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    viop11 TSL will end Dec 14th, Ogron brought up some good points last night how hosting another TWDT from Jan - Feb after this TSL would make more sense and then lead into the next TWL around March
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      Basingcup should be fun, hopefully the caps are all at a similar level or it could be a bit of a mess


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        Great effort, RaCka and Og. Thanks for this.

        Never played TSL and Basing Cup before. Seems like fun, gonna give it a try.


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          Thanks for the initiative fellas, looking forward to playing in my first TSL

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            Thanks RaCka, Oggie & legends of subspace. I do have a request, please consider game changing match times so it's not in the middle of the day on Sunday. Appreciate it.


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              Originally posted by Grasps View Post
              Thanks RaCka, Oggie & legends of subspace. I do have a request, please consider game changing match times so it's not in the middle of the day on Sunday. Appreciate it.
              Yo Grasps ! The good thing with TSL is that it runs over the course of multiple days within the same week, so this season will probably be something like Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday with all differing times to allow players from all time zones to have a fair shot at getting as many games as possible within the 1 month period.

              We'll get an official schedule posted prior to this season starting $
              7:Amnesti <TW>> racka is nestled in Candlekeep. hes nestled atop the cliffs that rise from the sword-coast.
              Amnesti> but i guess i havent tried so much yet, im only 19. when im 20+ i will on purpose make myself look as good as i can, and go to places where girls are
              1:Sika> "ezor" is #1


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                15% show rate for this event
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                  Originally posted by RaCka View Post
                  saiyan has some fair points that can definitely be fixed prior to the season starting. The purpose of this TSL is to keep activity healthy during the holiday season for the next month (Nov 14 - Dec 14). Running TWDT back to back seemed a little redundant and I feel like this is the perfect time to bring back TSL as a happy medium.

                  Turban I understand the hesitancy but the community can make the league as good or as bad as they want it to be (IE: check season 1-5 to see the drop off). The finals have potential to be as competitive as we want it to be, think about the possible line ups.

                  TSL checks all the boxes for where the game is at currently. EVERYBODY gets to play and the BEST 10 warbirds and javs get to compete for the titles. The season is 1 month long in total and can be a huge success if the community buys into the league.
                  Another big downside for me is that I have essentially no free time during weekdays (and even some weekends are fully booked with work) and games tend to run, at least historically speaking, at quite late hours. It is simply not realistic for me to reach 20 games played to even qualify for the playoffs which is a huge drawback. I have skipped pretty much every season in the past with the exception of the first one where I played a few games and subsequently decided that the league isn't for me.

                  In the end I am sure TSL will run fine and there will be enough players interested in it. I simply won't be participating for various different reasons.


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                    saiyan i have zero attachment to the format of TSL, if you and Turban have a way to improve it and make it about winning, i'm all for it.

                    as a competitive person, i am all for ELO, only counting winning, and ignoring stats, as i think stats are mostly worthless. i post stats for entertainment purposes. winning is the only real tool we have, short of having SportVU cameras in every arena rating every play you make against a database and determining its impact on the game. TSL uses stats because they're available and very good at parsing talent on small sample sizes.

                    but you need to overcome some issues.

                    1) there's nothing worse than a great formula that uses data with small sample sizes that make it useless.

                    2) i think they're looking for a league that can be finished by Christmas? i mean you can discuss it with Racka, he's in charge of TSL, maybe you can extend it to get the sample sizes you need, but personally my volunteering for this stuff is for 2021 only. If Racka wants to run it into 2022 so everyone gets 300 games, ok.

                    3) Ease doesn't like "only your best 20 games count" either, and says it would be more accurate if it was your averages or counted every game. Again, I don't disagree, but this opens players up to trolling, it increases toxicity because now every game counts and anyone doing anything counter to your success is permanently impacting your rating. If it's just your 20 best games, and someone throws or trolls, you can just move on. It also keeps players who are at the top of the leaderboard playing instead of "sitting" on their rating.

                    4) What do you do about sitting on your rating? We want to promote activity. You see this in other games and elim where people get the rating they want, then are highly incentivized to not play the game. We want people playing. Other players still trying to rank need guys to step in and play, if players are sitting on their rating it gradually decreases activity.

