need new validation. Subs should already be validated. This combination of logic might mean you can't sub - if you need to sub+switch together to complete your desired sub, it might require a new !subswitch command, and maybe a !subchange command too to combine these actions.


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                                Rab Good analysis -- that's all true. WingZero was the man who took on the job of reworking how TWDT is handled by the bot/in the db. Changing to have three different ratings is fairly trivial (assuming specials use Spid rating), but the issues with subs and switches aren't.

                                Validating manually might be the easiest solution. Have the bot print out current star totals based on the ship in play, with arena message and PM if over the limit indicating that keeping the line as-is would result in an invalid line.

                                In terms of the rating process itself for 3ship, there are likely to be a lot of not insubstantial mis-ratings. For example, Ogron working on his shark game might have fairly average reflexes in terms of timing reps, but have very high situational awareness that would need to be factored in. Many players are likely to be simply dark horses. It could make for some great opportunities for knowledgeable caps to get a lot of value from picks and trades where ratings are quite far from where they ought to be.

                                It probably goes without saying that having a general base rating would be useful as well. Either a sum of the three ships, or the average.

                                Somewhat unrelated: I'm sure it's been proposed in the past, but subtracting 5 from every rating would make things seem far more meaningful/give a more accurate representation of the difference in skill between a 6 versus 7 or 8 versus 9. The problem with this is that nobody wants to be called a 1 star out of 5, even if being a 6 star actually already means this. (With <5 or 0 representing the wide swath of ability levels that encompasses "not yet at a competitive level of play.")
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