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TWDT 2013 -- FINALS -- RECAP (including Top 10 Players List)

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  • TWDT 2013 -- FINALS -- RECAP (including Top 10 Players List)

    TWDT 2013 FINALS

    Controversy. Mayhem. Blowouts. Upsets. Delays. This Sunday Finals had everything, except Cranium's virginity, which he lost to a predatory Speech Therapist who told him his stutter would disappear if he let his penis into him (it did, but at what cost... AT WHAT COST), as 2011 TWDT Triple Crown behemoth dun vs me once again reached the TWDT Championships in all three leagues, looking to repeat their feat from two years ago. The dunvsmeans had yet to ever lose a playoff game (Hulk didn't cap in 2012), but with undefeated 9-0 Thunder in their way in TWDT-D, basing giants Baratheon looming in TWDT-B, and Amputate missing from their lineup in TWDT-J, Hulk had his work cut out for him.


    TWDT-D Final

    dun vs me vs. Thunder
    ROUND 1

    Venomous duo Ease (11-10) and Best (12-10) continued their fierce play after dominating the Semi-Finals by themselves, but couldn't carry inexplicably added, aptly named hermit (2-6), who made his first appearance of the season, or his sub-in, Wiibimbo (1-4). Turban (6-10) and 420 (6-10) were middling, but within carry range.

    Despite trading top-level WB Apok away, Hulk's team managed to pull off the impressive Round 1 upset with a stellar, unyielding performance from 24 (13-7), who was on fire this Sunday (and their 5-star!), with the ravenous Racka (11-6) not far behind. dour (10-10) was solid as usual, while all-star WB Weak (8-7) made his presence felt, and throwback to 2008 Zagis (8-9) also played well.

    MVP: 24

    dun vs me vs. Thunder
    ROUND 2

    Thunder went all in Round 2, with their undefeated season on the line, as Best and Ease (13-10) put on monster performances, falling just short in a scintillating 50-46 game that went down to the wire.

    Once again, hermit dragged them down so far James Cameron inquired about how he did it, with an Abyssmal 2-8, sinking even Best's titanic 16-10.

    24 (15-8) once again came up big, but big daddy Weak wasn't going to be outshone two rounds in a row, dropping a ridiculous 17-10 to clinch the victory, carrying terrible outings from Zagis (3-8) and Racka (4-9), while dour (10-9) continued to excel with consistent, hard-working team play.

    Despite being written off by prognosticators, pundits, and players alike, Hulk's dunvsmeans slew the undefeated TWDT-D giants 2-0, completing a huge upset and putting them at 4-0 in Finals.

    MVP: Weak


    TWDT-J Final

    dun vs me vs. Thunder
    ROUND 1

    In one of the most unbelievable finishes in any TW Finals history, 24 (14-9) put on the performance of a lifetime, in one of the most memorable sequences in Javelin history.

    With Weak (11-10), Rough (10-10), hulk (7-10), and Heaven (9-10) out, the game seemed a foregone conclusion for the mighty Thunder, with only a 10-9 24 left, 1v4 against Ease (15-9), Best (10-9), Turban (13-9), and wiibimbo (4-2, subbed in for 420 who was 0-7).

    Despite an errant bomb, 24 managed to elude three captors with no energy in the bottom left of the map, escaping outside, where Best gave chase and 24 finished him off with an expert bomb at the right entrance.

    Then Ease darted down the main entrance to cut him off in lower as Best/Wii swooped in from the right, where 24 lobbed a low-percentage, but perfectly aimed mid-range bomb into Ease, catching him just above the block at the entrance. He then darted swiftly into the left-side entrance, with Turban and wiibimbo finally catching up, where a melée ensued in the top left of the map. 24 dodged a Turban bomb, then bolted upwards, bouncing a bomb at an acute angle, surprising Wiibimbo as he tried to dodge left but was trapped by the long horizontal wall, taking him out.

    At 49-49, Turban and 24 dueled it out 1v1 for the victory, as both veteran opponents prodded and tested each other, zooming across the map with expert energy efficiency, firing darting bombs and juking at the right moments, before 24 sizzled him with a great bomb and knocked him out for the victory.


