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  • Week 5 Notes and Predictions

    Week 5 Notes and Predictions

    Normally I tally last week's predictions but PUMA pretty much fucked me over so lets skip that and just get on with it...3 weeks left in the regular season, the playoff picture starting clear itself out:


    WOOT vs. Revenge
    Game of the Week: This should be a solid matchup of 2-2 teams; the winner will be in a good position for the playoffs. WOOT had a rough start, but they are coming together as a team (3-0 last week) and have played well the last 3 weeks in WB (would be 3-0 but for a certain player who pushes circles). Revenge was upset last week by Ruby (Burnt blames himself) and is looking to rebound in order to procure a bye for the playoffs. All said, I'd say these two teams are fairly evenly matched (oops, jinxed), but have to pick one so I'll go with...Revenge.

    Balls Deep vs Internet Predators
    Ah Balls Deep, how thee screw my predictions over. Will they show enough? Who knows. Ph is now in charge, but failed to take advantage of the extended free agent window to add any players to his team. Which comes back to the important question, will they be able to lineup 5 for the game? If they do, they beat Internet Predators easily, but I can't put my faith in them until I see a more concrete commitment.

    Ruby vs. Without Ease
    The two biggest surprises of TWDTD so far to be sure, and also the two leaders. I want to compliment Draft for picking solid players who show up and play to win each week. Not many "superstars" in Ruby's warbird corps, but they play hard. Without Ease keeps rolling along...with ease. A win locks up a playoff spot (and puts them in an almost sure position to get a bye), and I think Without Ease will do it again.

    top5squad vs. Kobra Kai
    A battle of two differing teams, Top5Squad has a lot of talent but has struggled putting it all together, whereas Kobra Kai has scraped a few wins through with less talent. Top5Squad needs to fight in order to make the playoff, however, and now would be a good time to win a few in a row. I think Top5Squad comes to play in this one.


    Without Ease vs. Balls Deep
    Both teams are 2-2 in javelin so far, and both teams seem to be destined to fall in that 3-6 range of making the playoffs but not getting a bye. The winner could change his destiny, however, and that will, of course, depend on who shows up for each team. Balls Deep is more talented, and I assumed in the WB section they wouldn't show, so here I will cover my bases and assume they do show, and Balls Deep wins.

    Ruby vs. Revenge
    Game of the Week: Can anyone knock Revenge off in Javelin? Other than WOOT (who don't play Revenge until week 7), i think the best chance is right here with Ruby. Ruby has been inconsistent this year, especially Mess, but he can take over the game with a big carry, and they will need it. Revenge has some very good javs, and they show up every week. But there's always a chance they have an off-week with attendance and/or level of play and lose a week. But, I am picking Revenge again.

    top5squad vs. Internet Predators
    If either of these teams wants to make the playoffs, they need to win this game. The loser will have to win their last 2 games to even have a chance of making it. Top5Squad was the beneficiary of last week's PUMA shorthanded game, and I don't think Jaa is putting much emphasis on javs. Internet Predators, meanwhile, got demolished last week vs. WOOT. Internet Predators have the better team if they can show it, so I'll pick them.

    Kobra Kai vs. WOOT
    If Kobra Kai were to pull of this win it would be a pretty big upset. WOOT is rounding into form have a very solid javelin corp. Kobra Kai did play well last week against Revenge, so maybe they are up to the task. I'm conservative so I will pick WOOT.


    Internet Predators vs. Ruby
    Internet Predators has been a juggernaut so far through this year. Ruby has had a less stellar year, but seems capable of winning a game here or there. However, I see Internet Predators winning by at least 10 minutes.

    top5squad vs. Balls Deep
    This game will be almost entirely decided by what lineup shows up for Balls Deep. Top5Squad puts forth good effort but it has yet to payoff for them in a big way. However, if Balls Deep has a decent line on, they should be able to prevail. They were undefeated aside from these last 2 forfeits, so they definitely have quality players. And with a baser in ph taking over the squad, I like their chances of taking this league seriously. And for that, I'm taking Balls Deep.

    Kobra Kai vs. Revenge
    Kobra Kai had a good showing last week as they beat fellow middle-of-the-pack team Ruby. That put them in a pretty good position for a chance at the playoffs. They will have to do even better against Revenge this week. It's clear that there are 3 top teams in basing (when they show up): Balls Deep, Revenge and Internet Predators. If Revenge wins this game, it will go a huge way towards earning a playoff bye. Revenge is just too strong (even with jeenyuss).

    WOOT vs. Without Ease
    Game of the Week: Both teams are sitting at 1-3 and in dire straits to make the playoffs. The two teams should be fairly evenly matched also, which should make for an exciting game. WOOT recently made a bunch of moves to its basing line, so we shall see if they have any effect. I thought Without Ease would be decent coming into the year, but they have not shown much so far. Who knows, maybe Megaman89 will show up this week. In the end, I have a feeling Creature will have his team fired up to prove SquallFF8 and menelvagor wrong and WOOT will roll.

    Revenge to go 3-0, Internet Predators 3-0, WOOT 2-1, and Balls Deep 2-1. Without Ease and Top5Squad go 1-2 while the others winless.
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    izor will carry me in birds, no worries
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      Originally posted by PH View Post
      izor will carry me
      Pretty sure even Izor's army training hasn't prepared him to carry you.
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        Good read, however I dont like KK going 0-3. I predict KK 2-1
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          Originally posted by Dreamwin View Post
          Good read, however I dont like KK going 0-3. I predict KK 2-1
          You've got a few tough matchups this week.
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