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Greatest TWDT-D Seasons of All-Time

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  • Greatest TWDT-D Seasons of All-Time

    The greatest TWDT-D regular seasons of all-time!

    The TWDT-D regular season scoring race is one of the funnest things in warbird. The TWLD scoring race isn't very interesting because most seasons consist of 4 contenders and 6 non-contenders, meaning the majority of the games are stomps, and a lot of elite players sit or phone in their games versus them.

    TWDT, on the other hand, features relatively even teams and every win matters to make the playoffs, creating a canvas for elite WBs to paint masterpieces on and dominate statistically and show exactly why they're so feared in warbird.

    This post was inspired by Racka's insane season in WB after getting insulted and picked in the 9th round because he cost 10*. It felt like we were watching something special and that it might be the best regular season performance ever. And, lo and behold, it is clear and away the most dominant season ever.

    Here are the best seasons of all-time, adjusted for season length.

    TWL Champion Terrs who have won draft leagues:

    ogron (4x TWDT-B, 2x Basing Cup), Mikkiz (4x TWDT-B), dead_rain (1x TWDT-B), brookus (1x TWDT-B)

    Chief Utsav "I got carried" Lifetime Achievement Award:

    Thix (0x TWDT-B, 0x Basing Cup)

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    These statistics are pretty cool, thanks for the work you put in to doing things like this.
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      thanks for all the stats lately Claushouse its fun to put the game into perspective from time to time
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