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Current state of TWD Cup & Pivoting to another league

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    Like Turban said, you could push it out from 5 minutes needed to win to something like 8 minutes, and give a 30 second to 1 minute bonus for a Tek AND reset the FR fight... the actual time of the game would probably be similar to a 5 minute game with more reward for a tek.

    It would also allow for Qan's idea of more rounds in playoffs, which I like. I believe he once compared it to Table Tennis going from games to 21 to 11, allowing for more rounds. My guess is this increases statistical sample size and the likelihood of the better team winning. BO3 to 15 minutes probably has more variability than BO7 to 8 minutes (with 1 minute Tek bonus.)

    I wouldn't get fancy beyond that with points... points race was bad, and Mythrandir singlehandedly revolutionized the game by changing basing to a Timed Race and having the perspicacity to increase the death timer to 5 seconds, increasing pressure on sharks and creating opportunities for shark gaps.
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