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    TWDT Awards

    Nobody cares about TWDT after the season is over, and it's more hype to have content before the Finals, so here we go (graphics show adjusted GameScore for the Regular Season, Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, and 75% of your playoff series GameScore towards the finals if you advanced.)

    Best Warbird: Lockdown

    Lockdown had a decent regular season, then went supernova in the Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals, leading an extremely strong trio featuring Steadman and Tripin (along with 3 of the best low-stars who keep going positive in the playoffs) to the Finals against some of the best TWDT-D teams.

    Runner Up: bike, Ease

    Best Regular Season Warbird: Vys

    vys set the all-time record for the most statistically dominant single-season in warbird ever, narrowly edging out Racka's previous record. He was an absolute monster, helping Power make the playoffs and adding another achievement to his subspace resumé.

    Runner Up: bike, Saiyan

    Most Improved Warbird (high star): Steadman

    The 2x TWLJ winner has never played a warbird final or started for a contender in the TWLD playoffs, and while he showed signs of elite talent in the 2018 TWDT-D season and 2019 elim, he hadn't had a truly seminal performance until this playoff run by Funk, where he had a good QF then a great SF, and now finds himself in the finals as a 9* with a chance to win his first warbird title. He's shored up some weaknesses in his game and improved his rush, and been Lockdown's #2.

    Runner Up: bike, Saiyan

    Most Improved Warbird (low star): Booker

    Booker has tirelessly been improving his craft over the last few years in TWDD, and it is finally paying off with a finals berth off his solid play for PF. His dedication to warbird, strong semi-finals outing, and solid rushing and aim have propelled him into contention. Great work!

    Runner Up: Lee

    Best Value Warbird (high star): bike

    A 9* cost for bike ended up being a paltry sum for the work bike put into warbird this season, leading Terrorist to the semi-finals with some stellar scores in warbird and a style well calibrated to dunk lowbies.

    Runner Up: Sprackle/Flew/Bacon... basically Piwirfil Fingirmin's entire team

    Best Value Warbird (low star): Lee

    Lee has been a low-star superstar for Funk, and the only 6* to hold up the scrutiny of playoff pressure and allow his team to run a big 3 of Lockdown, Tripin, and Steadman. Beast and Chrissygirl were 1-9 and 2-9 in the Semi-Finals for Thunder, showing the perils of top-heavy lines, but Lee (paired with either Heaven or Sunny D) has performed and gone even or plus throughout the playoffs, helping Funk reach the finals. In fact, nobody costing 8* or less has outperformed him this season, arguably making him worth 1.5 to 2* stars more than his face value.

    Runner Up: Heaven, Banks, violence

    Best 10* Warbird: Lockdown
    Best 9.5* Warbird: turban
    Best 9* Warbird: bike
    Best 8.5* Warbird: ogron
    Best 8* Warbird: maketso
    Best 7.5 Warbird: violence
    Best 7* Warbird: Heaven
    Best 6.5* Warbird: Beast
    Best 6* Warbird: Lee

    Best Terrorist Warbird: bike
    Best Power Warbird: vys
    Best Funk Warbird: Lockdown
    Best Thunder Warbird: Ease
    Best PF Warbird: Animeboy12
    Best Kobe Warbird: Best
    Best Morph Warbird: saiyan
    Best Hottub Homeboys Warbird: Iron Survivor
    Best Blast Warbird: Racka
    Best Paddington Warbird: Zapata


    Lockdown is the warbird of the season, followed by Bike, then Ease.

    Sprackle, Flew, and Bacon (all on Piwirfil Fingirmin) follow them, with Steadman and Tripin (both on Funk) close behind.

    Maketso and Booker007 were the best 8*s this season.

    violence was the only standout 7.5*. Heaven and Banks were the strongest 7*s, although uprise and rojo weren't too far behind.

    Beast and chrissygirl were the only playable 6.5*s, having nice regular seasons, but crumbled in the playoffs. Lee, at an incredible 6*, has been as good or better than everyone 8* or below this year, making him the most broken low-star in the game.

    vys had the strongest regular season, while saiyan also had a top 5 regular season despite missing the playoffs. turban and racka also had top 10 regular seasons.

