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Pre-Finals HYPE INTERVIEWS (With Some Shit Talking)

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  • Pre-Finals HYPE INTERVIEWS (With Some Shit Talking)

    Interviews from Rough, Commodo, Pressure, Ogron, Booker007, Lockdown and FLEW & Betting Lines for Sunday!

    This is ONLY Round 1 Betting Lines: (These are TW odds not vegas)

    TWDT-D Moneyline:
    Funk -160
    Powirful Fingirmin +120

    TWDT-D Spread:
    Funk -4.5
    Powirfil Fingirmin +4.5

    TWDT-J Moneyline:
    Thunder - 110
    Kobe - 110

    TWDT-J Spread:
    Thunder -1.0
    Kobe +1.0

    TWDT-B Moneyline:
    Kobe -160
    Powirfil Fingirmin - +180

    TWDT-B Spread:
    Kobe -4.5 minutes
    Powirfil Fingirmin + 4.5 minutes




    TWTwitter: MouseFromPandora: The #1 is rough who refused to show for our team in order to get traded, this guy is a a scumbag and won't play unless he is on a stacked team. I would hope in the future we could punish behavior like this because a) this fucking loser does this all the time and b) it makes drafting people super hard because they can just no show and force a trade. 2) Rough is a huge loser again sry I can't point that out enough....

    TWTwitter: DookleBerry829: I can't believe rough boycotted the start of the season to get traded.. WHAT A DICK!

    TWTwitter: LostSoul19: Rough does this every season whether it's TWDT or TWL.. guess he keeps playing you all!

    TWTwitter: LonelyWolf47: ROUGH is a giant piece of shit!!! He shit talks all of our low stars.. Giant TWERP! We all seen this coming, let's be real!

    BigmonMedia> Hello Rough. Down for an interview? You need to clear up some disgusting rumours dude

    Rough> sure LOL

    BigmonMedia> TW Twitter has been blowing the fuck up and your name hasn't slowed down from our mentions with angry fans pouring in their comments about you. A lot would say you've pulled an ultimate "Snake move" to get traded to a team that looked "better on paper". Can you explain to us why you wanted a trade so badly from Funk and why you did them so mucky?

    Rough> A lot of false rumors going around.. I clearly stated 10% show rate since I was playing flag football on Sundays. I did not ask to be traded, mhz decided to do this on his end.

    BigmonMedia> Well, the reason for the trade wasn't because of a "10% show rate", but moreso you were accused of plans you were going to boycott the season cause you guys were in last place.

    Rough> Mhz approached me asking if i will show on Sundays going forward and I said flag football was much more important. It was a big coincidence that I showed up every week after, however that was due to my flag football team being eliminated from playoff contention.

    BigmonMedia> Ok moving on. Not only do you have 6000 titles and a hall of famer, obviously this isn't your first rodeo playing in big games. How do you feel going into this match up with your long-time beef rivalry, Ease?

    Rough> I like the matchup, it's going to come down to the support players on both teams, however there is only one jav that currently's playing in today's game that dominated both era's (old and modern) and it's not Ease.

    BigmonMedia> o.O Thank you for that information. I'm going to assume you're talking about yourself for both eras, if not yourself, then who are you referring to?

    Rough> Obviously it's me you dumbo lol

    BigmonMedia> Figures. Thanks man! Let's move on...

    Kobe wins round 3!

    Rough> feels kinda awkward beating my old team but gg lol

    BigmonMedia> Can you elaborate on these comments you made post-game in the QuarterFinals after beating your former team Funk? If you have no tension with Commodo and your former team, why the unneccessary comments?

    Rough> No, it's the same situation that I had last TWDT with a guy named Dwopple. It's just part of being competitive, you want to show the team that traded you for a bag of peanuts (tripin) that you still got the juice after 20 years

    BigmonMedia> Thank you for that information. As you did say, this is going to come down to the better support players on each team, but how is your Big 2 (Rough, Best) going to measure up with their Big 2 (Ease, Kess?) And how are you going to mentally prepare your low stars who need to be geared up and on the right page with the team?