    MVP: 24

    Thunder vs. dun vs me
    ROUND 2

    Best (16-6) and Ease (13-7) were undaunted by their TWDT-D loss, as Thunder struck back (albeit sans Struck), slicing the dunvsmeans apart with honed javelin skills forged in the crucible of multiple TWLJ Finals, as Turban (7-8) and Tsunami (9-8) showed glimmers of their past triumphs in downing their formidable opponent, despite another atrocious outing from hermit (2-6) and a disappearing Wiibimbo (0-2).

    Hulk, Weak, Racka, 24, Rough, and Hellkite all hung around between 5-10 and 9-10, but couldn't get it going as the Thundarians shut them down at every turn, with extra emphasis on targeting 24 and getting him out as soon as possible.

    MVP: Best

    And that is when this game really started. Controversy arose as several of the 90 persons in the arena realized that wiibimbo, who's computer died and was gone for 10 minutes, was Thunder's only 5-star in, and subbed out for Tsunami, who is not.

    KANE, who runs TWDT, stated before playoffs started that, unlike previous TWDTs, the regular season rule of playing a 5-star at all times would remain in place.

    To further complicate things, there is apparently an addendum to this rule which I'd never heard before, that during the playoffs you can sub your 5-star if it has been 10 minutes or he has 5 deaths, requirements which most claim were not fulfilled.

    This caused a massive rift between Team Captains Ease (Thunder), Hulk (dun vs me), and Rough (dun vs me), who have been squadding together on championship teams for years (Pandora/Thunder), and bursting out into multiple chats.

    With TW abuzz, KANE and Demonic ultimately declared Thunder's Round 2 win forfeit, returning the TWDT-J final to 1-0 in Hulk's favor, with Round 2 (and Round 3, if necessary) to take place next Sunday, September 1st, 2013 at 3pm EST.


    TWDT-B Final

    Baratheon vs. dun vs me

    With Hulk capturing the TWDT-D Final, and on the precipice of another TWDT-J title (Up 1-0, with Amp returning), it was up to Baratheon to stop dun vs me from completing the Jordan-esque back-to-back 3-peat, and Triple crowning another season.

    The Baratheons did just that, coming out the gates like a bat out of hell, clinching an early Tek from a hard push, and never looking back. A lot of familiar faces from the 2011 TWDT-B Final were back, with 7/16 -- nearly half -- of the players from that game returning, and Mean Gene (dun vs me, Terrorist, Baratheon), Stannis (Power, Power, Baratheon), Hulk (dun vs me, Power, dun vs me) and NL>Trigger (Power, Terrorist, Baratheon) each reaching the Final for their 3rd year in a row.

    Mikkiz (17-0, 2 teks) notched his 3rd ace of the season, following up a stellar 50-4 performance in the Semi-Finals with a perfect game. Cranium (2.9 RPD), who has led their sharks all season, teamed up again with Eelam (3.0 RPD), as the two Praetorians headed an impregnable cram, inscribing the words 'Veni Vidi Vici' on it and treating it like a Vestal Virgin, and not missing a single rep during an insane 10-minute cram that gave them an insurmountable lead.

    Mean Gene (97-26), TJ Hazuki (97-40), gilder (88-25), NL>Trigger (86-44), and Stannis (78-43, 3 teks) took on spidering duties for Baratheon against Minotar (87-51), Rough (69-55), USOi (60-68), Hellkite (51-46), and 24/Heaven.

    Oder (2.7 RPD) and Hulk (2.6 RPD) sharked for the dunvsmeans, behind Cintra (37-9) in terr, as both teams showed full lines for the Final.

    After suffering a heartbreaking loss to dun vs me two years ago, Stannis poached three of Hulk's 2011 basing champs early, taking Mikkiz, Mean Gene, and Eelam in the 1st, 3rd, and 4th Rounds, adopting the cowardly-but-effective motto, 'If you can't beat them, join them.'

    It was a hard-fought match by both teams, but the early Tek and long cram snowballed and shifted the momentum in Baratheon's favor, and they never looked back.

    MVP: Cranium/Eelam


    And then there were... still 3... god fucking damnit... will this TWDT shit ever end?

    dun vs me returned this year to claim their second TWDT-D, upstart Baratheon won TWDT-B, while the TWDT-J title is still up for grabs, with Hulk up 1-0 in the Best-of-3 series against Thunder.

