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Thanks for a smooth season

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  • Thanks for a smooth season

    First of all, congratulations to Ruby, The Jonah Takaluas, and Propane Nightmares for winning dueling (and the overall championship), javelin, and basing respectively. Draft, Violence, and Spikey stuck it out and led their teams to victory. Also, congratulations to the Ops for tightening up the rules enough so that Jaa couldn't win anything!

    I thought the season went pretty smooth (by Draft Tournament standards). Weekday games caused less forfeits than I anticipated. There was only one or two major issues requiring replays. The website (while it was online) did it's job well. The playoffs had no problems whatsoever as far as I can tell.

    The massive 3-day bot failure and move to .net sapped some excitement and buzz from the league, but we moved on. The TWM podcasts were pretty good, but I haven't seen any in a few weeks. One of the downsides with me taking over as Head Op was that I really had too much to do during the match days (and in general) to pay much attention to who was doing well in order to write the Hot or Nots. I would have liked to do it along with being the Op, but 60 hour work weeks (and a crazy landlord attempting to evict my roommates and I...she failed, although not before making us do a shitload of legal work and forcing us to move out anyways... who wants to stay in a place where the landlord tried to evict you from?) made those attempts pretty futile. I promise I will get the statistics updated though (maybe by today). I was asked to run the league during mid-season, and I almost turned it down knowing how busy I was going to be. Maybe it was hubris, but I still felt I could do the best job of any of the options, despite my busyness. If I am the Op again in the future (if the league exists), I hope to have more time available to run the league right. This season was too boring! The Draft Tournament is supposed to be exciting. And for that I apologize.

    I hope all the players and spectators had a fun time following the league in 2011 and thanks for the ride. This post pretty much wraps up this season, but look for the updated statistics at some point soon. Reply to this post to leave some feedback on the season also. Did you like the weekday games, did the season go by too fast, was it boring, were the teams fair, did free agency work alright, did the best team win, should the playoffs be re-seeded after round 1? etc.
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    it was good of you to step in and take over, thanks BM. The problems that did come up were ones that, for the most part, were out of everyone's control. Well done my friend.
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    Originally posted by Vatican Assassin
    all stats should be removed except for the stat of how many times mattey can go fuck himself which I would expect should be rather high
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      I'm new, please tell me where the TWDTD HoN is so people can see that I was the final's MVP (that person who went 17-7 on other team doesn't count). Thx :grin:


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        i told you faggots to give me 10 stars. drafting me is auto-win in twdt-d. me and rasaq will be back next year to threepeat

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          get rocked by inflared how dare you turn my 9 star rating into 8 stars i will kill you run on sentence complete
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            Gun remembers.


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              always wondered why my name is Draft.. oh yeah, this is my playground. #retiringruby #drafttouramentking #basedgod #swag

              ps, Mythril = autowin in wb, JAMAL= autowin in base..
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