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  • TWDT Appeals/Decision/Judgements

    This forum is being made so that we can keep up the playerbase with every decision that the TWDT staff makes.

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    Woot captain Creature dropped players: kira_yamato~, aenema, zyclon, circlepusher.
    He wishes to bring them back to the team due to him being unaware of the 30 player limit.

    I have made the decision to deny this request based on the TWDT rule:

    - If a captain releases a player from their team they will lose 5*s from their *cap. And that player will not be allowed to join the same team. The 5* penalty rule will take effect starting after the 1st week of competition, thus captains can adjust their roster without penalty between the draft and the first week.
    He will however not be penalized the 5* from his capspace, in accordance with TWDT rules.

    -H.M.S. Stargazer
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      Puma challenges the result of the TWDTD match versus Revenge.

      As I was the host for that match, Summa will need to make his decision.

      Originally posted by Summa View Post
      From what I have gathered (could be wrong) from ignite, burnt, and stargazer, is that there was a stoppage of play when the bot failure occurred and there was little to no fighting during this period. Stargazer decided to manual host the match and announced it. Upon receiving this announcement, no complaints were filed with the host. It seems that the complaints were filed after the match which seems to be a result based appeal rather than a bot malfunction base appeal. If the complaint had been registered with stargazer immediately stating that you did not want him to manual host, this would have been approved, but it seems to have been filed based upon end result. I would like to say that your silent agreement to stargazer's announcement essentially means that you willingly consented to the terms of a manually hosted match, in which there is human error and commands are not performed at instantaneous speed. These human flaws could have been equally detrimental to both sides, unfortunately in the case of ceyve, it was detrimental to PUMA's side. Ultimately I see this (sound like a broken record) as a result based appeal rather than an unwillingness to play in a manually hosted event. Thus I will have to Deny this appeal. Victory will go to Revenge.
      -H.M.S. Stargazer


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        Burnt's appeal versus PUMA

        The appeal brought forward is that PUMA had 3 players (Ignite, Bill C., and raspi) play all 3 leagues. This breaks the TWDT rule stating:
        Each player may only play in 2 league per week during the regular season.

        There is a stipulation stating:

        If a player plays in all 3 league matches, the one with the largest margin of victory will be forfeited. In the event that he is the only player available, he may compete (barring it does not conflict with any other rules), but will then be unable to compete the next week entirely.

        PUMA had the opportunity to sub out one of the 3 players in question in their TWDT-B game but declined to do so removing another player (Evasive).

        It is my opinion that PUMA did not meet the necessary requirements to have a roster.

        Appeal is Granted.

        PUMA will be charged with a loss in their largest margin of victory.
        Revenge will now win the TWDT-B match with a score of 15:00-00:00

        Futhermore, 2 of the 3 players mentioned above will be unable to play in the next week ,as per the rules. (The other one of those 3 players COULD have been subbed, and has been penalized with a defaulted match). The captain of PUMA will be allowed to decide which of the players will be barred from competing next week.

        Raspi and Bill C will be unable to play in week 4.

        -H.M.S. Stargazer
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          W00T has dropped the player Beast of the East.

          W00T loses 5* from its capspace


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            My recommendations for PUMA

            I have to talk to humid about PUMA.

            2 forfeits and a 5 on 4 in TWDTJ. This is unacceptable.

            It is my recommendation that ignite be removed from captaincy, and that the squad be given to a capable player (PH). After talking to 3 other captains, they agree to this approach.

            I also recommend that we extend free agency for 1 week for all teams. So that the new captain of PUMA may be able to correct the squad (There will be some limitations on how this is handled.)

            If Humid does not come online by wednesday night 11:59.59 PM EST, I will act on my own recommendations.

            -H.M.S. Stargazer
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              Without Ease challenges the outcome of their TWDT-J match Ruby based upon the fact that after the restart a different lineup was used by Ruby.

              After looking at TWL, TWD and TWDT rules. I find that there is no rules stating that the same lineup must be used.