    Best Jav: Best

    While there's definitely a discussion to be had about how broken and unfair the current FA system in TWDT is (singlehandedly transforming the 8th and 10th placed Funk and Kobe into powerhouses overnight), Best took full advantage over the following 15 regular season games with his new lineup, leading Kobe to a strong TWDT-J finish, and going bananas in the Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals to take his squad to the jav and base finals.

    Runner Up: Rough

    Best Regular Season Jav: turban

    turban put up the greatest dueling season in the history of TWDT in either jav or warbird, averaging a mind-boggling, herculean 16 kills per game playing the entire season. just an absolutely incredible accomplishment and complete mastery of the ship.

    Runner Up: maketso, saiyan

    Most Improved Jav (high star): vys

    After 20 years of playing this game, vys came out of nowhere in 2021 to become a TWLJ champion, dropping 20 kills in a finals round, and continued to establish himself in ship #2 with strong play in TWDT-J, helping Power reach the semi-finals.

    Runner Up: uprise

    Most Improved Jav (low star): Jurassic

    Jurassic's 14 hours of TWJD practice per day has paid off in spades, as he is practically a Big 3 with Best and Rough in leading Kobe to the TWDT-J Finals. He's taken serious strides in jav and had a fantastic season.

    Runner Up: Dwopple

    Best Value Jav (high star): maketso

    maketso at 9* proved to be terrific value for Terrorist, as maketso is a veteran of like seven TWLJ finals and has dropped MVP-level rounds in many of them, as Dreamwin continues to milk his Finnish brethren for TWDT success thanks to his favorable ratings in all three leagues.

    Runner Up: Best

    Best Value Jav (low star): Jurassic

    Jurassic is the best value in TWDT-J this season, badly outplaying his 7.5* rating and finishing #3 in jav overall.

    Runner Up: Hellzno!

    Best 10* Jav: Rough
    Best 9.5* Jav: Best
    Best 9* Jav: maketso
    Best 8.5* Jav: Roiwerk
    Best 8* Jav: Lockdown
    Best 7.5 Jav: Jurassic
    Best 7* Jav: Dwopple
    Best 6.5* Jav: Aagi
    Best 6* Jav: Lee

    Best Terrorist Jav: Dreamwin
    Best Power Jav: zidane
    Best Funk Jav: Steadman
    Best Thunder Jav: Ease
    Best PF Jav: uprise
    Best Kobe Jav: Best
    Best Morph Jav: saiyan
    Best Hottub Homeboys Jav: Stayon
    Best Blast Jav: turban
    Best Paddington Jav: Tiny


    Best is the jav of the season heading into the finals, followed by Rough and Jurassic, all three on Kobe.

    Ease and Kess round out the top five on Thunder, with Kess shooting up the board thanks to his huge Semi-Finals performance. zidane is the lone Power player in the top ten, with Dreamwin and maketso on Terrorist right behind him.

    Lockdown was far and away the best 8* in jav this season with no competition at the spot.

    At 7.5*, there was a ton of competition, with Jurassic having a healthy lead over the likes of Geio and Hellzno!.

    Dwopple, bike, and banzi were standouts at 7*.

    Aagi was the only good 6.5* jav, with Ekko being serviceable as well. Lee was once again the only playable 6*.

    turban destroyed the regular season and won the scoring race, with maketso, saiyan, and Dreamwin in tow.

    Best Spider: Sarger

    Sarger was an absolute beast for the Powerful Fingermen, leading them to the finals as a 10* spider and putting up monster stats while pushing hard and making impactful plays. He'll look to become the first triple crown spider ever, holding the TWLB, TWDT-B, and Basing Cup titles at the same time.

    Runner Up: Mouse, Jurassic, Dreamwin

    Best Spider (under): Hawkeye

    Toss-up between Hawkeye and Rough, who have both been fantastic for Kobe. Rough is a full-time under, so this is cheating a bit given Hawkeye is only undering part-time but he's a bit stronger in terms of underspidering and impact, even though Rough has been great. Either would be fitting choices for the top underspider overall this season.

