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【 TWDT-B 】 Draft Review

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  • 【 TWDT-B 】 Draft Review

    I had some time on my hands, so here is my quick review for this season.


    warportal (8)
    Mean Gene (8) – Turban (10)
    Skatarius (10) – Ra (9) – Rasaq (8) – spider web (7) – Legacy (6)

    Substitutes: Pure_Luck (8) Rucci (9) retroaction (7) Rojo (7)Crescendo (6)

    Overall a solid team with great depth in spider and a decent backup for terrier, but unfortunately lack of strong options in shark could be a big concern. This team is likely going to look into trading a solid starting shark at around 8-star value to further diversify lineup options and potentially push Turban to play spider later in the season.

    Skatarius is an absolute beast and it will prove to be difficult for opponents to contain his aggressive style of play. It is also worth mentioning that this team has two strong options for 6-star slot with Legacy and Crescendo both being solid players from SVS with high potential ability which could prove to be a key factor in their season campaign. Rojo and retroaction represent interesting options for 7-star slot where as Rucci might have some issues breaking into the starting lineup due to star limitations.

    Terrier – 82
    Shark – 85
    Spider – 97

    Overall Rating: 88


    SpookedOne (8)
    Aprix (8) – Zapata (7)
    Ease (10) – Cripple (10) – Rough (9) – Public Assasin (7) – i.d. (7)

    Substitutes: Major Crisis (8) afghan (7)Dutch Baser (7)

    An interesting team with some flex options with players like Major Crisis being able to fill both as shark and terrier. SpookedOne might not be available for the first set of games which could be detrimental to their season dreams.

    Ease, Cripple, and Rough are extremely good at their designated role and capable of creating some game winning plays, but unfortunately the remaining spiders are not as impressive which might end up being one of their downfalls. There are also some major concerns regarding the quality of sharks despite Zapata representing good value for his team. I predict this team will struggle this season unless they can pick up one more solid spider.

    Terrier – 82
    Shark – 77
    Spider – 90

    Overall Rating: 83

    Fried Liver Attack

    Zizzo (9)
    Markmrw (9) – Sprackle (8)
    Trasher (10) – tj hazuki (8) – Lupin (8) – Maito Chi (8) – Bick (6)

    Backups: olde (7) megaman89 (10)Henry Saari (9)Ardour (7)Kentaro (7)

    Zizzo is looking to rally his team to another strong season as he has managed to draft a fascinating lineup with several different variations.

    Trasher has a pivotal role on this team along with tj hazuki who will be spearheading attacks with his constant pressure and relentless pushing. This team has an abundance of spiders when it comes to high-star players, but appears to fall flat when looking at the players in lower-star brackets. I do not foresee much action from Henry Saari on this team unless they are willing to shark olde over Sprackle. The alternative lineup featuring megaman89 is rather strong on paper and could end up being their trump card.

    Terrier – 90
    Shark – 86
    Spider – 88

    Overall Rating: 88


    bitsaver (8)
    Commodo (10) – Heisman (7)
    Jamal (10) – Ro (10) – blt_12 (7) – Odak (7) – Terminator 17.5 (7)

    Backups: Vehicle (8) midoent (9) Scurvy (7) Nine (7) Jackie (7)

    There is one major issue on this team and it is the struggle of not being able to field a proper full lineup due to high cost of many players. One solution to this dilemma is to field a 7-star shark such as Heisman which would allow this team take advantage of their very solid 7-star spiders.

    Jamal and Ro is a formidable combination and will prove tough to take down, however it is going to be difficult to field midoent unless they are willing to bench one of their star players by opting into using a more balanced lineup. Jamal or Ro and Heisman are interchangeable with midoent and Vehicle.

    Terrier – 82
    Shark – 87
    Spider – 92

    Overall Rating: 87


    Ogron (10)
    Zidane (10) – Sulla (7)
    Hellkite (9) – Sarger (9) – MousE (8) – Kira_Yamato (7) – bluff (6)

    Backups: Nipple Nibbler (8) okyo (8) TPZ (8)Raples (7) hedcase8 (6)

    Power seems like the team to beat this season with incredible talent across the board. Lamentably this team does have one glaring issue and it is dealing with the new star restrictions.

