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TWDT 2011 Rules

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  • TWDT 2011 Rules

    League Rules

    Head of TWDT: BlackMage
    Assisting TWDT op's: Onion Oppressor, Geio, EvilDeed
    Advising TWDT op: M_M God, Major Crisis
    Website Heads: Zazu
    Draft Day: Sunday Febuary 13th

    We are only allowing TWD registered names to prevent aliasing!

    • There are eight teams; each team will have no limit in size upwards but will have a minimum of 30 people. The upward limit will be governed by the *cap.
    • Each team has one captain and two assistants.
    • If a captain fails to perform his duties, I reserve the right to assign the captainship to an assistant or someone who will fulfill the captain duties.
    • Players who are not chosen are placed on the Waiver List.
    • Players cannot quit their team to join the Waiver List; they must be dropped by their captain. A captain, after the Free Agency lock will be allowed to replace a player on his/her roster who is deemed inactive (not even showing up to any matches) for 2 or more weeks for someone of equal or lesser * value, the rating will be determined by Head TWDT op.
    • The draft will be done much like a fantasy sports draft. One team will have the first pick in the first round and the last in the second. Ex:
      1st rd: Team A, Team B, Team C, Team D, Team E
      2nd rd: Team E, Team D, Team C, Team B, Team A
      3rd rd: repeat 1st etc. etc.
    • The draft will consist of 25 rounds. If a captain runs out of *cap room prior to the end of the 15th round they will either continue picking and have to get under the cap prior to the Friday before 1st match weekend or face penalties, or they can forfeit all of their remaining picks.
    • Teams are to have a minimum of 30 players on their roster, which means they will have to acquire 5 people via free agency after the draft.
    • A captain can forfeit any amount of his or her picks after the 15th round if the captain so wishes to.

    • Trading during the TWDT regular season will be legal.
    • Trades may only be done by the captains of the two teams.
    • Trades may only take place Monday through Friday. As well as Waivers.
    • Both captains must contact a TWDT operator and receive approval in order for the trade to be legitimate. (I will make sure there is no swindling).
    • Trades will be locked at the same time that free agency is: Friday at midnight before the 2nd week of competition.
    • Any player who plays for a team they are not rostered for will receive a suspension from the league and the team said player played for receives a forfeit for the game said player played.
    • A player found to be on multiple TWDT squads will be subject to the same punishment as if the player was double-squadding in TWD.

    • Competitions will be held on Sundays for a 3 hour period, with games beginning on the hour at 2-4 EST. The leagues will rotate time slots, as is indicated in the schedule, in an attempt to be more available to more players.
    • Competitions will be held also on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6 pm EST. Each day will be assigned a specific league; Tuesday will be TWDT-D, Wednesday will be TWDT-J, Thursday will be TWDT-B. A match may be played on a different day with approval from the Head TWDT Op with 2 days prior notice from BOTH captains. So when Team A and Team B have a TWDT-D on Tuesday and want it on Saturday after, they have to inform the head op on the Saturday before. If one of the captains doesn't agree the game will be played on the standard times.
    • Each team will compete in all 3 leagues twice each week: TWDT-D, TWDT-J, TWDT-B. (twice as in midweek and sunday)
    • TWDT will run 7 weeks of Regular season where you will play each opposing team in each league. After week 7 the teams will be organized into 3 standard 6 team tournament brackets, one for each league, based upon their composite standings. The first and second ranked team receive a first round bye. The teams will play until a champion in each league is declared as well as an overall champion. Teams will receive the same rank, which they earned from their composite regular season score, in each of the separate league tournaments.
    • In the playoffs, the rule of playing a 6* player or lower as well as the two leagues per week rule will be suspended.

    • Gameplay will be the same as TWL with the minor exceptions listed below.
    • During basing, a maximum of 4 spiders per team will be implemented, and it will be time race to 15 minutes.
    • TWDT-J and TWDT-D games will only be one round.
    • Maps for all arenas will have slight variations that will change every TWDT to create a similar yet ever-changing arena each season to test players' true skills.
    • In the playoffs, TWDT-J and TWDT-D will be 3 rounds and TWDT-B will be a time race to 20 minutes.