    Runner Up: Rough

    Best Shark: Animeboy12

    It was tough choosing between the best players on Kobe and PF, but Piwirfil Fingirmin dominated both the entire regular season and playoffs, while Kobe had a mixed regular season and has taken the playoffs by storm thanks to FA. Sprackle has been one of the biggest factors for PFs success, and his aggressive style works well in TWDT-B.

    Runner Up: Joeses, zidane, Commodo

    ​ ​

    Best Terr: Pressure

    An extremely difficult one. This should have been Frozen Throne, who had arguably the best regular season and got his team to the Semi-Finals, but unfortunate circumstances forced him to miss the semis and have his team win without him, and the bye meant he didn't play a Quarter-Finals either, meaning he hasn't played any playoff games.

    Meanwhile, Pressure did virtually nothing to help his team make the playoffs, but is clearly the best terrier of the group, and has played great in the QF and SF. RageRitual had a strong regular season and could have taken this with a Herculean semis performance as well, and was in the mix.

    Ultimately, there's only terr who has truly excelled in the playoffs, and that's Pressure, who has been mistake-free behind a behemoth spider line. It's not a complete performance given the absence of getting his team to the playoffs, but it's the playoffs that matter and he's gotten it done.

    Runner Up: Frozen Throne, Rageritual

    Best Regular Season Spider: Jurassic

    Jurassic continues to have his best TWDT season ever, with strong play across the board, and helped lead Kobe out of the darkness and into the bright lights of the finals with his stellar spider play over. Mouse was also a beast for Funk, while Ease was a terror on Thunder despite his barren draft choices, Cripple led the league in stats, and Dreamwin powered his team to the #1 seed.

    Runner Up: Mouse, Ease, Cripple, Dreamwin

    Best Regular Season Spider (under): aagi

    vys set the all-time record for the most statistically dominant single-season in warbird ever, narrowly edging out Racka's previous record. He was an absolute monster, helping Power make the playoffs and adding another achievement to his subspace resumé.

    Runner Up: Kado

    Best Regular Season Shark: zidane

    zidane is the best shark in the game, and led all sharks in wins with 8, out of a possible 9, leading Power to the #1 seed in TWDT-B with phenomenal play. Markmrw was second in wins with 7, giving Terrorist the second-best record in the regular season thanks to his strong, aggressive form.

    Runner Up: Markmrw

    Best Regular Season Terr: Frozen Throne

    Rageritual, maketso, and Frozen Throne all had great regular seasons and are all deserving of this award, and it is very difficult to say I got this right... I honestly have no idea. RR has the most wins with 8, but FT looked the best and has 7 wins and played at a higher star level of 9*, and maketso has the best stats with the top KDA and most teks but the eye test would place him slightly behind both the others. They were all really good, but I have to pick one. The stats say maketso, but my eyeballs say Rage or FT. I think RR has most potential long-term to terr a TWLB contender of the three, but this just seemed more like Frozen Throne's season, and he had some bigger moments and was a crowd favorite to boot.

    All I know for certain is that Heaven was not in contention.

    Runner Up: maketso, Rageritual

    Most Improved Spider (high star): aagi

    A lot of already very good players took leaps in the last year, but none of them went from never having played the zone to the TWLB finals and TWDT-B semi-finals, an incredible accomplishment and meteoric rise only seen from Hawkeye (2013) and Saiyan (2020) in the last decade. He's been a beast under, and led all spiders this year in Teks.

    Runner Up: Lockdown, Rough

    Most Improved Spider (low star): Brethal

    Yes, both these spiders were great 10+ years ago, but many players return and never get back to where they were, and it still requries putting the same amount of time and effort in as a newer player to get back to those heights, and Brethal has make his 8* rating look silly with his 9*+ play. We saw glimpses in TWLB on an undermanned Juice, but the zone is now starting to see the real Brethal, and he's a fantastic and impactful spider who has helped his team reach the finals. The same can be said for Ekko, who is rated an absurdly low 7.5* and has returned to his Rejected Basers form.

    Runner Up: Ekko

    Most Improved Shark(high star): animeboy12

    Sprackle continues to ascend the shark ranks, despite already being bumped up to 9*, and still managed to take his team to the TWDT-B finals with his Tek-heavy play. While he has yet to prove himself in TWL, his TWDT resumé continues to expand.

