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MMR Matchmaking Planning Thread. Nerds welcome.

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  • Originally posted by daresound View Post
    Assuming a player is only 'willing' to play spid, or terr will the bot allow them in a shark? And if we allow 1, 2, and 7, with 16 players in the arena, if 1 of them is only 'willing' to jav, will the game be forced to play one jav?
    MatchBot handles the actual game, so (at least until we have proper matchmaking) there won't be any restrictions on someone queuing as one thing but being added as another. However, in how I'm imagining team outputs working for hosts/caps adding teams, their rating in shark would not be displayed and they would only be listed in the spider section.

    Specials remain to be figured out. Ratings changes for specials are rolled into spider as a general "fighter" ship. If someone wants to play a special, they would need to queue as spider, and would be required to play spider if it's decided not to run a special for that match. If they refused to spid and only play jav, it would be the same as leaving a match without a good reason, ruining play for others, and could result in a ban. We're still figuring out all the details, though, so all of this is subject to change.
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    • Intermediary suggestion, mostly aimed at the EU timezone (18:00-22:00 UTC/GMT), is to allow online players to 'register' interest in playing MMR. I have a feeling there's plenty who would do it, but the nature of the EU timezone is people launch SS, see there's <100 people in TW, then close it and try again later.

      If we allowed a !interested or !available to the MMRBot while there are no games being hosted, it could count the interested players. Once it reaches the threshold of 8 for a 4v4, it would re-ping the players for confirmation they still want to play, and then ping the available hosts who are online, or a discord channel to alert hosts who may want to help but are not currently ingame.

      For more refinement, !available 1 or !available 1,2 or !available 2,3 for the gamemodes you'd want to play so it doesn't try to make a MMR match when you have 4 wbs and 4 javs online.

      Might just help us EU players to get more games in before it's actually bed time.