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Week 7 Notes and Predictions

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  • Week 7 Notes and Predictions

    Refer to the playoff scenario post to see the playoff ramifications of all these games. +/- will almost certainly come into effect due to the logjam at the bottom and for the final bye.

    As always, games of the week underlined and almost every game means something.


    WOOT vs. Without Ease
    This game has huge implications on who gets the final bye. Without Ease has been great all year in dueling, but ran into Revenge last week. WOOT has underachieved, at least compared to my predictions, but they are still very capable in dueling. WOOT has had trouble getting all their warbirds to show the same week, whereas Without Ease has been good at that (besides last week). I'll go with the past results and say Without Ease wins this one, but I really would not be surprised to see WOOT take this one in an upset.

    Internet Predators vs. Kobra Kai
    Both of these teams are middle-pack dueling teams. Kobra Kai has a lot to play for concerning the playoffs: needing wins and to improve its +/- in dueling (2nd last in front of PUMA's forfeits.) Internet Predators has similar needs (trailing both Without Ease and WOOT for tiebreaker in dueling), and they have been on a bit of a winning streak lately. I think Internet Predators continues on the surge.

    Revenge vs. top5squad
    Top5Squad desperately needs wins this week in order to qualify for the playoffs. Unfortunately, Revenge rarely gives them up. This is Top5Squad's best league, however, and if they can get a win anywhere, it's here. Comparatively, this is Revenge's worst league...but they're probably in the top 3. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Top5Squad does pull out the win.

    Balls Deep vs. Ruby
    This is the game of the week for dueling because of the playoff implications. Balls Deep desperately needs wins because it cannot rely on the +/- tiebreaker because the forfeits weight them down. Balls Deep has the talent, but most of their warbirds haven't shown up in weeks and never have in the same week. Ruby has been very inconsistent all year in dueling, but they have enough talent to win easily if Balls Deep doesn't bring their A-game. I think its unlikely for Balls Deep to get everyone to show, so I'll pick Ruby.


    Without Ease vs. Internet Predators
    This is the game of the week for the javelin division, and it should be a great one, Both teams are middle of the pack javelin teams (4th and 5th in standings), and should have similarly skilled lineups in. They are also both directly competing for the 2nd seed and the bye that comes with it. Both squads can put in a few highly skilled full-time javs, and I really have no idea who will win this. Internet Predators looked good last week in their jav win, so I think I will take them.

    Revenge vs. WOOT
    I decided there was no way I could also not make this the game of the is the championship preview of the week. These are pretty much by far the 2 best teams, 2 games ahead of any other teams. There's not much more to say about it other than it should be a fierce battle. I guess I'll go with Revenge because they are the undefeated team, no other real way to choose between them.

    Balls Deep vs. Kobra Kai
    This is another even matchup of teams, with both coming in at 2-4 in javelin. Kobra Kai has been very mediocre this year, so they'll need to step up their game if they plan on winning their way into the playoffs. Balls Deep seems to have more talent on paper, but obviously they have problems getting people to show. They'll need a win here if they want to make the playoffs though, and I think Balls Deep will get it done.

    Ruby vs. top5squad
    This is getting repetitive. This is another game matching teams of similar quality with huge playoff ramifications. Unfortunately for Top5Squad, I don't think they have enough talent to win this. Although Ruby is only 2-4, they have decent talent. I think Ruby will win this.


    Internet Predators vs. Revenge
    Similar to the WOOT vs. Revenge game in javelin, this matches the teams with the top 2 records in the league. Although both lost last week, they had been previously undefeated. Revenge is a lock for a bye, but this is important for Internet Predators to get a win in their best league to try and earn the second bye. Don't know why I'm so negative on Revenge this week, but I'm going with Internet Predators.

    Balls Deep vs. Without Ease
    This is a matchup of the 3rd and 4th best basing teams in the league. Balls Deep needs the win and this has been their best league. Without Ease would like a win to get a bye also, but I think Balls Deep is going to cruise in this game.

    Ruby vs. WOOT
    As opposed to the Internet Predators vs. Revenge game, this is a matchup of teams tied for the worst record in the basing league. Ruby would like a win for sure for their playoff chances, but have been very mediocre so far this year in basing. They showed signs of putting it together by beating Revenge last week though. WOOT has been better in basing the last few weeks also, but I'm predicting a Ruby win in this one, because they will probably know they need a win to make the playoffs.

    top5squad vs. Kobra Kai
    The last match of the regular season involves another set of teams tied at 2-4 for the worst teams in basing. Strange how the schedule turned out that 1 plays 2, 3 plays 4, and 5-8 play each other. Again, this will be huge for finding the final 2 playoff teams, and will likely be an elimination match. Loser will not make the playoffs. Both teams lost rather badly last week, and neither can afford another poor showing this week. I'm going to go with Kobra Kai edging out Top5Squad in a very close game.

    So now just for fun I have the playoffs predicted as:

    Overall				Wins		Losses		Points
    (1)REVENGE			16		5		32
    (2)INTERNET PREDATORS		14		7		28
    (3)WITHOUT EASE	        	12		9		24
    (4)RUBY				10		11		20
    (5)WOOT				9		12		18
    (6)KOBRA KAI			8		13		16*
    BALLS DEEP                      8		12		16
    TOP5SQUAD			7		14		14
    *Kobra Kai advances with projected 2-1 tiebreaker advantage
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    Thanks for doing the predictions this week, BM! I enjoy reading them.
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