    Rough> Kess will have stayon jump on his name to play like he always does. We have the better overall team but it's going to be a fun finals, our support players understand what they need to do. 2-0... rip Kobe


    BigmonMedia> Welcome, Commodo.

    Commodo> yo!

    BigmonMedia> I know your team was the most talked about team despite everything you guys have been through being dead last at #10 up to FA weekend when you made a big trade and a huge FA pick up in Steadman. Can you explain to the zone what has aspired between FA and now (being dead last to making playoffs?)

    Commodo> Acquiring trip+stead was really huge for us. Trip - who we traded for rough (dead value) - has gone 1:1 every round, with a couple of MVPs. Fortunately we scraped enough wins together in base+jav, but wb has been our forte with Lock/Trip/Stead.

    BigmonMedia> Lots of rumours and allegations surrounding Rough's name. He told us that he has a wonderful relationship with you and didn't request to be traded. Is he full of shit or is he telling us the truth?

    Commodo> Lol. Yep, he didn't request to be traded. Acquiring Trip unlocked our line, so I can't really be mad at how it turned out. Being mad at Rough for lying is like being mad at a fish for swimming.

    Commodo> He only lied about the 10% showrate thing. Obviously that was BS - it was to save his ego incase he didn't get drafted in round 1, or got drafted to a bad team. But on a personal level I don't mind Rough.

    BigmonMedia> Thanks.

    BigmonMedia> Yeah, saw that. Really worked out for you guys. What do you think you need to do to stay composed and continue this hot streak in warbird? I've always thought you guys had the best big 3 in Warbird since the FA and it's obviously showing. What do you guys need to do to get this W?

    Commodo> Big games like this often come down to individual performances... if Lockdown can get on a roll, as he has done throughout the playoffs, then I think he can really suffocate Powifil Fingirmin.

    BigmonMedia> Is there anyone you're worried about on the opposing team that might "pop off"? You guys do have the best big 3 but Powirfil definitely has the most balanced lineup in the draft IMO.

    Commodo> I think big Flew is the biggest threat on Powirfil. Big shouts to Flew. He's a good guy, shame he's in line for a whooping

    BigmonMedia> First and foremost before we get to the allegations on Rough, we HAVE to ask you this question. The fans are itching to know.

    A lot of people believe you are a "shitty captain" for benching certain players who can impact your team in great ways. I've seen people say this for a few seasons now and want to know exactly why do you think people feel this way in a leadership role?

    Commodo> Can you be more specific?

    BigmonMedia> Sure. An example this season would be teamkilling the living shit out of Steadman in the QuarterFinals, round 3, 43-43 game, and then benching him in Base.

    Commodo> I'm not sure how the teamkill is relevant...And there was no way to include Steadman within our base line without benching Mouse or Lockdown. I always play the best line as I see it.

    BigmonMedia> The team killing isn't relevant to the accusations of "shitty captain" but people did feel that way about you mainly because of the choices you make in lineups. Possibly from people you've previously benched.

    Commodo> Lol, these are spurious allegations - made by people I've benched no doubt. Anyone can have an opinion. I've won TWDTD, TWDTJ and TWDTB as a captain, and reached the late stages of playoffs countless times. Not to mention coming back from 2-10.

    BigmonMedia> Thanks, Commodo. Gl in DT-D buddy.

    Commodo> Thanks for the interview, lata man.


    BigmonMedia> Hello, thix! Welcome.. Grats on 2 final appearances dude.

    Pressure> thanks should be fun

    BigmonMedia> We have noticed that you didn't participate in a lot of the regular season for what ever reason. How do you feel coming back to Kobe's lineup during this post-season and being a huge part of the core basing line and having the goat Cape on the bench?

