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Appeal TWDT-D 3pm EST Terrorist vs Earthworm Jim

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  • Appeal TWDT-D 3pm EST Terrorist vs Earthworm Jim

    Terrorist is appealing the wb game vs earthworm jim. I added legit lineup on chatapp.
    Jones / Kentaro 85+
    Tripin 80
    War 60
    Jurassic 65

    So I had 2x Lowstar and in. I reconnected to my desktop and I saw heaven forcing sub on war because apparently zidane told him that war is 75* and I had uneligible lineup. Even if he was 75, I would still have legit line up while jurassic being the low star.

    Heaven forced a sub and subbed war for porkjet while I was reconnecting to SS.

    Later in the game I tried to sub in myself for a 8* star and couldnt do it, probably due to a fact that heaven had subbed porkjet in before for no reason.

    I think we suffered an unfair miscall by the host which caused us to eventually lose the game. Due to this host error I appeal our game vs earthworm jim.
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    obviously war is a 75 which you can see if you look at the free agency page, but yea if jura is a 60 then you don't need two and clearly heaven is even more retarded than i thought possible

    13. WAR (70/60/75)
    13. WAR (70/60/75)
    13. WAR (70/60/75)
    13. WAR (70/60/75)
    13. WAR (70/60/75)
    13. WAR (70/60/75)
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      this appeal is APPROVED. game is being played right after BASE.

      we'll figure out WAR rating later.
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        The TWDT FA Thread:

        It clearly states:

        **If there's a discrepancy between ratings on the Google Docs draft sheet and this post, the one on the Google Docs draft sheet is considered correct

        The captains drafted from the Google Docs FA Draft sheet, which had a few different ratings based on feedback from caps shortly before the draft. I don't know why WAR was rated what he was but the Google Docs draft sheet clearly lists War as 60/60/75. Afghan and Lofty have broken ratings of 60 in base and warbird respectively, and slipped through the cracks, and they weren't changed, so I don't see why Dreamwin's team should be punished for aptly drafting him in the FA.

        The thread clearly states the Google Docs sheet is the master sheet if there's a discrepancy, and it is consistent with allowing other poorly rated players to keep their rating to not punish the team that picked them.

        Therefore, WAR's rating will remain 60/60/75.

        Heaven erred in telling Dreamwin he couldn't play WAR, and allowed a replay which has already taken place.

        I consider the mattered closed on both fronts.
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