    Runner Up: Joeses

    Most Improved Shark(low star): Jackie>

    Jackie> came out of absolutely nowhere to become a key piece of Kobe's finals run in TWDT-B, with good positioning, reps, and grabbing space. One of the best stories of the season, and you can read his entire biography in his last forum post.

    Runner Up: MVP

    Most Improved Terr(high star): Frozen Throne

    FT improved leaps and bounds in terr despite being a 9*, and while he was a strong terr 20 years ago, he's only returned to the ship the past 18 months, and has helped Piwirfil Fingirmin to the finals.

    Most Improved Terr(low star): maketso

    maketso won TWDT-B as a terr over a decade ago, but has only recently begun terring again in TWDT-B and had a wonderful season before falling in the semi-finals. He led all terrs in stats and was safe and effective.

    Best Value Spider (high star): Mouse

    Why is the spider MVP of the TWLB finals a 9.5? I don't know, but that extra 0.5* for a Top 5 spider in the zone is significant, especially a spider as impactful and elite as Mouse.

    Runner Up: Renzi, Jurassic, Hawkeye

    Best Value Spider (low star): Ekko

    Ekko at 7.5* is absolutely broken. 'Nuff said.

    Runner Up: Brethal, Rasaq, Hellzno!, PureOwnage

    Best Value Shark(high star): animeboy12

    Sweeping the shark categories.

    Runner Up: Joeses

    Best Value Shark(low star): Jackie>

    Jackie> has severely outplayed his 7.5* rating in shark and been a huge x-factor in Kobe roaring into the finals, and has turned a lot of heads. Having someone be this solid in shark at this low of a rating allows your spider line to power up, and Kobe has taken full advantage with this monster spider line.

    violence has also been superb, borderline broken value at 8*, and MVP continues to make final after final as an 8* as well, narrow losing in the semi-finals on Power this season.

    Runner Up: MVP, violence

    Best Value Terr: Rageritual

    Rage had an excellent season in terr, helping Power reach the semi-finals with strong, multi-faceted play.

    At 8.5* he was the best value in terr in TWDT-B in my opinion, and has the talent to play both safe and aggro.

    Runner Up: maketso

    Best 10* Baser(s): Sarger, zidane, Pressure
    Best 9.5* Baser(s): Hawkeye, Dwopple, zizu
    Best 9* Baser(s): Jurassic, animeboy12, Frozen Throne
    Best 8.5* Baser(s): Banks, Rageritual
    Best 8* Baser(s): Brethal, violence, Kings
    Best 7.5 Baser(s): Ekko, Jackie>
    Best 7* Baser(s): Groan, Lee
    Best 6.5* Baser(s): uprise, Dad
    Best 6* Baser(s): Jz, Four Plai

    Best Terrorist Baser(s): Dreamwin, Markmrw, maketso
    Best Power Baser(s): aagi, zidane, Rageritual
    Best Funk Baser(s): Mouse, Commodo, Heaven
    Best Thunder Baser(s): Ease, Dwopple, ogron
    Best PF Baser(s): Sarger, Animeboy12, Frozen Throne
    Best Kobe Baser(s): Hawkeye, Joeses, Pressure
    Best Morph Baser(s): ro, bram, Mikkiz
    Best Hottub Homeboys Baser(s): Renzi, Vehicle, Zizu
    Best Blast Baser(s): Cripple, Azuline, turban
    Best Paddington Baser(s): Skatarius, Zapata, zizzo


    Kobe, Power, and PF looked like the teams to beat this season, and it's no surprise to see Powerful Fingermen and Kobe in the finals given their fantastic rosters.

    It would take too long to acknowledge everyone who impacted TWDT-B and this post is already long enough, so I'll quickly highlight some good players who I haven't previously mentioned or barely mentioned.

    violence once again has shown he's one of the best TWDT caps around, constructing a strong roster and outplaying his star rating in shark. bellflowers has had a nice season in spider for PF, as has Bacon, who is one of the best multi-ship TWDT players ever. RUCCI saved his team's season with some emergency terring in the Semi-Finals, which was huge.

