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  • Week 1 Basing Recap

    Hopefully this will be fun to read for you guys. I was unable to watch three games at once, nor would I probably want to. Thus I can't comment on all players on a game-to-game basis. Instead I will write something about each of the teams.

    The terrorists lacked some big players in this week's games, but seemed to field many peaking returning players. Unlike in the Basing Cup, Commodo has become active and Wbm has ramped up his activity steadily as well. People may have forgotten how good he is. Maketso made a good comeback as well. Then there's Anonym, a lower star talent discovered by dreamwin in the Basing Cup, who he's chosen to pick up again. Thus the terrorists could afford to miss a few of their top picks (Cornflux and NL Trigger). This shows that they have less depth problems than I thought, and perhaps a keen eye on picking players who are "hot" on the part of dreamwin.

    I don't remember seeing Singer in a basing game, and I don't remember seeing BrokenFist in a game. Nonetheless this motley basing line of warbirds/javelins seems to be on the precipice of something functional. They won one and lost one game this week. Turban showed to this week's games, but thix was missing, so Trasher had to patch his position as terrier. If only they could all show up simultaneously to unleash the Triple T Threat..

    Curse won one game but they still did horribly. They sustained the biggest loss of the week (1:00 to 15:00, against Power), a margin of 4 minutes to the second worst loss of Blind (5:00 to 15:00, against Terrorist). Blind are a team that is missing one high star spider and still they outperformed. The Curse team relies on a campy main spider, cripple, propped up by two pusher spiders in skyforger and The Recipe (present only in the first game). Rab has been put in shark, elsewise he would have added a little firepower. This team's main problem ultimately is complacency. Power, their first opponent, came out of the gates swinging. It was part aggression, part showmanship, and the Curse team were unable to capitalize on that second part whatsoever. Against Blind Curse won only with a half minute margin, yikes. This team needs to promptly up their aggression, but with the line-up that they have, it's their achilles' heel.

    The Blind are lacking at least one spider in comparison to the other teams and they are of course the underdog of the league. BIET seems to be a shoo-in for – one of the many – low star spider positions available. Major Crisis hops between ships to fill the gaps in his basing line-up faster than Stevie Wonder can play the blues scale. Blind absolutely needs to make a basing pick up at the Free Agency. Can they get Ogron, or even Best?

    Power got out on top with two wins this week, both achieved against good teams. During the first game against Curse, they came out of the gates with aggression and bravado. They were even a bit overconfident at times, but a close second game against mythril's Legio XI (15:00 – 14:15) shook it off. Notable effects were made on terrier vys who flew from ace 17-0 to a bum 14-8 in the second game. Still a win! Ro is a great part of the roster and the supposed fight between him and Ease has not had an effect on their game.

    Legio XI
    This team was hurt by the poutings of Steadman, who refused to play (so I'm told, also I saw him in spec doing nothing). While not being a main baser, Steadman would have made an impact, in vitalizing the team, in trash talk, in spider power, etc. Tiny is a decent terrier and elsewhere the line looks fine enough, so it's unclear why they weren't able to pull in a win.

    HOT Teams of the Week: Power and Terrorist. Both of the teams prevailed at two wins apiece. While Power overwhelmed their opponents, the terrorists were more reliant on key hot players as many from the roster were missing during the games. Everybody knows to stay away from individual terrorists when they're hot and playing with explosives.

    NOT Team of the Week: Curse. I don't know which is worse, losing 1:00-15:00 to Power, or winning 15:00-14:30 against a team of warbirds.

    HOT Players of the Week:
    maketso, wbm, Zizu. Making comebacks in style.
    Ro and Ease. Racking up bodies and they don't even like each other.

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    Good read


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      So it is teams squadrons Power : Zidane, vys, Ro , and Ease against - Terrorist: dreamwin, commodo , maketso and wbm. Neat.
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