              Without Ease played the same lineup, but there was no official obligation, and there was no contact given to the host of the match or one of the ops until after the match was underway to verify the stance of the league.

              The appeal is Denied.

              -H.M.S. Stargazer


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                SquallFF8 withdraws from TWDT

                In response to Creatures post and after talking to SquallFF8, Squall has chosen to withdraw from the tournament completely.

                In accordance to the TWDT rules that state:

                Players cannot quit their team to join the Waiver List; they must be dropped by their captain. A captain, after the Free Agency lock will be allowed to replace a player on his/her roster who is deemed inactive (not even showing up to any matches) for 2 or more weeks for someone of equal or lesser * value.

                I have granted the right to Creature to choose a replacement player from the free agent list that abides by the above rule.

                He has chosen to pick up arobas+, with a rating of 4-4-4-12.

                -H.M.S. Stargazer
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                  Ignite has been removed as captain of PUMA. PH is the new captain.

                  PUMA will now be known as Balls Deep, all of PUMA's previous scores and stats will be transfered over to Balls Deep.

                  Free agency is extended. Free agency will conclude at 11:59.59 PM EST (Forum time) on Friday night. After this all Free agency roster moves will be locked (With the exception of player withdrawal/removal).

                  PUMA is allowed to drop 5 players from its roster with no deduction from its capspace. But any further drops will be deducted 5* as per league rules.

                  -H.M.S. Stargazer


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                    Balls Deep VS Ruby TWDTD appeal

                    Balls deep appealed the game based on the fact that it's assistants were unfairly denied the right to add players from both host and bot.

                    Originally posted by Summa View Post
                    Ok, let's clarify a few things first.

                    1. PH don't blame me for your assistants being off. I did set them to who you asked two weeks ago, but between then and now Jason worked on the site and reset all of the rosters. Thus they had to be re-added. Your assistants were assigned out of memory at that point, unfortunately I remembered Ignite's assistants and not yours.

                    2. Exalt's claim that these players were added in 2 other leagues, so this is invalid. Even a child can understand that TWDTD is played first. Some of these players are the best that ph has or can show and so if he suddenly finds them open for the next two rounds he is likely going to add them. But DTD would have been first so these players would have been eligible. However, in the event of a rematch these players along with those from the opponents side who played 2 leagues would not be eligible to compete.

                    3. Gazer has shouldered a lot of the blame saying that he should have outrightly addressed the players on Balls Deep, versus waiting for them to come and address him. Not to mention the difficulties with these bots in extending time or being more closed to assistants.

                    Ultimately I have deemed this an error by the host (coupled with some retardation by the players), and this match will be replayed.

                    That comes with some contingencies though: 1. Players who played 2 leagues will be ineligible. (Those added in DTD for Ruby are fine to play again as the exact same line) 2. There will not be a makeup week on Sunday, either you two find an agreeable time during the week or this match will be played at 1 pm EST Sunday. (In this regards I would probably favor Ruby's times more so than Balls Deep's since they did win)(and that shit is early for us west coasters, so find a fucking time to agree on so we don't have to wake up @ 10 am).

                    That is all, if you have questions please contact me. If I don't hear anything from ph or Draft about this I will assume you guys are going to piss me off and make me wait until Sunday after your match to finish the playoff brackets. I can't have them out until this match is done, so other captains plz give them a kick in the ass to hurry up.


                    The appeal is granted.

                    -H.M.S. Stargazer


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                      Appeal: Revenge Vs Woot TWDT-B Semi-Finals.

                      Burnt is appealing the decision that due to a bot malfunction neither team met the criteria for a win. And the bot declaring the Woot the winner was the malfunction.

                      After looking at other league rules It has been already posted elsewhere that

                      11.09 Game Play
                      Each game will consist of a single round, with the winner being determined as the first squad to hold the flag for 15 minutes.
                      I have to agree that in regards to basing the criteria was not met, and therefore a replay match will be played 1 hour before the first TWDT match on Sunday.

                      The appeal is granted.

                      -H.M.S. Stargazer