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    I guess this is going to be an interesting basing season in TWDT, especially with the addition of dral as captain and his choice of picking new(er) players over recognized ones, with the addition of a veteran or two to guide them..Let's see how that works out!

    Let's see how this seasons TWDT teams will manage in base:

    Baby Eater

    It seems that aura didn't really focus on getting good basers in his team, with Ayn probably being his best bet. People like downfall, fermata and el pedo can hold their own in base as well, but that's about it..

    Most likely lineup: fermata (terr), downfall/mythril/the_paul (sharks), ayn/dutch baser/el pedo/fructose/struck/aura (spiders), vys (base wb?)/euh...

    They will maybe get the last playoff spot for twdtb, but only if their key players show and they get lucky 1 or 2 times..


    Vehicle knows his way well around basing, so he actually picked a few guys who can make a difference here. Arobas+ in terr, cape, nl>trigger, kesser and mm89 (if he shows) are the guys to look at in twdtb.

    Most likely lineup: Arobas+/vehicle/cape (terr), cig/nl>trigger/pardon/duclover (shark), kesser/nl>trigger/gazo/squallff8/delta/idk&idc (spiders), mm89 (base jav)/cape/evildeed?

    A top 3 contender for twdtb this season, they got some good depth with different players who can play in different ships if needed, should be fun to watch them play and see how they will live up to their reputation of being a title contender in TWDTB.

    Boner Soup

    Well knowing jerome, he only really has an eye for basers so that's what he mainly drafted, with an occasional pick of a wb/jav out there. A very strong team with a lot of players that are active and have played for years. Pay special attention to cripple, mattey, nethila and trasher! But the big question seems to be; who will be their special ship?

    Most likely lineup: chief utsav/brookus/wbm (terr), mattey/moot (shark), cripple/bacon/nethila/paralyze/pavement/poxy/trasher (spiders), cripple (wb?)/not even gonna guess..

    Well imho they should be the top title contenders here, if jerome has what it takes to create all these individuals into a well performing, smooth team. They seem to lack a player for their special ship though, so maybe picking up Sika from free agency would be a good idea.

    dun vs me

    A mediocre team, i'm even too friendly when I call em that..They lack real depth in base, only a handful players that even know how to base,which makes me kind of dissapointed in hulk's picks for base. Hulk bases a lot, is even on penetrate and instead of picking up a couple of basers he has played with (in the past), he decided to focus more on javs and new players instead. Well we'll find out soon enough how this will turn out for him. Get a few free agency basers dude. Players to watch in base: mikkiz, sleazy, sphinx and teemo..can't make it any prettier than that.

    Most likely lineup: mikkiz/sleazy (terr), riverside/sleazy/hulk (shark), anidalife/hulk/hypocrit/public assassin/rucci/teemo (spiders), eelam (basejav?)/teemo (basejav)

    I doubt they will go far in twdtb this season if they don't pick up any of the good basers still out there in free agency..Activity from some of hulk's keyplayers is questionable to say the least (anidalife/mikkiz/public assassin/etc..)..

    Lemon Tree

    Now here's an interesting team! Looks like tenure combined with a few veterans to me, could go far this twdtb (because people underestimate them) or just lose every game they play. Key players for them (I guess): kian, leitz and tabarnak!!!

    Most likely lineup: tiny?/heisman? (terr), multipass?/tabarnak!!! (shark), bender/bietje/chuckle/dezmond/kian/leitz/sulla (spiders), bender (basejav?)/tiny (basejav?)

    I have no idea if this is even close to what their lineup will be when they play their first twdtb game. This will also depend on who shows and who dral picks up from the free agency. At least he doesn't have to worry about going over the star cap in TWDT lol..


    Well, ease always has a good eye for a mix between solid basers and decent multi-leaguers, so this should be an interesting lineup. Performance wise Ease will be dependant on some of his key basers to show up and make an instant impact, or else they can lose some of their games quite badly..Key players for Nimrook: ease, maketso, M_M God, necromotic, renzi, zizu.

    Most likely lineup: zizu/necromotic?/maketso (terr), cremation/el_mariachi/violence (shark), cremation/ease/fludd/maketso/M_M God/necromotic/renzi (spiders), fludd? (basejav), maketso (basejav?), M_M God (basejav), necromotic (basejav).

