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    Alright well it's no secret that I've been trying to start a new arena/league, the concept is simple its basically EGBD (Extreme Games BaseDuel) but for trenchwars, something players can join and !challenge an entire frequency to a teamed duel, here are the rules which can be changed and I'm open to ideas

    Rules: 2 Teams compete against eachother
    Both teams start each side of their safety zone
    The objective is to to 5 points before the team, you can gain a point by reaching the other teams safe or you can eliminate the entire Freq before they can attach back into battle, (Every ship is potentially attachable with a longer respawn cool down OR Introduce one anchor ship like an upgraded night wasp as previewed in ?Go Octabase.

    I want to scrap Weasel entirely and potentially Terrier and have every ship attachable, and keep the current TWPUB Levi.
    I think shark could use with only 1 repel, and maybe adding a 1x5 brick, ideally I'd like the community to work this out and see what works best through testing, If we do introduce an OP Nightwasp I think only one player per team should be able to use this with a decently longer respawn cooldown. There are some Ideas anyways but I think this would be perfect for trenchwars, I've made 14 bases so far which I have used some existing trenchwars maps and edited the hell out of them, am I going to give anyone credit for these? if I remember which maps I found some of them from XD
    other than that during the game players can decide to pick whatever ship they want and have the ability to change ships if you think it might work better on the current base you're in or have an entire team of javs for the lols, whatever the reason, I like the flexibility.

    and for a side story I single handily saved SSC Devastation from collapse until I introduced Baseduel to the zone, which now gets active games almost every day, this game mode has potential in trenchwars for sure, I'd love to see if it would be fun or what you guys think.

    Anyways lastly I've been learning TW-CORE which is pretty hard for someone like me, who has never coded a day in their life so I'm working out that hurdle now, potentially I'd like to just use the EGBD Bot that already exists in ?go Baseduel and use it for my map, I've tried contacting FC about it but I have not heard a reply so if anyone has any info to save me the year it would take me to code this thing that would be pretty chill.

    Thanks for listening.

    Here are some of the bases/spawn so you can get an idea of how it might play out from the info above.

    if anyone has any setting ideas or interesting in helping out send a ?message to Frog, I'd be keen to hear some ideas

    Sayonara' Cheers. -Frog

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    Keep in mind, the bases need better a better tileset if anyone has any ideas. I'll look around eitherway

    also all the bases that you see, some of them might not make the cut or eventually taken out, It's a process of elimination of which ones play the best
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      Doubt Kim Jong FC will help..
      he was the worst zone owner ever - wouldn't listen to player base at all went on power trips for no reason removing bots in arenas where players wanted to play and pretending they were broken
      And more recently ignoring all requests to do anything with EG settings in tw even though the only person playing EG anymore is MadMarv (a bot)

      Really wish he was never promoted

      But cool concepts man.


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        Base 1-2 From ?go Training (made by me) originally Sealjavs
        Base 5 from ?go Ryanpub (made by me) edited
        Base 8 from ?go Basemon (top left) made by Policeman321
        Base 11 from ?go Samatra (no name)
        Base 15 Edited from ?go Assault (no name)
        Base 16 edited from ?go ZWarriors made by Trunks Rage
        Spawn was from ?go BaseKings

        Base 6 will likely be changed

        I'll try and remember the other few
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          I'm going to continue to work on this, so far I have 17 bases so it's pretty much ready for testing, I've got potentially some EG players that want to come back and try it out aswell as a few SVS Chaos players, I'm working on making the bases look nicer, I've found a nice tileset in ?go Mission made by Sniperdemon/Dual Pasta, I guess the only thing holding me back is working out the TW-CORE bot and if I'm able to use ?go Baseduel bot as a template, I'll wait to hear back from Biet and Qan about that otherwise I'll work on an alternative, this gives me some time to make the bases look clean and alter them abit so they're ready for play!

          I've used the Safetyzones and Undertiles from ?GO Baseduel aswell <3

          Update on ship ideas:
          Warbird: Keep the same
          Javelin: No multi-Fire/slightly less bomb damage
          Spider: Keep the same
          Levi: Perhaps a greenable Brick 1x6 or something
          Terrier: Different kind of burst
          Nightwasp: ?go Octabase nightwasp, primary anchor ship
          Shark: 1 less repel, and 2 less mines, Need to give it something

          I'm not sure If I want every ship attachable or just Nightwasp/Terrier

          I'll do some thinking/testing, very crucial though

          I only need 5 more bases and it's completed

          Thank you
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            Some new bases with wider variety testing
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              Look at all the interest we have in this thread. /End. Plz stop utilizing your unemployment time on this and get a fking job. Thnx


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                Bases are pretty much finished I will alter some of them slowly especially after beta,

                I'm also considering calling this Basewars

                and future consideration if people enjoy it for TWBW

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                  Alright, I've finished the map and I have started tweaking settings, so far the changes and these can change during the beta
                  (all ships are attachable)

                  I Made some minor changes to the settings so far,

                  Warbird potentially getting a decoy (ill trial this)
                  Javelin has no Shrap or ability to gain it
                  Spider No Changes
                  Leviathan has a 3 length brick for roughly 10 seconds (current tw pub levi)
                  Terrier removing portal, need to buff this ship if anyone has any ideas
                  Lancaster No Changes
                  Shark 1 less repel (might trial a short lifespan bullet/multifire very close to the ship kind of like Hockey zone, so it has more purpose, also removing mines, considering max 1-2)

                  Tiles changed to give it more of a Trenchwars feel

                  if anyone would like to test this with me I have SMOD powers in another SSC zone, and able to host/test it out with people, so far I've only 1v1ed someone which went quiet well.
                  just message me in game, hopefully we can get a 3v3-5v5 ect trial going soon, so I can see what it needs/feedback
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