    Pressure> feels good, like i never left. best put together a good team so i haven't had to do much. just have to show up and make clowns of people which is a nice change of pace from capping prior seasons.

    Pressure> To clarify, the change of pace is in not having to cap, yeah, i pushed hard for cape to start because as good as our team is i trust him a lot in shark, but joe/jackie made a great case for themselves to start and there was no way i was going to push to have them bench when they stepped up. jur/hawk/rough on fire, so couldn't ask for them to sit either. cape was a good sport about it. if he really wanted to play i would have sat for him.

    BigmonMedia> We've looked into your stat sheet and we're shocked that you don't have any TWDT-B Titles... This is a great shot at getting one with a great strong spider line. A lot of people have been complaining about Kobe's basing line. There has been a lot of reports of people saying that Kobe is "op" and "have the most broken spider line" ... can you speak from your perspective on why people would feel this way about your basing line?

    Pressure> yeah i feel bad for anyone who has to vs us. ekko is broken at 7.5, i guess people forgot he was a vet from Penetrate/RB. jz is also broken at 6* though i don't remember him basing much, he's just filling in great as under. then you add 3 9.5* spids... jurassic/hawkeye/rough and it's just a nasty spider line for dt. we were winning games with 65.5-66.5* so to have our full line in is indeed op

    Pressure> usually lines like this would have a 7.5-8.5* terr. so it's pretty unfortunate to teams to have to face us because my team's slapping and i just get to run around and bully the other terr

    Pressure> and yeah, i haven't won. the closest i got was an unfortunate season where we had a great team (zid was cap i believe) and sika demanded to special in finals after he spidered all season and we lost to an equally strong team (on paper at least, i do really remember it that well)

    BigmonMedia> Thank you. Would you say this would be a huge upset for Kobe if they lost vs Powirfil? And how do you feel about Powirfil Fingirmin, they seem like a great basing team as well hence why they're in the finals. Is there any threat you see in their lineup that can throw Kobe off guard?

    Pressure> just pulled up their semi-finals line... violence/sprackle is a pretty balanced pair, i'm sure if i checked stats sprackle has a lot of teks because in dt the weak links don't know to pressure sharks and the aggressive sharks end up having free reign in fr. that could be a solid pair and they looked decent in semis. sarger/bacon are a strong top 2, but their spid line drops off a bit after that. brethal was a beast back in his -final-/juice days and it looked like he was playing well in semi-finals. i tried to bring him back to form last dt he showed signs of it but he didn't play nearly as well last season as he's playing now. bellflowers is solid at 8*, could probably be an 8.5 on a good day. uprise, no idea, but didn't look terrible for a 6.5*

    Pressure> no idea how FT is in terr, but he'll definitely be tested hard on sunday

    BigmonMedia> Thanks a lot for your intel.... great interview, thix! Good luck buddy!


    BigmonMedia> Welcome, Ogron. Congrats on making DT-J finals..

    ogron> thanks bigmon <3

    BigmonMedia> Kobe vs Powirfil Fingirmin in base are the last two remaining teams going head to head for the title. What or who do you think will be the x-factor on Sunday?

    ogron> I think the x-factor is Frozen Throne in terr. Terr is at its highest impact the closer the lines are, and the shark/spids on both sides are very strong.

    ogron> Pressure has been a top 2 terr in TWLB for nearly a decade, where he's passed legends like Mikkiz and Cintra there, but lagged me and Mikkiz badly in draft. He's hungry and playing great, he won't choke. He's going to play like a 10*

    ogron> You know that Pressure is going to bring it. Frozen Throne has never played a final in anything. Terrs typically choke their first final, and the pressure will be on both literally and figuratively

    ogron> FT is a very good terr, but can he hang round after round in busy situations consistently and stay mistake free while maintaining strong positioningly for 3 rounds? It's a tough mental marathon, on top of having to not choke due to lack of experience

    ogron> So Frozen Throne in terr is the x-factor for me. I think PF needs to win Round 1, because Thix is more dangerous up 1-0 and that's a difficult hole for a new terr to work their way out of