    Dreamwin's Terrorist, who snatched up the TWDT-B and TWDT-J titles last year, were knocked out in the Quarter-Finals.

    Zidane's Power, who looked poised to repeat as TWDT-D champs, failed to make the playoffs, despite the first pick in the draft and taking TWDT powerhouse Mythril #1.

    Infrared's Team Hilk once-again had a strong showing, reaching the Quarter-Finals, while skatarius's Kamikaze went one step further, reaching the Semi-Finals before hitting the brick wall that is dun vs me, while newcomer Kate Upton's Vagina floundered, which is an appropriate verb if you think about it long enough.

    WB OF THE WEEK: Weak,
    Who put in a solid 8-7 in Round 1, then a monstrous 17-10 massacre in the razor-tight 50-46 final, edging out Best and Ease.

    JAV OF THE WEEK: 24,
    I usually don't put the POTW in one of the league-specific awards, but that Round 1 masterpiece 1v4, 14-9 outing was too monumental not to recognize. Brilliant.

    BASER OF THE WEEK: Cranium,
    Alongside Eelam, showcased some of the best cram-holding in the game with an astounding 10-minute cram, nary missing a rep, and fending off an insipid 24 in Jav during the 2nd half of the game, shutting him down at every turn.

    The man had an absolutely stellar outing in TWDT-D and TWDT-J (let's not talk about his basejav in TWDT-B), going 13-7 and 15-8 in WB, matching Ease blow for blow, and clinching it in 2, then single-handedly winning Round 1 in jav 1v4 in a legendary 14-9 performance.


    Top 10 Players List

    These were the Top 10 players in every league during the TWDT 2013 season, skewed more heavily towards playoff performances than regular season ones, but factoring in both. I've included at least one 5-star in every list, to highlight clutch players who rose to the occasion.

    Top 10 WBs:

    1. Best (Thunder)
    Living up to his name, Best was a juggernaut all year, dropping ridiculous scores, with 14-9 and 16-8 outings in the Semis, and posting 12-10, 16-10 sorties in the Finals, excelling even in losses.

    2. Ease (Thunder)
    Cheech to Best's Chong, Ease and Best ravaged TWDT-D this year, going 9-0 before dropping the Final, through no fault of their down. He went 9-7, 10-5 in the Semis, then 11-10, 13-10 in the Finals, after putting up a near 3:1 ratio during the regular season ace.

    3. Murder (Kamikaze)
    Murder won TWDT-D last year on Power, and continued his impressive play, leading Kami to the Semis. He was a beast all season, and dropped back-to-back 18-5, 16-7 scores in the Quarters.

    4. 24 (dun vs me) 5-star
    Without a doubt the best 5-star in TWDT-D this year, 24 was a boon whereas most 5-stars were a hindrance, dominating the Final with 13-7, 15-8 performances, and playing solid all year.

    5. Rasaq (Baratheon)
    Rasaq proved himself the only worthwhile true WB on a team full of underperforming WBs, leading a Quarter-Final upset over Burnt and Maketso with 11-6, 14-9 outings, then dropping a huge 15-10 in the Semi-Finals vs Thunder despite none of his teammates hitting 9. Regularly hit 14-16 kills during the season.

    6. Weak (dun vs me)
    TWLD Finalist and all-around wonderful person Weak dropped a showstopping 17-10 in the Final, and dominated the rest of the season with stellar work and a great rush. Even when his team failed, he put up big numbers, dropping a 15-10 on Thunder during a regular-season loss.

    7. Mythril (Power)
    Despite his squad imploding, current TWEL and TWLD champ Mythril still managed to dominate games even when none of his team showed, dropping 18-10's even during losses, and proving himself a force to be reckoned with, regardless of whether or not he has a team around him.

    8. Burnt (Terrorist)
    Self-proclaimed "running piece of shit" Burnt led a ragtag band of basers posing as WBs, leading Terrorist to a successful TWDT-D season and dropping big numbers all season, leading them to the Quarters.

    9. maketso (Terrorist) 5-star
    maketso was a breakout star in WB this year, dropping 14, 15, 16 kills almost every week, including a stunning 17-8 vs. Vagina.

    10. Racka (dun vs me)
    The Fierce mainstay proved his worth playing solid all year, including a ridiculous 17-8 in Week 6, and dropping a clutch 11-6 in the Finals and decimating opponents with his hard-hitting rush.

