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  • Originally posted by Exalt View Post

    No president in the history of America put up barricades around the White House, because no president in the history of America was as divisive and hated as Trump except for perhaps Abe Lincoln by the South. Lincoln didn't put up barricades either.

    Of all the things you could have said, Trump's barricades is not a hill I would think someone would die on. It was ridiculous for him to put them up in the first place. It was just a symbol for why he was one of the worst presidents in American history.
    Late response. I respect you too, Exalt. But your response largely didn't address my statement. The collective reaction towards Trump, in my opinion, is largely a product of an assault crafted by the opposing party and the media. They were RELENTLESS for 4 years. Contradicted themselves and lied countless times to fabricate this mess. No president in human history (aside from Abe, as you said) has had to endure such opposition from the very second he arrived in office. It was pathetic. It's either their way or the highway its inexcusable.

    Certainly I disagree with things he's said and things he has done, just as I would anyone. But now branding him as a "traitor to democracy" along with all of his supporters. Jesus man. The republican party has more decency than that. I'm looking at some of these press releases and articles published that guide the truth towards believing that conservatives are the Legion of Doom. We want the same god damn thing everyone else wants, but in our own way.

    The votes spoke for themselves! But when all liberal outlets and branches were urging calm before the mail-in votes even came in seemed suspicious to me too. All the swing states randomly went blue? I was curious about it myself. But if TRUMP had won, the people would be justified in burning down the White House with him in it? Where lies the logic and rationale in that?

    Now Biden and Harris are looked upon as some kind of heroes. Kamala, who hated Biden and slept her way to fame is pretty much only special because she's black? Biden I more respect for but I think he was heavily pressured into this.

    I digress. Life goes on and the earth will keep on turning. I'll leave it at an age-old mantra popular in my state: "Don't Tread on Me." God bless.
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