    BigmonMedia> Thanks. I want to ask you some final questions here. Who do you think is the most impactful player to watch out for on either team? Who is the most broken player, and who do you have favoured winning this elite basing game and your prediction for this game?

    ogron> Animeboy12 in shark is the player to watch on PF. He plays insanely aggressively and creatively targeting the terr in all phases with porkjet-like shrap shots and bombs, he's going to apply immense pressure on Thix.

    ogron> TWDT is a format where more suspect aggro sharking like his works really well. Him and Joe can be monsters against teams with lower stars who make mistakes and detatch into mines, catch bombs, don't block shrap or shoot sharks early enough..

    ogron> Animeboy12 could be a big x-factor and will be applying a lot of stressers on Pressure, he's super annoying to terr versus..

    ogron> For Kobe, I think Hawkeye will be the one to watch.. He has an eye for diving the enemy terr, especially from under, and could cause FT a lot of problems and get into his head and cause a meltdown

    ogron> So my 2 players to watch are Animeboy12 (PF) and Hawkeye (Kobe)

    ogron> I will pick Kobe, the lines are similar but they have a stronger, proven terr and in a close game terrs have crazy high impact..

    ogron> Hawkeye and Pressure have never won a draft title and hungry players in base are the ones you want on your team.. They're both 10*s and playing excellent.

    ogron> Kobe also has options with Cape at 9* in any ship to guard against lagouts and for versatility, Kobe is just too OP...

    ogron> Kobe 15-13, 15-7.... close first game, then runaway game second, 2-0 Kobe

    BigmonMedia> Thank you, oggie! Enjoy yourself and good luck in jav brother.

    ogron> thanks, np, gl bud <3



    MacNKush19: Bookers first playoff start! This should be exciting!!

    LALakersBoi24: LOL Booker is probably so nervous! LETS FUCKING GO!!!!!

    SanDiegosFinest: Yeaaaaa! Let's go 007!! We are cheering for you!!

    MollyRocker41: These dds you play everyday better fucking pay off BOOKER T!!!!!!

    BigmonMedia> Hello, Booker! TW Twitter is poppin off and are pumped up for your first official Finals start. The fans are behind you. Can you please tell us what's running through your mind and how are you going to help your team get the job done?

    BOOKER007> hey bigmon, thanks for the interview

    BOOKER007> well this season has been interesting for me so far, i missed the first few weeks of DT due to personal reasons, but i managed to get into rhythm with PF for the rest of the season and playoffs.. also im not as nervous as I was my first season playing DT where beam benched me for the rest of the season going 6-10 as a 7* my first game lol

    BOOKER007> ive been practicing alot these days trying to play smarter and get better looks out there for my team

    BigmonMedia> That's unfortunate that he benched you, but I'd say you've improved a lot more than those days. Thanks for your answer.

    3:beam> booker plays 100 dds a day and he's going to choke in these finals.. he's way too inexperienced to play in a big game like this lol

    BigmonMedia> We're aware of your 2 year beef with beam. We're getting reports that beam made another comment about you. This time he's stated that you're going to take a big dookie in these finals as you are too "inexperienced" to bang with the big boys.. This is when stars are made. Can you please tell the zone what has flared this beef between you two and how are you going take the right precautions and measurements to not choke in this final game and prove the critiques like beam wrong?

    BOOKER007> Heh. if i had a dollar for everytime i heard i was "dookie" id be rich. The thing with this zone is, its extremely toxic and not many make it past the shit talk phase, and if you play enough dd's you get to see the ppl that talk shit arent good themselves

    BOOKER007> i havent seen beam play twd in a long time and thats no surprise cuz he 4-10's when the game matters.. i wish i could vs him in finals lol (if he ever stops 4-10ing lol).. but for the finals match, my team is really strong. I think animeboy is 10* at heart and i trust his playstyle. Flew is another player who i can trust in dd with his lures.. and bacon has been a doll just loggin on once a week for DT and dropping bombs

    BigmonMedia> Wow.. Thanks for your thoughts on beam. Also, we all saw Bacon log on and absolutely control the momentum of this game coming up huge and shitting on kids. FLEW has mentioned you a lot and gave you credit numerous times. We wish you luck in this final, man... This is a big moment.. Let's go! Thanks for the interview Bookie!