    Rating System
    • Each player will be ranked based upon skill and performance in the past TWDT as well as in the past TWL's. They will be given a ranking (1-10*'s) in each category (Javs, Dueling, and Basing) meaning they will have a range of cost from 3*s as the absolute worst to 30*s being the absolute best. The rankings are a composition of applicants rankings submitted to me and averaged/adjusted by me and a few select members of a committee.
    • Ratings for individual leagues are broken down as follows (the source of stats are primarily from past 2 TWLs and the past 2 TWDTs):
      10*Top 3-5 player in your league 9*Top 10 player in your league 8*Impact TWL starter 7*Consistent TWL starter 6*Impact TWD player/ Started 1-2 TWL matches 5*Average to above Average TWD player/ TWL Sub 4*Low Average to Poor TWD player 3*First time TWD'er 2*Pubber 1*If you are given a 1* rating you are being alias checked or are potentially a cheater and are being verified by staff.
    • Composite score is simply your 3 league scores added together, totaling your overall cost.
    • There is some gray area in terms of ratings. If your level in skill is deemed disproportionate with the rating you were given, then one's skill can be raised or lowered.
    • There are to be no complaints about the Rating you are given. You cannot complain about yourself. This is being done not only by me but by a committee of 3 or more people so that it is not biased.
    • Appealing your rating: You cannot appeal your own rating. However, you can appeal other people's rating. If I receive an appeal I deem valid or multiple appeals on a player's rating they will be reconsidered and re-evaluated by the committee.
    • Each team will have a cap of 525*'s and you cannot exceed this number ever. If you exceed this cap you will be penalized. On the first day over the cap limit, the captain of the team is suspended from playing during that week. For every day after you will lose your upper tier players in the order they were drafted.
    • You MUST play a 6* (in that particular league) or lower player in ALL of your league games per week. In the event that you wish to sub this player, they must be replaced with a 6* or lower player for it to qualify as having played a 6* or lower. Also, subbing in a 6* or lower player does not count as playing them, they must be in the starting lineup.
    • Each player may only play in 2 league per week during the regular season. This rule will be suspended in the playoffs.
    • Before the draft, players will be broken into their * categories and posted on the forums so that the caps may pick more easily.
    • Composite rating only counts for costs for captains. In terms of the 6* rule, a player's rating in that particular league will be the only rating taken into account.
    • Ex: Humid Wb: 5* Jav: 6* Base: 7* Composite: 18*s
      Humid costs 18*'s to be bought in the draft and to be held on team Durban Poison's roster.
      Humid is added as a spider, he is a 7* player and does not qualify for being a 6* or lower.
      Humid is added in a Jav match, he does qualify as a 6* or lower.
    • If a lower rated player makes it through our alias checking and gets rated as a very low ranked player when they should be a higher ranked player (8 or above), I reserve the right to edit their ranking.

    Free Agency
    • After the draft all players not picked will fall into free agency as well as anyone who applies after the lock of . Free agency will only last up until the start of the 4th week, then it will be locked.
    • Admission into TWDT will be locked on the Friday prior to week 1 of the regular season. Ample time and the in-game adverts for the draft will have been supplied to players in order to register.
    • Captains can bid via the twdt website ( by sigining into their names and accessing the bidding panel. You may input a bid on people on the waivers/free agency list, then submit it. You will not see the bids of the other captains, only I will be able to see all of the bids. However, you can edit your bid at any point during the week if you feel it is insufficient or if you have more to spend. At some point mid-week I will post a thread of all of the active bids and who is leading them and with what bid. Then bidding will close as normal, I will announce who has won what bids and move people to their respective teams.
    • Bidding begins on Monday and end Friday at midnight EST.
    • To bid on a player, the lowest you may go is 4 - wb 4 - jav 4 - base 12 composite. To outbid someone you can add *'s in any department, but you must always type out all 3 leagues and composite. Ex: Humid is a free agent. Jaa bids 4/4/4/12 on Humid. Burnt really wants Humid he bids 4/5/6/15 on Humid. This angers jaa, he bids 4/6/6/16 on Humid. Burnt is out of *'s and can't bid. Jaa wins.
    • If a bid reaches 20*s or greater, then the player being bid on automatically is above the 6* rule in every league.
    • If a captain releases a player from their team they will lose 5*s from their *cap. And that player will not be allowed to join the same team. The 5* penalty rule will take effect starting after the 1st week of competition, thus captains can adjust their roster without penalty between the draft and the first week.
    • In the event of someone withdrawing themselves from the league, a captain will be allowed to select a player of equal or lesser * value to replace the person who quit.

    • Each team will have a cap of *'s and you cannot exceed this number ever. If you exceed this cap for 24 hours or more you will be penalized. On the first day over the cap limit, the captain of the team and the highest value player will be suspended from playing during that week. For every day after you will lose 2 upper tier players in the order of value.
    • Above also applies for being under the roster limit.
    • Any player who plays for another team will receive a suspension from the league and the team said player played for receives a forfeit for the game said player played.
    • A player found to be on multiple TWDT squads will be subject to the same punishment as if the player was double-squadding in TWD. (Alias checking will occur)
    • I reserve the right to ban anyone from the league or deny any entrance into free agency if there are any problems.
    • If a captain does not play a 6* or lower player in all league matches they will forfeit said matches.
    • If a player plays in all 3 league matches, the one with the largest margin of victory will be forfeited. In the event that he is the only player available, he may compete (barring it does not conflict with any other rules), but will then be unable to compete the next week entirely.
    • If a captain drops a player after round 1, he will get -5 on his *'s to spend.

    Extraneous Circumstances
    • Competing down a player counts as playing a 0* player, and thus qualifies you as playing a 6* or lower player for said match.
    • In the event that teams have the same records at the end of the regular season, they will be differentiated in rank for the playoffs by +/-. Since this league stresses all around excellence, the with the team having the better +/- in 2 or all 3 leagues advancing. Ex: Team A: +5 in DT-D, -57 in DT-J, +4:50 in DTB; while Team B is -10 in DT-D, +1 in DT-J, and +0:57 in DT-B. Thus Team A will advance.
    • Filing appeals: Upon an event occurring that may have been the result of excessive lag, cheating, or a bot issue; please contact your host right away so that he/she can make note of it. If it is not reported in an expedient manner (i.e. before the match is over barring it is not the last death) then it will be rendered a mute point. The TWDT op will then review the case and decide whether a replay should be rewarded. If one is rewarded the TWDT op will contact the two captains and schedule a time when it can be replayed within the next week.
    • If any appeals concern the TWDT Op or the team he/she plays for, they must defer to the secondary Op to make a ruling.
    • The resolution in TWDT is assigned to the maximum available currently for Continuum, I believe it is 1980x1220.
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