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    The most important statistic on this chart is called KP30M -- It's a statistic I've used in rating spiders in TWLB 2013 and 2014, and it's the most heavily weighed stat. KP30M means Kills Per 30 Minutes. It's basically your KPM multiplied by 30, and your KPM is Kills divided by minutes (TWD and TWL stats use kills per game, which is insanely stupid.)

    The second most important stat is Margin, which stands for you average margin of victory in minutes, per game. Like sharking and terring, I've chosen to weigh this positively (whereas in other leagues I sometimes weigh it negatively.) The reasoning for sharks is obvious -- there aren't enough other stats to judge performance, so weighing it positively makes sense. I've seen good players have a fairly consistent KP30M even on bad teams, whereas your output is more negatively affected in, say, javs if since when your team does worse you lose players and are outnumbered -- you're always even-strength in spiders, and you can camp to good scores and lose. So I think weighing margin of victory positively makes sense for spiders, as well. You can have less impressive stats and win games with hard pushing, ignoring sharks at certain times, etc.

    This trend continues in weighing your KDA lightly, where the value is in kills (specifically, kills per minute, valuing efficiency). Having 100 KP30M and 1.5 KDA is almost the same as having 100 KP30M and 3.0 KDA.

    Confidence is how many games you played. If you played all 7 games, you have 1.0 confidence. If you played 2 games, you have 0.5 confidence. Your raw rating is multiplied by your confidence. If you played 3 games and have 150 rating, you'd have 200 rating on this chart had you played 7 and maintained the same numbers.

    I'll reiterate that statistics obviously don't tell the whole story in evaluating talent, which team you're on is a big factor, and that this is simply remarking on who has been the most impressive statistically.


    Notes: Ease played warbird the entire season. To incorporate him into the spider stats, I valued Teks at 3 kills instead of 1 (a net gain of +2), and simply added them to his overall kill stats. He had 56 Teks in 7 games, so I added 112 kills to his totals. I initially valued them at 4 kills (+3), but it put him at #1 and honestly, fuck specials. I think the raw statistical value of a Tek is probably 4 kills as a special, but the overall loss of pressure in the FR, cram break, etc. probably give a negative value of 1... the true value is probably somewhere between 3-4... I put it at the conservative end of the spectrum because I really have no idea.
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