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  • TWDT Finals Hot or Not

    I'd like to say great season to everyone who participated. Plenty of surprises, but also a good amount of "the right team won"...which adds up to a good season in my book. I will be writing a season recap/awards article later (maybe tonight) so look out for that. But first, of course, is the Hot or Not



    Top5Squad successfully captured the TWDT-D championship (2-0, 50-34, 51-42) today over Ruby and Jaa immediately announced he was changing the squadname to Top1TWDTDSquad. Geio was very strong in both rounds (11-5, 15-4) and earned the mvp in the 2nd round. The first round’s mvp was herbalist yangyun of Ruby (15-9) in defeat, doing a decent job running while outnumbered. Top5Squad grabbed the lead early (14-6) and kept it going. Other strong performances in the first round were turned in by Jones (started 5-0 and finished 12-7) and Jaa (12-9). The second round was a little closer at the start and midway point, but Top5Squad eliminated some targets and finished well. Geio really carried his team, especially towards the end (8-3 to 15-4). Lockdown, Apok, and Jaa did enough for their team to win as well. On Ruby’s side in the second game, Unabled once again turned in a 13-10 (his 3rd score of that in 9 games), and Lofty added the same unlucky score (13-10).


    Deck got off to rough starts in the first round (1-3 to 4-10) and again after he was subbed into the second (3-6). Lofty and Unabled who both did well in the 2nd round had poor first rounds (5-10, 4-10 respectively). Herbalist yangyun had the opposite, with a strong first round and poor 2nd (0-4). Kid Kaos managed a meager 6-10 in both rounds. The only poor score for Top5Squad of either round was Jones’ 4-8 in the 2nd round.

    MVP: Geio (11-5, 15-4)

    Honorable mention: Herbalist Yangyun (15-9 round 1), Unabled/Lofty (13-10 round 2), Jones (12-7 round 1)

    LVP: DecK (4-10, 3-6)

    Dishonorable mention: Unabled/Lofty (4-10/5-10 round 2), herbalist yangyun (0-4 round 2), Kid Kaos (6-10, 6-10), Jones (4-8 round 2)



    To the surprise of nobody, Revenge captured the TWDT-J championship today (2-0, 49-47, 50-32) over Without Ease. This completed their 9-0 (10-0 if you count both rounds of the Finals) undefeated and fairly dominant season. They were only really challenged by Without Ease here in round 1, and WOOT last week. In round 1, it was Vys (15-8) and maketso (11-9) who had the top scores and survived for Revenge despite them playing much of the match 4v5. They couldn’t finish off Megaman89, but they did not allow him to get kills on them and the time expired. Raples was the only member of Without Ease to achieve an even record. In round 2, it was a blowout throughout, as Hercules (14-7) led Revenge to an easy clincher. Aimbot (13-9), Vys (7-1), and Ara (7-4) also turned in strong scores in the win. Raples (14-9) played well once again, and Megaman89 managed an even record, but Without Ease had little else of positive note on this day.


    Like DecK in dueling, Golden_Aim started off slow and struggled in both rounds (1-3 to 4-10, 2-10), but his other teammates were not much better. Struck (5-8, 1-5) was beat down repeatedly, i.d. must have caught amnesia in-between games (2-10 in round 2), and Yakuza got hit from a few drive bys (1-2, 1-5). Revenge seemed to just outclass them (until Burnt subbed himself in for some victory dying, 0-3). Ara was almost the goat in round 1, violating the get in base and stay there rule and losing a bunch of deaths early on. Revenge rallied and prevailed 4v5, however, so it’s basically impossible to say they are not the undisputed champions of TWDT-J.

    MVP: Vys (15-8, 7-1)

    Honorable mention: Aimbot (10-10, 13-9), Hercules (9-10, 14-9), maketso (11-9, 6-6), Raples (10-10, 14-9)

    LVP: Golden_Aim (4-10, 2-10)

    Dishonorable mention: Struck (5-8, 1-5), Ara (violated base rule 2-10), Yakuza (1-2, 1-5), i.d. (2-10 round 2)
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    I’m going to get this out of the way first: besides Draft’s laggyness/being hacked or whatever he wants to say for the first 7 minutes of the match, there were no real NOTs. Server was the only non-shark player on either team who finished with a negative rec, and he was on the winning squad, so he certainly didn’t cause a loss. He was on WOOT, the TWDT-B champions. They defeated Ruby 20:00-12:16 (~13:00-12:00 after Draft stopped lagging). Ease snagged the MVP with an impressive 126 kills, but Shayde topped even him with 129, both obviously playing as spiders. Mess (118-80), Anidalife (119-74), Add (111-79 and a game-high 3 terrier kills), and PUNK rock (94-59) were also strong as spider for their respective squad.

    Both teams employed a javelin for their special ship, with Dald (90-64, 3 TeKs) and his lag showcasing a few awe-inspiring shots. However, Confluence (95-66) played possibly even better, finishing with a better record and almost half as many teamkills. The sharking seemed fairly even between a2m, duel pasta, PureOwnage and eelam, with protracted flag-room fights and a general back-and-forth feeling to the game. This is emphasized by the respective terriers each having 10 deaths or less despite the lengthy nature of the game. Those terriers, Brookus (47-8) and Draft (33-10), each played very well, almost never dying if there was any chance of escape. You get the feeling this game may have ended with a classic finish after battling back and forth all game, however WOOT got that fortunate headstart at the beginning and they are your champions.

    MVP- Brookus (played outstanding in the appeal game and the final)

    Honorable mentions- Ease, Shayde, Confluence, all the sharks

    LVP- DDoS attacks

    Dishonorable mention- Server (device and the player)?
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      good read thanks for doing this pretty much all season


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        Yeah you've been doing awesome job!!


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          I got not and dishonourable mention! Yeaaaaa atleast I was consistent.
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            the curse of the internet predators strikes again!

            that's karma for ya
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              Originally posted by Black Mage View Post

              You get the feeling this game may have ended with a classic finish after battling back and forth all game, however WOOT got that fortunate headstart at the beginning and they are your champions.

              LVP- DDoS attacks

              lucky createasefaggots im on ph/maisoul/pub's bad side


              going to friggin learn how to ip hack and shit next season


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                Thanks one last time for all your work this season, BM. Made this season a lot more fun than it would have been otherwise.
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                  I liked it how Revenge totally embarrassed their opponents in TWDT-J finals
                  Nothing could be argued about who were the best in TWDT-J
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                    Originally posted by Black Mage View Post
                    Dishonorable mention- Server (device and the player)?
                    :wub: Btw.. played 3-5 base games and never lost! :P Just cant get much kills with this connection so im pushing and suiciding. Im proud of being a meatshield!
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