    Nipple Nibbler would make the shark department much stronger however it would come at the cost of spider strength having a significant drop in overall strength. It is going to be a difficult decision for Zidane whether he will prioritize shark strength over spider strength.

    Hellkite is one of the best performing spiders in current time and represents incredible value as a 9-star player. He will be the backbone of this team together with Pandora legends MousE and Sarger. This team has many great options for high-star players, but on the other hand there are some minor concerns when it comes to low-star players on this team.

    Terrier – 95
    Shark – 90
    Spider – 88

    Overall Rating: 91


    Mikkiz (10)
    Morph (9) – Oderus Urungus (9)
    Renzi (9) – Lockdown (8) – Anonym (7) – rozay (7) – Unlimited (7)

    Backups: Oh Snap Son Its Joe (9) Cape (9)tim (8)Poseidon (8)

    This team has arguably the strongest sharks and terriers when it comes to depth and options, but regrettably same can’t be said about the spiders who are not up to par to other teams in the league – partly due to star limits being lower this season.

    Oderus Urungus and Cape can play any basing ship and their versatility could be one of the key factors on this team. Renzi has been on an upward trend with his recent performances, but it will remain to be seen whether he can unify his spiders to play as a complete unit.

    Terrier – 97
    Shark – 90
    Spider – 80

    Overall Rating: 89


    Maketso (8)
    Paradise (8) – WillBy (8)
    Nowon (10) – Dreamwin (10) – Diakka (8) – Bram (8) – Kassius (6)

    Backups: Beam (7) Saiyan (9)voth (7) Jo (7) Let (6)

    I really like this team and the only notable weakness is the shark pair, but luckily it’s not going to be their Achilles’ heel.

    Nowon has taken Kassius under his wing who is quickly becoming one of the best value 6-star players in the league which pushes their spider lineup to new heights. Dreamwin will be a flexible choice for all ships, but primarily will be playing as spider as maketso should be able to show to most games. Diakka is the biggest question mark in this lineup as his show rate will greatly affect the starting lineup.

    Terrier – 85
    Shark – 82
    Spider – 95

    Overall Rating: 87


    Heaven (8)
    mcvicar (10) – Steadman (8)
    Jurassic (9) – wbm (9) – Banks (8) – Singer (7) – Anon (7)

    Backups: Violence (7)Tripin (8)Hoppin (8)

    This team has piqued my curiosity as it has some hidden potential. They are looking like the dark horse of this tournament, and I predict that their season will either be really good or an absolute flop depending on multiple different factors.

    mcvicar and Steadman is a solid shark combination, but both are volatile personalities which can be a recipe for disaster. There is a very high quantity of quality spiders which allows good flexibility for the team. Someone has to step up and lead the team or you will end up in a downward spiral and collapse.

    .. you also have to pray that Tiny does not add himself as a base javelin.

    Terrier – 82
    Shark – 90
    Spider – 86

    Overall Rating: 86

    As a conclusion this seems like a very balanced season with no clear favorite, and couple teams are only one trade away from becoming a powerhouse. I might have overlooked some players, and only listed the lineup that in my opinion has the highest chance of achieving a positive result. Some teams seem to have more available lineup options than others.

    Team ratings are subjective as always. They are based on a combination of things such as individual skill level and quality of the starting lineup, quality of backups and substitutes in each role, and how well the team is expected sync with one another.
    Last edited by Turban; 02-10-2020, 07:27 PM.

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    Good writeup Turb, thanks
    JAMAL> didn't think there was a worse shark than midoent but the_paul takes it

    turban> claus is the type of person that would eat shit just so you would have to smell his breath

    Originally posted by Ilya;n1135707
    the_paul: the worst guy, needs to go back to school, bad at his job, guido


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      Really good post, thanks turban. Power has a lot of lineup options, should be interesting to figure out what works best. Probably the most well drafted base teams I've seen in twdt


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        Very good review. It will be interesting. I wish the cap could go back to 67 given all the last minute unexpected sign ups. I’m sure all the captains would have to agree but seems like everyone could use the extra star. I was surprised to see you listing me as a sub given your post under the ratings saying that “I’m far better than all the 7*s” and should be bumped up to 8.


