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STOP playing favourites Major-retard-Crisis

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  • STOP playing favourites Major-retard-Crisis

    first this kid doesn't allow zizu to play ANY game in week 1 (its a new rule!), than allows turban (and all other traded players apparently?) to play his 3rd game (not allowed) against ruby.. and now allows renzi to keep the players he dropped and rebidded on AND DOESNT ALLOW ME?

    I like how I dropped zizu, bid on him again for 12* and it took a twdt op (probably major crisis) less than 24 hours to remove my bid. but when it comes to renzi, he can have all the time he wants? I've even reported this last week.

    (BlackMage)>ill send major crisis a message.
    I'm sure you got that message. don't even use the excuse 'renzi's players didn't show up in 'On The Move'.

    Audrey's Ass
    # Player Dropped at
    3 Tomas Hakke Fri 18 February 13:01
    4 Versa Fri 18 February 13:00
    5 Endangered Wed 16 February 20:46

    not that these players are any good at all and would make a difference, but lets try to follow the rules? these players are still on audrey's ass' roster, BETTER HOPE THIS IS A SITE ERROR? #savesomeface

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    you literally cried and threw a fit to get a trade reversed when you realized zizu was actually active



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      why don't you have girls in your avatar anymore


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        Originally posted by Ganon-Knight View Post
        you literally cried and threw a fit to get a trade reversed when you realized zizu was actually active

        nope, trade was a saturday. #followingrules


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          is this fat kid really crying when he gets picked last for dodgeball
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            oh man you seem kind of important, can't believe you found the time to reply to my thread!


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              this guy srs? way to much e-rage. #getalife
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                don't drag me into this


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