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    Regular Season Timeslots:

    TWDT-D -- 3:00PM EST
    TWDT-D -- 3:30PM EST
    TWDT-J -- 4:00PM EST
    TWDT-J -- 4:30PM EST
    TWDT-B -- 5:00PM EST
    TWDT-B -- 5:30PM EST


    2 Max spots (0-99 rating)
    1 Elite spot (0-85 rating)
    1 Veteran spot (0-75 rating)
    1 Amateur spot (0-65 rating)
    2 Max spots (0-99 rating)
    1 Elite spot (0-85 rating)
    1 Veteran spot (0-75 rating)
    1 Amateur spot (0-65 rating)
    4 Max slots (0-99)
    1 Elite slot (0-85)
    2 Veteran slot (0-75)
    1 Amateur slot (0-65)

    This format applies to the playoffs as well.


    Only a 0-65 rating player may be borrowed for all 3 leagues. Player must be 0-65 in the game being borrowed (not overall)


    Trades may only occur during each TRADE WEEK.

    Trades will be evaluated by the Trade calculator. Every Captain gets 4 trades. A trade is defined as a single transaction of any number of players between two captains, and both are charged 1 trade.

    If there are serious issues and something game-breaking happens, and the majority of captains (4/6) and TWDT ops agree, trades will become a Darwinian free-for-all, with no oversight or blockable trades, and every captain fending for themselves, with only a glaringly obvious complete talent dump of a Captain giving up on the season or trolling being blockable (with 3/4 of the captains not part of the trade in agreement with TWDT Ops. Such a drastic block in FFA also requires removal of the Captain dumping the players, and possible penalties to the captain taking the players.)

    Playing Down A Man

    Playing down a man counts as 6-Star slot. Playing down two is a forfeit in TWDT-D and TWDT-J. Playing down two counts as a 6-Star and 7-Star slots in TWDT-B. Playing down three is a forfeit in base.

    All forfeits result in a 50-0 or 15:00-0:00 loss.

    Adding Players Over Star Limit

    -Any kills/reps/active play that affects the game before the player either specs or is subbed will result in a 50-0 forfeit in TWDT-D/TWDT-J, and a 15:00-0:00 loss in TWDT-B.
    -Active play includes (but is not limited to) terring, sharking, firing shots, or drawing fire.
    -A player being AFK in spawn or not moving is not forfeitable.
    -Make sure your Assistants are aware of the rules and have the Star Sheets bookmarked for each league. Ignorance is not an excuse.


    Trading names to get around Star Limits is a season-ending ban. No warning.

    There are no current bans in effect. Everyone is welcome to play and enjoy TWDT.

    That said, acting like an entitled, petulant child, crying about your TWDT star rating and demanding to be removed then re-added later like we're your personal slaves, etc. will get you banned. Make all the posts you want, cry to upper staff, I promise you it won't work. I will not put up with your shit. We're not paid to do this, and it's a lot of work. The only thing I ask is you not actively try to make our lives a living hell while we run it.


    Team 1 plays Team 4 in all 3 leagues.

    Playoff Schedule

    The playoff schedule will likely be different and follow the TWL schedule adopted to accommodate best-of-3 series, meaning TWDT-D games will start one hour early, and TWDT-J games 30 minutes early.

    TWDT-D -- 2:00PM EST
    TWDT-J -- 3:30PM EST
    TWDT-B -- 5:00PM EST

    I understand this will be slightly frustrating and take some effort to get the message out the final week of regular season play, telling your players used to logging in at 3pm EST that games now start 2pm EST, we'll try to zoner and actively get captains to let their players know the change, or else the finals can drag on a bit late, especially for Europeans.

    Main Draft

    The main draft takes place April 9th, at 4:00pm EST. The live streaming draft lotto will take place at 3:00pm EST, one hour before the draft. Players may not join or leave TWDT to jump into FA after discovering what picks the captains get.

    The draft spots for each captain will be randomized 1 hour before the draft. Each captain must select a low-star package. You can only draft one of each. If you refuse to draft a package early on, you will be forced to select one or both with your final two picks.

    You can trade your draft spot with another captain before the start of the draft, but beware it does affect your FA Draft spot within your own pool. The FA draft spots are determined by where you actually draft in the main draft, not where the spot you initially were granted -- should you choose to trade it.

    You have about 1 minute per pick to draft (although we ask that you try to speed it up to 30-40s past round 10), and there will be between 100 to 120 draft picks (including 180-200 players due to packages), so the draft should take between 1.5 to 2 hours.

    Players messaging particular captains not to pick them or threatening not to show if picked will be banned.
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