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          Originally posted by afghan View Post
          Very good review. It will be interesting. I wish the cap could go back to 67 given all the last minute unexpected sign ups. I’m sure all the captains would have to agree but seems like everyone could use the extra star. I was surprised to see you listing me as a sub given your post under the ratings saying that “I’m far better than all the 7*s” and should be bumped up to 8.
          Yeah, and I still stand behind that statement. I also mentioned Zapata being higher than 7-star rating in that post and you two are likely going to compete for the starting spot in shark. However you are also a capable spider, so I would expect you to be a starter still in one way or another.

          .. and perhaps 67-star cap would be better overall with all the late sign ups, but all teams drafted with 66-star cap in mind and increasing the restrictions now could potentially screw up some teams.


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            It would take all caps unanimously agreeing they would prefer 67, then it would probably be ok to revert if done before week 1 starts


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              I look forward to riding the bench to victory. There are a couple of 6* spids on Spider that have a semblance of a clue, so maybe I'll get to play a game or two.
              Vehicle> ?help Will the division's be decided as well today?
              Message has been sent to online moderators
              2:BLeeN> veh yes
              2:Vehicle> (Overstrand)>no
              2:BLeeN> ok then no
              :Overstrand:2:Bleen> veh yes
              (Overstrand)>oh...then yes


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                66* will not be a problem on the opposite, this is meant to help the usual two teams that can't fill 67*. Those teams prediction are made with all players showing, also reverting to 67 would help more some teams than some others. I ask my captain to reject it but he do what he desire of course. By the way it is good to note that Zidane never had any interest by lowering down to 66*, as a 10*, and still he has done which is an excellent sign. I hope FA ratings will be an excellent work like regular ratings were, if not it would be terrible after all the good work they have done thus far. I'm perfectly convinced 66* is perfect and we will see it. Also all teams are great and it's really hard to guess who gonna win. Season announce really interesting.


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                  I wanted to add, we get 4 6* players in those predictions, usually having 2 is a miracle. Last season we had mostly Unlimited/Kira_Yamato~ as starter 6*, the season before it was even less I think, I remember Anonym but who else? Now if you want a strong team you get to play a shit player aka 6*, like in warbird and javelin. Last two seasons we had something like 2 contenders/good/average/bad teams, hierarchy was clear, and starters were obvious except 1/2 players sharing playtime. Also now top players gonna taste the bench in base too, excellent . Also looking at all teams, the captains that have the least interest in going back to 67 is Sir Tiny himself, and would be really stupid to ask for it.


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                    1) ”If you want a strong team you get to play a shitter player aka 6*”. Pick one, strong team or 6*

                    2) You think it’s a good idea that top players, aka players that have given more of their time to actually improve, are gonna be benched...


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                      1)We'll see It wont be revert as at least Tiny but probably more have no interest in reversing, so we'll see who was right, as I was talking about this season so you can't take exemple on previous seasons with 67*.

                      2)Most bad players gave time to improve but are just inferior than some others, as in everything like sports. TWDT is an alternative to TWL where (almost) only top players play, the game sustain with a limited playerbase so if had no place to play guys like Unlimited or Anonym we would lose in exchange. The game doesn't belong to top players. If you want to always be starter then stop considering TWL like a stressful experience and alternate with TWDT. I would be happy to see all the top guys vsing each others a bit more than once per year.


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                        Now it's more tactical for captains, there is so much options for all of them. Commonly base is won by top baser captains, while wb/jav is more open for non top wbs/javs captains. Now being a 10* in base is not a bless anymore as a captain, see Tiny's team or even Commodo could bench himself. Also worth mention that despite all this Zidane has been able to build a strong team again.


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                          1) ? I am not saying a team fielding a 6* in TWDT 2020 won't be the best team. I am saying games will be worse as more are forced to use 6* who are objectively worse at the game.

                          2) No comment


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                            During Ogron's era of operator, there was a fix spot for 6*. So all teams had to play one. The problem was 10* and 9* costing exactly the same. Now it's more tactical and you also have the right to bench those disgusting 6*s if you also bench one of those awesome top player


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                              Originally posted by zidane View Post
                              It would take all caps unanimously agreeing they would prefer 67, then it would probably be ok to revert if done before week 1 starts
                              good call