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    Terrier - SpookedOne(8)
    Shark - Jamal(10), Mr. Homo(8)
    Spider - Cripple(10), Rough(9), Tripin(8), Zapata(7), Tj Hazuki (7)
    Total: 67

    Having arguably the best over-spider (Cripple), under-spider (Rough), and shark (Jamal) in the game, Halo is looking to be a major contender for the basing title this tourny. Rough, SpookedOne, and Zapata teaming up again from a championship win last season on Haze should definitely help as well. Only concern may be having enough firepower over top, to which I think Tj with his aggression and support from Tripin should compliment Cripple nicely.


    Terrier - Major Crisis(8)
    Shark - Oderus Urungus(8), Sprackle(8)
    Spider - Dreamwin(10), Ra(9), Jurassic(9), maketso(8), Sakke(7)
    Total: 67

    Looking strong in the spider department, Terrorist will likely be terrorising many teams over top. Although I have some concerns with their shark's latency and terrier's positioning at times, it may not matter in the end if their spiders are killing everything before it's a threat.


    Terrier - bitsaver(9)
    Shark - Nipple Nibbler(8), Willby(8)
    Spider - Trasher(10), wbm(9), Lockdown(8), Scurvy(7), Anon(7)
    Total: 66

    Fielding a similar starcount for their core (sharks+terrier) as Terrorist and Pure Luck, I feel they will be underestimated and ultimately perform better due how well they team together. Their sharks and terrier all voicechat which definitely helps with cohesion and keeping everyone level-headed. Demacia also has some of the strongest spiders in base, Trasher who is consistently good and WBM who MVP'd both rounds won in last TWDTB final.


    Terrier - Mikkiz(10)
    Shark - Commodo(10), Oh Snap Son Its Joe(8)
    Spider - nowon(10), midoent(8), ardour(7), rojo(7), spacedust(7)
    Total: 67

    The team is boasting some talent in each ship this season with Mikkiz, Commodo, and nowon teaming up. Additionally, Joe is a great shark, but his activity has dropped some recently; let's hope it doesn't impact his performance. The rest of their spider line may give them trouble as nowon can't make all the kills, but both midoent and spacedust are fairly active which gives them plenty of opportunity to practice together.


    Terrier - Zizzo(9)
    Shark - Markmrw(9), rozay(8)
    Spider - Henry Saari(9), Mean Gene(8), beam(7), afghan(7), Geio(7)
    Total: 64

    This team looks to be criminally understarred. Zizzo and Markmrw are both phenominal players and Henry's kill per death is alway high, but I don't think it'll be enough to squeeze the required wins to make playoffs.


    Terrier - Heaven(8)
    Shark - Zidane(10), McVicar(10)
    Spider - ro(9), okyo(8), Ricko(8), bram(8), Poni(7)
    Total: 68*

    Power is looking star heavy after this draft. Heaven hasn't been too active but could likely pick up terring again quickly. Zidane and McVicar are behemoths in sharks, but I'd hate to make a mistake on this team as both have a flair for drama ^^ Ro, okyo, and Poni are all solid spiders and they may end up switching bram in shark to field McVicar in spider as well.


    Terrier - porkjet(10)
    Shark - Hulk(10), morph(9)
    Spider - Rucci(9), Lupin(8), trapped(8), Banks(7), Paky Dude(7)
    Total: 68*

    Another star heavy line-up, Treyway looks to be more balanced across their ships then Power. Anyshipper Porkjet will likely fill the terrier role sitting behind last TWDTB champ Hulk and morph in shark. Rucci with Lupin and Banks fill out the spider-line nicely.

    Pure Luck

    Terrier - Ogron(10)
    Shark - Paradise(8), Rab(8)
    Spider - kado(9), hoppin(8), Shadowmere(7), Tiny(7), banzi(7)
    Total: 64

    Picking last in the draft and at a star deficit to all the other teams, Tiny will need lots of luck to pull out some wins here.
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    Nice writeup! Thanks for this Spooked.