    Willby and Markmrw were one of the best shark pairs this season for Terrorist, and Banks was great value at 8.5* for them as well, and Rasaq and his keyboard looked svelte as well for a value-centric 8* cost. Dreamwin was a beast in spider.

    vys had a strong spidering season on Power, after finding himself in the mix for a starting spot on Strike in TWLB. Henry Saari went 8-1 in the regular season as an 8*, but Power got trounced in the Semi-Finals. Does 9* aim/talent with 7* style/IQ = 8* value? Is he overrated? Underrated? Fairly rated? It's hard to isolate any player as a variable, and the the debate will rage on, but clearly it IS a debate given they finished #1 in the season with him as a starter.

    Kess and Ease looked great in the Quarter-Final for Thunder, as did Jack and Lockdown for funk.

    Regular-season standouts who missed the playoffs include Cripple, Saiyan, ro, WBM, Renzi, Stayon, Dutch Baser, turban, and Skatarius.

    Best Overall Player: animeboy12

    I use stats as a general template, I don't just blindly pick whoever is at the top after hitting sort. So while Sprackle is #3 in terms of stats, he's the only one from the top of the group that has led his team to 2 finals, while Ease and Lockdown have taken their teams to 1. He's also better value at 9* in warbird and 9* in shark, and should have been the #1 overall pick based on being cheaper in his two key leagues. Ease hasn't gone super saiyan in jav, and most of Lockdown's value is in Warbird.

    Sprackle has over 100 rating in WB and Base, a more evenly distributed balance in the two leagues he's made the finals in, and being better value at 9* in both.

    He is without a doubt the engine of Piwirfil Fingirmin's dominance this season, even with his total uselessness in jav.

    Lockdown being the warbird of the season thus far and solid in spider and jav make it close, but a failure to advance to the semis in either limits him to one league past the quarter-finals. Ease advanced to two semis, but didn't have the same outlier season in a league like Lock or make two finals and get over 100 rating in two leagues like Sprackle.

    All three were excellent, but I think Sprackle is the clear choice here as the best overall player this season and the clear #1 pick in a re-draft.

    Runner Up: Lockdown, Ease

    Best Overall Regular Season: Ease

    This was an extremely close race between Ease and turban.

    turban had the greatest regular season of all-time in jav, was strong in warbird, and very good in terr.

    Ease was a monster in warbird, leading his team to the best record in TWDT-D, had a fantasmagoric season in TWDT-J, and basically carried Thunder's spider line the entire season with Kess missing the majority of it, leading Thunder to a top 4 seed, in spite of his terrible drafting and wasting half his picks on players last seen 10 days ago who haven't been seen in months.

    Overall, either one were worthy of this award, but Ease was a powerhouse in all three leagues and more balanced across the board.

    Runner Up: turban

    Best Captain: violence

    violence continues to dominate the second-half of the TWDT star-cap era, once again out-drafting and out-captaining his peers despite being the weakest player out of the 10 captains. he continually finds the best value players, the best low-stars, rarely wastes picks, and finds people with high showrates who are motivated to win -- and all this with a speaking impediment to boot.

    Piwirfil Fingirmin is also the only Top 3 pre-FA squad to survive the (what I view as very unfair) upheaval of the league where FA rewards losing, and hands Kobe and Funk high-value assets to rip through the league and make the playoffs with broken lines.
    Power and Terrorist couldn't withstand the post-FA additions those squads brought in, but PF did, further proof that viop is now king of TWDT.

    Most Improved Overall (high star): Rough

    Rough returned to the game as a very strong jav in 2013, and was pretty elite by 2016, but the past three years he's really taken it up a level in jav and become (or returned) to his hall of fame level as one of the all-time greats. He also won TWLD as a support player and played the finals in spider and really become one of the better unders in the zone.

    Jurassic has made strides in jav, while Lockdown has stepped it up in spider. vys won TWLJ out of nowhere, and has been making in-roads in spider in both TWLB and TWDT-B, while maketso has returned to close to his old TWLJ superstar level, while being a good terr and solid warbird.

