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Old TWD stats algorithms

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  • Old TWD stats algorithms

    Ok so TWD stats/ratings as they stand are abhorrent and inaccurate.

    Time to go back to the old settings IMO.

    Just make sure to beef up sharks a bit so sharks can still MVP vs a terr or spid.

    Despite best efforts, the "new" (quotations because I recognize it's been this way for a few years) stats need to be revoked and replaced with the old stats. Thanks

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    proper formulas if you choose to actually improve it


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      Originally posted by Rab View Post
      proper formulas if you choose to actually improve it
      No. It was a good effort, Rab, but please do not attempt to continue butchering and "improving" the statistics. Just scrap the horrible stats we have now and go back to the original ones that Arobas+ implemented. Only thing worth altering is shark statistics to make sure they have a fair shot at MVPing. Thanks.
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