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      Good stuff Spooked. Let's get hyped.

      Early predictions: Terrorist most wins regular season. Halo wins finals.

      HALO - 67*

      Terr: Spooked One (8*)
      Sharks: Jamal (10*) - Mr.Homo (8*)
      Spiders: Cripple (10*) - Rough (9*) - Tripin (8*) - Tj Hazuki (7*) - Zapata (7*)
      Subs: Anonym (7* spid), Poid (7* terr/spid), Destruct 6*

      - Terr: A+ - best 8* terr in the game
      - Sharks: A++ - great shark duo
      - Spiders: A++ - i love the balance of that line. Cripple with the monster scores, rough one of the best under spids, tj is your 7* turban aggro-style spider. very good stuff.
      - Depth: not so much, especially for sharks.
      - Strength: My favorite top line (balanced wise)
      - Weakness: Very little depth at 8*+
      OVERALL: A+
      RANK: 1 (because of top line)

      TERRORIST - 67*

      Terr: Oderus (9*)
      Sharks: MC (8*) - Sprackle (7*)
      Spiders: Dreamwin (10*) - Ra (9*) - Jurassic (9*) - Renzi (8*) - Public Assassin (7*)
      Subs: Vys 8* (wb/spider) , Maketso (8* spid/terr/shark), Sakke (7* spid) - Olde (7* shark) - Wirah (6* spid)

      Terr: A - Amazing options, Oderus, Dreamwin, MC
      Sharks; A - Same as above.
      Spiders; A++ - Very powerful line
      Depth: DW did amazing things here
      Strength: Their depth could win regular season
      Weakness: Maybe top line not good enough to win, hard to give a weakness here.
      OVERALL: A
      RANK: 2 (because of depth)

      DEMACIA - 67*

      Terr: Bitsaver (9*)
      Sharks: Nipple (8*) - Willby (8*)
      Spiders: Trasher (10*) - Wbm (9*) - Skyforger (8*) - Lockdown (8*) - Anon (7*)
      Subs: Amnesti, Scurvy, Kim..?

      Terr: Great terr
      Sharks: Very solid pair. Nipple imo one of the best in flagroom. Willby might need to step up at times.
      Spiders: Trasher + Wbm will be a force. Sky/Lock/Anon 7-8ish spiders imo?
      Depth: Not so amazing
      Strength: Nice teamminded players, they'll have a fun season
      Weakness: Topline maybe little too weak to win it all.
      OVERALL: B+
      RANK: 5. Some spiders I'm a little unsure about how they perform together

      TALENT - 67*

      Terr: Mikkiz (10*)
      Sharks: Commodo (10*) - Joe_ (8*)
      Spiders: Nowon (10*) - Aprix (8*) - Spacedust (7*) - Ardour (7*) - Sulla (7*)
      Subs: Violence (7* shark/spid) - Midoent (8* anything)

      Terr: A+++ - The best there is
      Sharks: A - Very solid pairing
      Spiders: B - Nowon will do great things in spider, and he has some very experienced backup; sulla/spacedust/aprix/ardour are all very solid
      Depth: bunch of depth at 7* not so much 8* above
      Strength: A lot of experience in this lineup, some proper basers. Okay depth.
      Weakness: Can midoent play with that lag? Vs top spider-lines Nowon might need to do too much.
      OVERALL: B+
      RANK: 4. A lot of basing experience in that top line.