    Runner Up: Jurassic, Lockdown, vys, maketso

    Most Improved Overall (low star): Hellzno!

    All these players have made improvements across multiple leagues recently, and while Banzi and Hellzno! are legends simply returning to their previous levels, Lee and Jz have made a lot of newfound improvements.

    Banzi's TWDT-D finals heroics last season, much-improved jav, and solid spidering gave Hellzno! a run, but Hellzno! is the winner here, looking very good in spider, solid in jav, and serviceable in warbird, and finishing in the Top 20 overall in terms of multi-league stats and helping Power make the semi-finals in two leagues.

    Runner Up: Banzi, Lee, Jz

    Best Value Overall (high star): animeboy12

    Very misrated as a 9* in warbird and shark. Crazy value. As Spezza said...

    2:absurd> lol if u wanna win dt just pick sprackle and its gg

    Runner Up: Jurassic, maketso, Bacon

    Best Value Overall(low star): violence

    violence is the most broken cap who also sports broken ratings, being too cheap in warbird at 7.5 and base as an 8*.

    Jurassic has too much value in jav as a 7.5* and a spider for 9*, and solid as a wb for 8*. uprise is good value in everything, outplaying his 9* in jav and his 6.5* in spider.

    Ekko's 7.5* in base is insane.

    All these players are misrated as low-stars, but violence is arguably the only one who has that distinction in 2 leagues.

    Runner Up: Jurassic, uprise, Ekko

    Best Terrorist player: Dreamwin
    Best Power player: vys
    Best Funk player: Lockdown
    Best Thunder player: Ease
    Best PF player: animeboy12
    Best Kobe player: Best
    Best Morph player: saiyan
    Best Hottub Homeboys player: Stayon
    Best Blast player: turban
    Best Paddington player: Ardour


    The top overall players were Sprackle, Ease, Lockdown, with Jurassic, Dreamwin, Best, Rough, and maketso afterwards.

    vys, bacon, zidane, bike, Flew, violence, hawkeye, steadman, sarger, and Rasaq were also excellent in Season 23 of TWDT.

    In terms of multi-league stars who missed the playoffs, turban, saiyan, ro, Stayon, Iron Survivor, and Racka were all outstanding.

    Hopefully I've been able to highlight some of the great players who've taken part of this season.

    Good luck to everyone in the finals!
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    Thanks for the write-up Ogron, solid read and I agree with all the warbird takes $
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      Great read thanks for doing this and for the award! Props to the other terrs who stepped up this season and broke out as starters


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        Very nice read!
        great work sir
        -🐍 🦅 #TeamFlapper


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          Wow a ton of effort went into this, thanks . Great read and even better analysis. Shame we didn't have kess in spid for more games

          ​​​​​​Been a fun season, tho
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            wow, nice read


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              Great read bud
              Best warbird to ever enter trenchwars


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                Missing two weeks of playing, really hurt me. Feels like I need to play 10hours a day to stay consistant enough to perform well in playoffs
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                  dwopple still had the best TK of the year.
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                    Thanks for the great read Oggy, content like this keeps the game interesting, thanks for putting in the work!

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                      rly appreci8 the analysis and time this must haf taken. pissibly the gr8est n most detailed review of anything ever writtin n i dun say this cuz u vstid me sum cimplimint but because u recognize so many diffirint playirs performince n i cud jus c the tears n pission through the minitir and through your prescription glissis as you write about the game u luv so much, br1th of fr1sh @1r


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                        furthirmore h1nch1>lee, i read your write up on lee beink sum brokin 6* warbirt and so i went to check her stats and had to scroll diwn for 5 minutes jus to find her name and then shis right there next to h1nch1 but h1nch1 has highir kills per dith

                        in cinclision u r an ofiratid scrubmin LeeR1m1n1 n h1nch1 is comink 4 u on sunday pipsquik


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                          Never doubt Honcho.
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                            Nice write up!

                            Originally posted by Claushouse View Post
                            uprise is good value in everything, outplaying his 9* in jav
                            While I appreciate the compliment, I am only an 8.5* jav.


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                              Lee > honcho

                              What is this madness being word vomited here
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