    BigmonMedia> Hello, Flew! A lot of people were complaining about your interviews you posted on the forums saying it was pure dog shit. Can you explain what drugs you took before thinking it was a great idea to upload that?

    FLEW> It's hard being a top interviewer when my mind was on getting revenge for my Kobe bredgens. I had to focus for the MANDEM TANDEM FANDEM!

    BigmonMedia> Please explain to this zone why the fuck you were being a showoff and logged on to discord while your team was up 48-44 in a round 2 of a semis game last week and got your butthole destroyed by dreamwin?

    FLEW> I told you I wasn't losing. I logged at 48-44 to get the crowd involved and I was good with it going to a round 3. I guaranteed the win and we won.

    BigmonMedia> Congrats on making the finals! A lot of players would say you have arguably the most annoying playstyle after Jessup and complain you run around and hold your shot. Can you please address those long-time rumours and tell ppl how you feel?

    FLEW> I'm not going elaborate on my playstyle especially when you guys know why I do it and what I'm doing. Also, I feel great about what I do and how I play. I enter every dd with my yeezys on. I'm always running man, think of me like Sonic

    FLEW> I promise every twdt team that drafts me that we'll make it to the finals.

    BigmonMedia> We've seen you mention BOOKER007 and you allegedly told your captain to start Booker over him. Can you elaborate to us what has transpired in that conversation and why Violence listened to you?

    FLEW> I felt Booker has a more aggressive playstyle and I've always played well with Booker. I also strongly feel that Booker's pace is better made for a starter and not a sub. When you're subbed in, you can't be as aggro usually. I'm the exception to that aggro sub statement tho.

    FLEW> I traded for Booker last twdt season. He's improved a lot man and he's one of the best 8 stars available in my opinion. You could even argue he's an 8.5

    BigmonMedia> We all saw you make up for your round 2 shenanigans towards the end as you subbed into round 3 with three lives. Can you explain to us what made you play outside of your regular playstyle coming in hot and aggressive to knock out maketso and be huge for your team?

    FLEW> It's just what I do. knock people out and be huge for my team.

    BigmonMedia> This should be a very exhilarating game.. honestly I can't tell who would be favs going into this game but I do feel like they have the strongest 3 players on paper (Lockdown, Steadman, Tripin) since aquiring Steadman in FA and you guys have the most "balanced line". How do you feel going into this game and how are you going to conduct their big 3?

    FLEW> I told you guys the semi-finals was going to be the Flu Game and that ended up happening. This next game is going to be the Jordan Shrug Game. Where my shots will just keep connecting. Our big three in my opinion is better. You could even say we have a Big 4 with Booker.

    BigmonMedia> Ok last question for you. Honcho and Lee are the only 6*'s left in this DT-D. (Both never been in any final before) and the pressure is going to be extremely high for them. Can you explain to us how are you going to mentally prepare your 6* in a high volume game like this where the pressure might slap the swivel off his headtop?

    FLEW> Thing with both 6 stars is they both know how to play their role. That's part of the reason why we're here. I find both 6s are fairly even so the difference actually believe it or not is going to be Booker.

    FLEW> The plan for him to stay alive is you gotta get through me. Everytime you kill my low star, you better be prepared to die as well. If you kill my 6 star and I kill a 9 star or 10 star, I'll take that trade every day.

    BigmonMedia> Ok, good interview Flew! This is about your 5th finals in the last 7 Twdtd's.... Let's hope you finally win.. Good luck Sunday!

