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    Don't think you can drop people on Fridays


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      Yes you can. Rules do not state that you cannot drop on Fridays.

      - In order to pick up a free agent a captain must start a thread. In this thread they will start a bid. The minimum amount to bid is 12*'s. Any other cap who wants that player or wants to be an ass and not let the opposing team have them can attempt to outbid. Once an offer sits uncontested for 48 hrs, it will be finalized. Threads can only be started Monday through Thursday, and will close at 11:59:59 EST Friday (Forum time: any post after midnight forum time or edited after midnight will be considered void)(Also threads started on Sunday will be ignored).
      They state that a thread for a FREE AGENT must be started between Monday and Thursday. NOTHING states that you cannot drop players on Friday. The reasoning for this is so that people do not make threads INSTANTLY at the last minute to get the players they want.

      Drops are instantaneous and cannot be retracted: see previous rulings on me when I tried to retract my drop. The rules are a bit ambiguous but I don't think I'm dumb enough to purposefully start a free agent bid without a plan to drop my player.

      I read the rules very carefully in this matter and thank you for your attention Burnt :-)
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        Originally posted by humid View Post
        Threads can only be started Monday through Thursday
        Your thread to drop your player was started on a friday


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          That is in reference to picking up FREE AGENTS so it does not apply here.

          In fact, rules don't even state I am required to start a thread in order to drop a player. Hypothetically I could just go straight to Humid and ask him to drop it.


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            First and foremost, for those of you who forgot or didn't read the rules I would like to remind you that threads beginning bidding on a player or threads dropping a player cannot be started after tomorrow at 11:59 est. That means make sure you have your roster with a guaranteed 30 by tomorrow night.

            2nd, I still don't have a lot of you assistants. I need those or else fire and brimstone will rain.
            This was posted on a Wednesday, so he was referring to Thursday 11:59PM EST. Sorry Creature


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              Trades may only take place Monday through Friday. As well as Waivers.
              This is a waiver. Created on a friday before 11:59pm EST


              W00T will lose -5* from their cap space.
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                drops who