    Honorable Mention: Amputate, Skepsis, 420 5-star.


    Top 10 Javs:

    1. Ease (Thunder)
    The undisputed king of javs, Ease MVP'd most of the games he played, carrying his team on his back when they played badly, going 14-7, 14-10, 19-5 in the Semis to will his team into the Finals, where he's gone 15-10, 13-7 thus far. Unstoppable.

    2. Amputate (dun vs me)
    This Triple Crowner dominated Jav this year, amassing an unbelievable 18-4 in the Semi-Finals against Terrorist, then following it up with a 12-4, going a combined 30-8. He will make his presence felt when he returns for the TWDT-J replay this Sunday.

    3. 24 (dun vs me)
    24 was massive all year, putting up big numbers, but none so important as his historic 1v4 clincher in the Finals vs. Ease and company, clutching the 50-49 win.

    4. Eelam (Baratheon)
    The TWLJ Finalist was huge for Baratheon all year, almost clinching them a Finals berth with a 16-8 performance against Thunder, and dropping an insane 20-9 vs. Team Hilk during the regular season.

    5. Rough (dun vs me)
    He MVP'd several games, showed every week, and played in every league, put up solid numbers, including a 13-9 bot-MVP in the clinching Semi-Final game to reach the Finals.

    6. dreamwin (Terrorist)
    Terrorist's leader and TWLJ scoring champion put up huge numbers when he played, dropping a stellar 16-8 during the season, but unfortunately couldn't play in the QF due to lag.

    7. Turban (Thunder)
    Consistent all year and making big plays, helped Thunder reach the Final, which they might still be able to win.

    8. aprix (Kamikaze)
    Showed up and played well, dropping 12-9, 12-9 scores in the Quarters to help his squad reach the Semis.

    9. Zizzo (Team Hilk)
    Stalwart during the season, he broke out in the Quarters to keep Team Hilk's season alive, dropping massive 15-10 and 13-10 outings when it mattered most.

    10. Compelled (Kamikaze) 5-star
    This guy was big for Kamikaze all season putting up solid numbers and helping them reach the Semi-Final with 11-8, 10-10 games in the Quarters.

    Honorable Mention: Best, Demonic 5-star, Zazerick.


    Top 15 Basers

    1. Mikkiz (Baratheon)
    Mikkiz won his 2nd TWDT-B title in 3 years, acing half the games he played, INCLUDING the Final, and dropping a 50-4, 3 tek performance in the Semi-Final. It's not even debatable at this point, Mikkiz is the best terrier in the game.

    2. Cranium (Baratheon)
    Cranium showed every week, played across all three leagues, and absolutely dominated in shark, reaching both the TWLB and TWDT-B Finals in the same year. An absolute beast in the cram, he spreads his reps like he does his hepatitis, often and virulently!

    3. Cintra (dun vs me)
    Cintra dropped a scintillating 54-8 in the Semis to lead his team to an epic comeback over Kamikaze, terring the dunvsmeans to victory during the season and aiding them in a Finals berth.

    4. Ease (Thunder)
    Ease led the strongest spider line in TWDT this year, unleashing a massive 147-91 in the Semi-Final to fall just 3 minutes short of unseating TWDT-B champions Baratheon.

    5. Hulk (dun vs me)
    Hulk reached his third TWDT-B final in three years, proving his sharking is something to be feared, with lethal cram breaks and unsuspecting teks lobbing at the midbar from under. The dunvsmean cap sharked every week to lead his squad to another Finals appearance.

    6. Dwopple (Kamikaze)
    Big Dwop was a juggernaut in TWLB this year, and TWDT proved no different, being the most decisive factor in pushing dun vs me to the brink and being 25 seconds from reaching the Final.

    7. Eelam (Baratheon)
    A threat in both jav and base, Eelam showed his versatility in both sharking and spidering, teaming up over and over with Cranium to form one of the most formidable cram duos since...well, Cranium and menelvagor. Started in the finals and helped clinch a TWDT-B title.

    8. Dreamwin (Terrorist)
    Dreamwin spread his talents across both terr and spider, captaining his squad to 3rd place during the regular season with strong play and leadership, and bringing his team to the TWDT-B Quarter-Finals.