    FLEW> Thanks.. see u


    BigmonMedia> Hello Lockdown. Grats on the finals appearance. Despite RaCka having your cock deep down his throat during the previous commentary, a lot of warbirds would agree that you're unarguably the most improved player within the last 2-3 year period in warbird and have the deadliest R2 range. Can you explain to us how you feel going into this Finals game against Powirfil Fingirmin?

    Lockdown> To say I am most improved is stupid.. I was in TWL finals before most active players including this clown boy RaCka

    Lockdown> I feel great going into the Finals against Flew. His style even make the uygher people shudder

    BigmonMedia> Flew did say in twdd that "Lockdown will choke most likely" and that you're not a threat to him, can you explain to us why you would think he would say such a thing?

    Lockdown> Because he is perennial loser. The boy projects harder than Ogron calling other people bozos

    BigmonMedia> Wow. Thanks. This should be great on both sides with all this shit talking.. I honestly can't decide who's going to win, but let's move on to the next question.


    IronFromPotenza11: it were not bad idea i should start lockdown on monster he improve a lot jajaja

    BigmonMedia> Iron made comments on TW Twitter that he has slept on you during the Monster LD season where he benched you and you spanked them the next season. The story is untold and fans want to hear how why you took this so personal and became a better and stronger warbird?

    Lockdown> you're an idiot.. LOOOOOL

    Lockdown> The only thing Iron slept on that season was his bed of straw with his family of 12. Iron is a nice kid but man, what a poor decision.

    BigmonMedia> What kind of performance can we expect from you as you are the only 10* wb left in DT-D? And how do you guys plan to contain violence' club having the most balanced line in perhaps DT history?

    Lockdown> I will do my thing but the key to DT is the team. You gotta watch out for the low star boys. Giving the team a solid gameplan prior to the match has helped us win over the last several weeks.

    Lockdown> Plus they have Flew so that just means an auto-loss for them.

    Lockdown> I'll slam Booker as well. Thanks.

    BigmonMedia> Thanks dude. Good luck.. This should be interesting!

    Good luck to everyone and shout out to the people who participated in these interviews.. huge
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    2:Tanzu> Pawner> u gna be normal if i rejoin?
    2:Tanzu> im dying
    2:Best> yo accept/axe him again LOL
    2:Tanzu> LOL gana tell him apply
    2:Pawner> im here morons u can both suck my dick
    2:Tripin> LOOOOOOOOOL
    2:Best> ROFL
    2:Tanzu> LOOOOOL

    TWLD Season 20 Champ (MVP Both Rounds)

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    Finals hype yo KOBE going for the double crown HOLY
    Week 2 we were tied for last what a comeback man...legendary shit this season for first time (C): BigmonLogistics

    tmaC> 1:fireballz> im the greatest coordinator of all time
    capE> lucky he didnt say captain
    capE> LOL BURN

    Tapzu> tamzu vleane, we all know tou copied that nick from me

    1:merce> ima go take a shower and try to suk my own dick

    9:Fludd> guys, i want u all to know something..
    9:megaman89> fludd go play monopoly with children and dome

    1:Kentaro> nice gay name elven
    1:Kentaro> suits you well
    1:PUTAO> fuk urself fuk emo, ur mother suck mu penis all day screaming my name


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      Lmaooooooooo this is amazing, TWDT FINALS HYPE!!!
      7:Amnesti <TW>> racka is nestled in Candlekeep. hes nestled atop the cliffs that rise from the sword-coast.
      Amnesti> but i guess i havent tried so much yet, im only 19. when im 20+ i will on purpose make myself look as good as i can, and go to places where girls are
      1:Sika> "ezor" is #1


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        -🐍 🦅 #TeamFlapper


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            Great work best this is quality material. I will add my interview without even being asked a question!

