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  • A Request from THE PUSHER

    Hello Trenchers!

    Been far too long, I hope that the spaceship game is still treating all of you well! I've come today to ask if anyone has a copy of "THE PUSHER RADIO SHOW THEME SONG". Not an episode of Trench Center or one of my epic radio shows, I'm looking for the actual theme song as written by THE CRIMSON KING. I lost my only copies in a fire years ago, and Crim can't locate his. If anyone has it, please get in touch with me on these forums.

    I really appreciate any assistance you folk may be able to provide!


    Ünited Stätes Toughens Image With Umlauts WASHINGTON, DC—In a move designed to make the United States seem more "bad-assed and scary in a quasi-heavy-metal manner," Congress passed a bill Monday changing the nation's name to the Ünited Stätes of Ämerica. "Much like Mötley Crüe and Motörhead, the Ünited Stätes is not to be messed with," said Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK). An upcoming redesign of the Ämerican flag will feature the new name in burnished silver wrought in a jagged, gothic font and bolted to a black background. A new national anthem is also in the works, to be written by composer Glenn Danzig and tentatively titled "Howl Of The She-Demon."

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    The Dude's avatar has been ruined!!
    All good things must come to an end.


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      The only person who I can think of that is still around and might have a copy is Jason. Div Rides pops in now and again, but not reliably.
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