                    5) Are there enough people willing to play 300 games to truly make this worthwhile? What happens to players 100 games in who realize they have no shot, will they keep playing or just quit? If the league becomes mostly good players who can hit the Top 10, does that make having played most of your games early in the season against worse competition better than late in the season where others are better?

                    6) Is there enough granularity to separate players from each other meaningfully with the formula and amount of games played?

                    The current format features design choices that were meant to solve a lot of these problems, but I'm happy to play a nerdier and more win/elo-centric league if you can make it work.
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                    top 100 basers


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                      Originally posted by Rough View Post
                      15% show rate for this event
                      I am personally holding you accountable to that!


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                        stat-based league HAHA

                        anyways sign me up for basing cup but not to captain, cheers

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                          Correllation between personal score and utility to your team/likelihood of winning is pretty strong. Good enough for this game anyways.

                          However, +7 seems a bit too generous for a win.

                          I feel like going 16-10 on the losing team is better than going 10-10 on the winning team. To give some perspective, Ease averaged 11-9 in TWDTJ main season. The idea that you should be given the equivalent of an additional 7 kills per round for the win seems too much to me.

                          I also think 25 point average is a little steep for medal qualification. Taking the example of Ease again, he would've averaged roughly 17 points per round this TWDTJ main season.
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                            to give some fresh perspective:

                            imagine the bot for TWDD could record how many shots a player had fired against them:

                            - one player finishes 5-7 and had 200 shots fired against them
                            - another player finished 13-10, went out 2nd or 3rd, and had 45 shots fired against them

                            who gets more value?

                            The Mind of the Father
                            Riding on the subtle guiders
                            Which glitter with the inflexible tracings
                            Of relentless Fire


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                              stats that in my opinion should have some extra weight would be:

                              - player eliminations giving bonus points relative to how close the match is at that moment. these kills are worth far more than your regular kill as they tend to swing the match in favor of one team. first elimination should have more value than the rest with it slowly scaling down. there are exceptions such as 1vs1 or when someone turns around a disadvantageous 1vs2 situation. additional points for being on the winning team.

                              - early eliminations from a game should be slightly penalized where as staying alive should be rewarded. this should be relative to current game score as dying out at around 30-30 score can be very detrimental to your chances of winning. I know this could lead into some players playing far too safe so only minimal value gain would be preferred.

                              - winning games is obviously worth a decent chunk of points. this is a no brainer. current simple formula might be a bit too heavily skewed towards it.

                              - I don't agree that grinding 100 games should give someone massive advantage to qualify for playoffs compared to someone playing only 20 games. it makes playoffs feel cheap and thus in my opinion the formula needs to be reworked. one alternative could be ranking players, at least for playoff purposes, based on their average value across X games with that number going up by one for every two games played after reaching required minimum amount of games played. we could require players to play, as an example, 20 games in order to be eligible to qualify should you anticipate a lot of activity from the community.

                              quick example would be that someone plays 74 games in TSL. we would look at the average value of that player across 47 games (base 20 + 27 as the player played 54 extra games). this still gives an advantage to players who want to grind out games, but it's not nearly as massive. it also rewards players for being consistent as players with huge performance swings should not be rewarded which is what the current system essentially does when someone plays far too many games. you could tweak these values to be more strict which would be my recommendation.

                              as far as players going inactive you could start giving a small value penalty to players who don't play for a week with it slowly ramping up to more and more loss. many games with ranking systems use a similar system for inactive players to promote activity.

                              just a quick post before work.


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                                Good points from turban. We tried similar initiatives in EG, 2 things which really ruined the experience:
                                1) aliases
                                2) annoying fcks who were added to teams, but who in reality, in vp system should have negative ratings, as they fcked up games on purpose. Lets say going on suicide run and eliminating yourself 0-10 within first 5 minutes, then aliasing and doing the same shit next game.

                                Hopefully tw has less of those idiots (although i have seen some transfer here from EG aswell) and some things are done to prevent that.

                                Other than that, never really played this type of leagues before, so waiting for it.