      CRIMINAL - 64*
      Terr: Zizzo (9*)
      Sharks: Mark (9*) - Beam (7*)
      Spiders: Henri (9*) - Rozay (8*) - Mean Gene (8*) - Afghan (7*) - Melanoma (7*)
      Subs: Racka, Geio, Heisman

      Terr: A++ - Zizzo was amazing last season, will need to be that great survivor again with this line it looks like
      Sharks: C - Haven't seen Beam shark much lately. He'll need to for this team though. Mark is always solid
      Spiders: C - Don't like the balance of this line too much, Rozay will need to push hard.
      Depth: Not seeing much.
      Strength: Last season showed 67* line options don't always show/win...?
      Weakness: Not much depth, might end up playing with 60* lines. No great balance to it.
      OVERALL: C
      RANK: 7 I'm just not feeling the balance of that team.. Sorry

      POWER - 67*
      Terr: Heaven (8*)
      Sharks: Zidane (10*) - McVicar (10*)
      Spiders: Ro (9*) - Ricko (8*) - Bram (8*) - Okyo (8*) - Unlimited (6*)
      Subs: Skatarius (10* spid, obv starting if he's gonna show), Draft 8*, Poni, Murder 7*.

      Terr: B+ - Options Heaven/Bram/Draft. Does one terr get the confidence he needs though?
      Sharks: A+++ - Zidane/McVic are a force. Poni, Bram lower *backups.
      Spiders: A++ - Who to play who to bench?
      Depth: 8* above a lot, 7* below very little.
      Strength: Most depth in the 8*.
      Weakness: How to play Zid/McVic/Skat/Ro together without becoming to weak in the rest of the line? Also we better not lose in bad ways...
      OVERALL: A-
      RANK: 3. The 67* limit might hurt and throw us down lower than rank 3

      TREYWAY - 67*

      Terr: Morph (9*)
      Sharks: Hulk (10*) - Porkjet (10*)
      Spiders: Rucci (9*) - Lupin (8*) - Banks (7*) - Trapped (8*) - Kira (6*)
      Subs: Jackie

      Terr: A - I like Morph more as a shark at 9*, with their depth it's okay though, I feel he'll want to proof he can terr as a 9*
      Sharks: A+++ - Hulk best shark last season, add Porkjet? Amazing
      Spiders: B - All together no weakness. Kira can play 7-8 stars in spid, Banks close to 8. very nice.
      Depth: Very little
      Strength: That exact lineup looks dope..
      Weakness: Any other lineup not so...
      OVERALL: B+
      Rank 6: Based on all other lines they'll have to play with..

      PURE LUCK - 65*

      Terr: Bellflowers (8*)
      Sharks: Rab (8*) - Paradise (8*)
      Spiders: Ogron (10*) - Kado (9*) - Raples (7*) - P_L (8*) - Tiny (7*)
      Subs: Tucker (shark) - Shadowmere (anything)

      Terr: A+++ or B - Ogron might get his wish. Bellflowers / P_L probably not strong enough as 8* spider, so might have to terr.
      Sharks C: Not sure if there's better option then Rab+Para, who i'd prefer in their mainship (spider)
      Spiders C or F: I'm not seeing enough of them. Bellflowers/P_L are maybe 8* at terr, not at spider? Rab/para 8* spiders needed in sharks..? I hope i'm wrong
      Depth: Very little.
      Strength: Something to proof..? Same as Criminal, some 7/8* will need to step up!
      Weakness: Spiders/sharks. Ogron said he wanted out of terr this season, well bellflowers/p_l are an option.. Not sure this is what Ogron meant though..
      OVERALL: D
      RANK 8: Sorry guys not seeing it compared to others lines, last season showed these top lines hardly ever show though!
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        Awesome write up guys, seems like there's a lot of strong teams. Agreed that the hardest part for us will be figuring out who to add, after struggling to field 60* base lines last season I might have overdone it a tad lol. Anyway, GL to everyone


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          This is going to be an interesting season. can't wait for first games now
          -Wirah (Method/Mefod)


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            Spook / Bram - great write ups and taking the time to do these.

            Halo is surprisingly getting a lot of attention but when was the last time you had the best over spid, under spid, and shark on one team...the supporting cast will need to step up for sure. We are going to see anonym and destruct along with zap for that final spot rotation.
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            1:Zidane> congrats man
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              Oh dear, we gotta get some spiderpower from somewhere Tiny