    Looks to me Ease is betting on getting some wins from his basejavs this season, so let's hope at least one of them shows every game and Nimrook should be good to go. Sharkwise the depth isn't really good, but Nimrook does have a few different players who could shark if needed as well. Top 3 contenders for TWDTB.

    Calculus Crusaders

    Royst not only capping tenure this season, but also a TWDT team, interesting. Royst has shown his good eye for talent and base quality before in penetrate, so this should be a good team. Let's see...key players: baffling (if he shows), paska, phrenitis (does he still have it?), royst and spikey.

    Most likely lineup: dreamwin/wingzero (terr), pinkstar/royst (shark), baffling/dreamwin/paska/phrenitis/spikey/zeebu (spiders), phrenitis? (used to basejav), spikey (basewb).

    Also a very good candidate for the title in TWDTB this season, but they will be very dependent on spikey putting up a good show as base wb..If he doesn't show, they will have a problem deciding who will be their special instead..


    Coming in as as substitute cap for paradise (who was too busy getting pizza), hurricane did a good job getting some key impact players for his twdtb team (a2m, stayon, glavitik). Mix that with some talented players (minotar, omega red) and you have a team qualified to end in a top 3 spot. Let's hope this team isn't too dependent on the showing of their key players, else they will be in the shit.

    Most likely lineup: hurricane/raples (terr), a2m/b4sershark/raples? (shark), a2m/apok/hurricane/glavitik/lionheart/minotar/omega red (spiders), a2m (base wb?)/apok (base wb?)/hurricane (basejav)/raples (basejav).

    Well, Reign has a2m, but who will be his shark partner? Put a2m together with a newbie and you will be in trouble. An unstable shark pair can mess up the whole team and have big consequences for their winning chances in twdtb...pick up another shark from free agency!


    Yes, I was bored and since others seem to be too lazy to put up some predictions, I decided to do my part. It's not too detailed and I just used my previous experience with players, caps and player's activeness to put together my predictions for this season's twdtb, so everyone can enjoy a (hopefully) nice read


    Basing pickups that are still in free agency:

    - Jeenyuss
    - mikes
    - props
    - Pure_Luck
    - ra
    - Reab
    - sieni
    - soilderz
    - zyclon


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      I definitely don't see any teams I can immediately write off as non-competition - during the draft I wasn't taking Dral seriously, but looking at his basing line as you've put it makes me think twice - he's got alot of people who are very underestimated.

      Sharks are going to be very, very important this year because of the enforced special ship rule. I really wanted a2m. I only have 3 sharks (plus me but haha, who counts me). I'm worried about PH because he most likely hates 80% of my team, but in my opinion having ph & mattey/chris smoove being supported by Trasher as a basejav is going to be a gamechanging combination of skill, lag, and repignores. Of course, mandatory specials is also going to put emphasis on terrier skill and in terms of active terriers I might be lacking, but IMO Brookus is still hella competitive. I've also heard on the grapevine that Utsav might be active for TWDT, so I have that to pray for if brookus doesn't show.

      I thought I picked a top contending TWDTB team for sure, but now that I see these lineups I'm definitely thinking the competition this year is going to be awesome - but it's going to boil down to activity, and the one thing I tried to do was choose activity over talent. I see alot of big names I'm going to be up against, and it makes me nervous, but then I also remember my reasons for not picking some of them - activity - and I feel slightly reassured.

      edit: i can say it now since i've gotten them - I'm also going to depend alot on the EG recruits we pulled. Selena and Hacking are developing fast and might even become competent duelers as well as basers, and I bid on Kx after I saw him go 2:1 in at least 8 rounds of WBDuel.
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      420 420 420


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        well yea, now i am in the free agency. BM didnt add me for tuesdays biding and i got added today, kinda sucks, but meh

        gl to all teams, gj Vehicle and Bonk!, looking for triple title.
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          boner soup for the win
          What maneuver could possibly be smoover?


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            Good write up M_M, thanks for putting the time in, shit like this males leagues more entertaining.

            And I know I'm known for being sarcastic, so let me make it clear I'm being serious here.
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            Originally posted by Vatican Assassin
            all stats should be removed except for the stat of how many times mattey can go fuck himself which I would expect should be rather high
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              fyi i drafted for BONK!, jus sayin


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                Royst gonna do math to win it all. X Factor


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                  BONK! going down.


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                    Originally posted by Deverse View Post

                    Royst gonna do math to win it all. X Factor
                    more like X! amirite?

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