            1) Rough exposed. I'm going to be a cap next DT just to sit him on my bench. Wtf does a 10% show rate even mean when you showed to every game after trade. This is Subspace not Game of Thrones you Littlefinger wannabe, you could just show up for the team that drafted you and be honest if you want a trade. Man what a dork!

            2) Obviously Steadman thinks he is the best at everything and is my primary suspect in going public with Commodo is a bad cap comments. Steadman would have been a good add for our base, since he could hold up vs that cockroach rough. Unfortunately we had Soft Gene in shark, which is why I think Commodo failed as a cap this year. He is a solid cap overall just a little too stuck on what was an obviously failing line. Every week I rage at this person who is supposed to be Mean, but plays Soft and nothing changes. I admit I thought MG was a better Shark ahead of this season, but in reality dude is obviously not worth 8.5 and it was anchoring our line. A better cap would have adapted to this quicker. Hard criticism though for Commodo because the season is only like 5 weeks long so by the time you figure out the problem with your line it is hard to make changes. Maybe we make DT a bit longer to allow for growing pains??

            3) I have no opinion on the boring leagues. I tried to wb last night and flew kicked my ass while talking shit on Disco. If he wins DT he told me he would take me out for drinks at the 404. Looking forward to it bud.

            I look forward to shit talking the basing finals Sunday. I bet on my boy sarger for sure! Guys got a plan 100%


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              BigmonMedia> Ok last question for you. Honcho and Lee are the only 6*'s left in this DT-D. (Both never been in any final before)
              fact check, that is not correct.

              Actually i won twdtd back in 2014. Here is a fun quote from Hot or not section from that league:
              While the Fierce trio of Tripin (15-9), Lasenza (9-8), and Apok (6-7) were the driving force, the real heroes were 6-Star Aprix (12-8) and 5-Star Lee (8-8), who went 20-16 compared to Power's 7-10, shifting the battle to their favor by the midgame and staying alive for its entirety.


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                BIGMON MEDIA!! Thanks for the work you put into this! And the TWtwitter was a hilarious addition!

                Originally posted by Best View Post

                FLEW> I told you I wasn't losing. I logged at 48-44 to get the crowd involved and I was good with it going to a round 3. I guaranteed the win and we won.

                Lockdown> Because he is perennial loser. The boy projects harder than Ogron calling other people bozos

                mongolian cash of Syndicate


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                  Loved this, also got me HYPE for finals. lmao @ The whole Rough segment.
                  pokebong> you never had a bad round b4?


                  1:Steadman> u turned that game and ur a god of subspace


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                    Originally posted by LeeRomeno View Post
                    fact check, that is not correct.

                    Actually i won twdtd back in 2014. Here is a fun quote from Hot or not section from that league:

                    How have you been a 5 star for 10 years?
                    Geio> Down to chill and play that
                    Best> rather log off and attempt to suck my own d


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                      Originally posted by Geio View Post

                      How have you been a 5 star for 10 years?
                      No, i did not play in any leagues after that, i played in EG, was a bit more active 2018 i think. When Covid hit, EG had a short survival, played there again, but it died right after, so ever since then 2020 summer ive been in TW. I think i was rated 6,5 last league but was downgraded 6 this year. I think i have around 30000 subspace usage, been playing since 2000, but maybe max 1000 in tw.


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                        Did someone say....


                        zidane> big play
                        Omega Red> dwop sick
                        mr mime> its called an orca smash u uncultured fk
                        WillBy> ^^

                        1:Chief Utsav> LOL
                        1:Rule> we dont do that here.

                        cripple> can u get pregnant if u cum in gf's ass


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                          Originally posted by Mongrel View Post
                          FLEW> I told you I wasn't losing. I logged at 48-44 to get the crowd involved and I was good with it going to a round 3. I guaranteed the win and we won.

                          Crowd went wild man, just ask my boy Dwopple. the moment I subbed in round 3, Dwopple shouts from the roof tops.

                          Dwopple> HOLY SHIT FLEW HAS BEEN SUBBED IN!