    9. NL>Trigger (Baratheon)
    Perhaps THE most versatile player in all of basing, NL>Trigger's talents were not needed in terr thanks to Mikkiz, but he did seamlessly transition from overspid to underspid to shark in the matter of a single game, including a clutch mid-game switch to shark during the Semi-Finals, helping them patch up their shark hole with Cig and Eelam unable to show, then dropping an 86-44 in the Final.

    10. skatarius (Kamikaze)
    The Team Captain of Kamikaze, skatarius aptly drafted then starred-in his squadron's successful TWDT run to the Semi-Finals, leading his team in spider kills or terring them to victory.

    11. Minotar (dun vs me)
    Overheat consistently led his team in kills, dropping massive spider scores across both the regular season and the playoffs, including a 155-101 in the Semis.

    12.Oder (dun vs me)
    Say what you will about Oder, he sharked his 2nd TWDT-B Final in 3 years, teaming up with Hulk all year to form a recalcitrant duo, with savvy bombs and good reps.

    13. Best (Thunder) 5-star
    Arguably the most valuable 5-star spider in TWDT-B this year, Best ripped it up with Ease and Undercut all year, helping them reach the Semis and putting down a 131-75.

    14. Mean Gene (Baratheon)
    Despite missing the Quarters and the Semis, Hypocrit once again reached his 3rd TWDT-B Final in 3 years, MVPing in spider and showing most of the season to contribute in both jav and base.

    15. Burnt (Terrorist) 5-star
    Another invaluable 5-star player, Burnt, fresh off a successful stint terring for Sweet in TWLB, was an indispensable asset for his team, able to perform strongly in both terr or spider.

    Honorable Mention: Rasaq 5-star , Hellkite, Murder, Undercut, wbm, Pressure, infrared, Rough 5-star, usoi, Gilder 5-star, Renzi, Zizzo.


    A big thanks to K A N E for keeping TWDT alive and taking over after Undercut's Houdini-like exit. Everyone shit on him and complained all season, and he took it in stride, spent a lot of unheralded hours rewriting the entire code for the TWDT website, was always available and polite, showed every Sunday, and did his best to keep things running as smoothly as possible. You should thank him when you see him, it's a bad job with zero pay and everyone hates you.

    Props to all the Captains of the squads that stayed active and participated throughout the season, specifically: Ease, Hulk, Dreamwin, Skatarius, and Infrared.

    Hopefully this isn't the last season of TWDT! Enjoy the rest of your summer.

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    Lol at the star ratings.
    - You need people like me. So you can point your finger and say that's the bad guy.


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      <- most underrated baser this season IMO


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        best ever log off
        1:Rasaq> i scrub really hard with toilet paper so little pieces of it get stuck to my anus hair and then later on when im watching tv i like to pull them out slowly because it feels pretty good

        1:Mutalisk> heard that n1111ga okyo got some DSLs

        Paradise> No names but there's actually a black man in the arena right now.

        Jones> MAAAAN1111GA UCHIHA

        Paradise> NO NAMES. NOT A SINGLE NAME.....but 3/6 of the players on Force are of a certain descent. I will not go any further.


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          Good write-up. Not to take anything away from him because he did it flawlessly, but I'd say Mikkiz had an easy season due to your stacked basing team, and Cintra did just as well. Regardless, it's threads like this that keep people motivated and interested, and you should 100% be hired to write for HoN this season (officially, with your writeups posted on the TWL site and broadcasted in game through adverts).


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            True dat. Your write-ups are appreciated


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              thanks for dis
              TWLD Champion 2014
              TWDTB Champion 2013
              TWDTB Champion 2016
              TWDTB Champion 2017
              TWDTB Champion 2019.. my last one.
              -tj hazuki/hazuki :wub:


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                I didn't terr at all and I was 7* not 5* in basing.


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                  am top 10 baser
                  1:Vergilius> ive been wondering something
                  1:Gazo> tell me!
                  1:Vergilius> suppose that i would clone myself
                  1:Vergilius> but i change the y chromosome into an x chromosome, thus making a female version of myself
                  1:Vergilius> and then fuck that clone
                  1:Vergilius> would that be masturbation or incest?

                  1:Jason> i think soupero is slightly underdeveloped or something