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    did flew gif ciptin 2 tiny


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      Originally posted by mean gene View Post
      Claushouse made the point I made before this new season started and I msg'd WillBy with my concern. I understand that not having a league or not even one planned is a zone killer but with biden becoming president, there is most likely going to be another lockdown in early 2021 which will probably bring people back again like it did mid 2020 and if you plan it for February the latest it will work out. Rushing this league, a league without signups AND 12 teams, before the holiday season seems a bit excessive (and i've been pushing for 12 teams for a while too). Like everyone is saying, DT is the best league for this zone but lets not ruin it by forcing this league to happen without signups and then the shit show happens then everyone wonders what happened..

      I think regardless of how everyone feels, its probably still going to be ran and it most likely will be a hot mess.

      lol that's the sad truth.

      if there is another lockdown when biden becomes president, which seems likely, we'll be stuck in a garbage season with caps picking people who didn't sign up and run by someone who unilaterally jammed this season through without any consensus and doesn't communicate properly.


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        Can we do another vote on this? I think we should announce TWL and have TWD as qualifier to get in (like 20-30 games or something) over the next 3 months to boost zone activity. I don't see this twdt turning out well. Just my 2c


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          I have to express my concerns as well. I feel it is somewhat rushed and not arranged optimally. Season is again very long and there is a break between holidays while returning players are missing FA possibility during holiday season. (I think this has been a known fact for years)

          Not a fan of auto-signups and large number of teams while some of the active players(who show every week) have declined entry to this season. I am probably gonna lose it if I manage to pick a core that doesn't want to play and show 50% of the games. I don't have the time to go through 100 potential picks if they actually want to play the league and how much they can show. (maybe this is finally tiny's season...)

          I hope I am wrong with this but I think this has a potential to turn into bad season killing the amazing momentum this game has had for the past year. I still wish to thank the OPs making this happen and donating your precious time to run this. I will try to support and do my best as a captain regardless.
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            In, pls
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              Originally posted by Dreamwin View Post
              (maybe this is finally tiny's season...)
              I've won multiple x ya turd. I'm just NOT the "the winningest captain of all TWDT time"
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              Originally posted by MHz
              Hope you contract ebola from your, no doubt cheap, Easter Egg, you fucking shit-jav, pug-faced cunt.


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                Alright, I've let this negative echo-chamber go on long enough. Let's run through some of the talking points:

                No league is a zone killer?
                This is definitely true. Look at TWD statistics. For those of you who only log in on Sundays, you may not notice the effects quite as well, but prior to the previous TWDT season ending there were regularly multiple TWD games every night. Take a look at Rapid's recent game list, and compare the number of games before and after October 25. To show the effect of active leagues even more, don't include game from the last couple days since the rating stream. Currently, players tend to choose to play elim, or everyone goes to be a borrow for a DD/JD. Even pub is less active (based on the number of wins, flag points by top players) compared to the previous months (and there wasn't a notable seasonal decline last year, that is not what's going on).

                People are signed up who aren't playing?
                I have seen very little indication that this is true. And in cases where it is true, the players have been removed. I made the decision to auto signup most players from last season, which maybe wasn't the best decision, but I didn't just toss everyone back in. I consciously went through and removed players I deemed "inactive" based on when they last played. This has resulted in a list of active players, and anyone currently on the list that doesn't want to play has refused to contact me directly or any of the number of players who have been reaching out to their friends. To make this extra easy, I went through the player list again and noted the last time every player has logged in. If they haven't been on since the ratings were done 5 days ago, I noted the date. I'm sympathetic to your worries about drafting an inactive line, Dreamwin but unless your "core" is going to be rough, ra, bram, skyforger and kovalchuk, then you really don't have much to worry about.

                Shouldn't we be running TWL instead?
                All TW leagues (and really, the entire zone) are volunteer run. For better or for worse, this results in a small group of players making decisions that affect the larger playerbase. A forum poll showed 18 players voted for TWL, 14 players voting for TWDT, 9 for TSL and 3 for TWEL. However, only a couple of these 44 players actually stepped up and volunteered to run something, so things are truly in the hands of those who show up to start a league. Personally, I voted for another season for TWDT, for a couple reasons. First, TWDT is shorter than TWL, as there is no qualification period. Secondly, TWL is best kept as a premiere league run once a year. Even though this season will spill over to 2021, I'd rather have a fresh start for TWL next year, and have it run on roughly the same schedule we had in 2020. Third, as many players have pointed out, we have run many leagues back-to-back-to-back. This has resulted in a degree of fatigue, and launching into TW's highest level of competition on the back of a cash-prize league would result in further drain. Instead, let's have quick, fun league to carry us over into the new year.

                This season is rushed, we should wait until 2021 to run something new
                True, it is rushed because nobody wanted to plan it. However as I pointed out above, no league kills the zone. There is a potential of a second lockdown due to covid (at least in countries that can't get their shit together). However, as Claushouse has pointed out, any shutdown would only start once President-Elect Biden takes office, on January 20. Coincidentally, this league is planned to wrap before that even happens. There is ample time between now and then to run a full round-robin season and playoffs, with taking a break for Christmas, before January 20, 2021.

                This season will be bad
                This league, as with all leagues, is completely dependent on the dedication of the players and captains in it. If you genuinely don't think this season can succeed, I can still remove you from signups, no hard feelings. There isn't any room for players who are convinced that this season will fail and I hope to see you again in 2021. Otherwise, if we all decide to treat this league as a positive, competitive event, we can ensure another fun league for all those who can participate, we can continue the success that our leagues have seen for over a year, and we can be perfectly positioned to start a new league in February/March of next year.

                I really do appreciate the feedback and interest this league has acquired, and I recognize that many of the chief critics so far are some of the most dedicated league players and organizers we've had. However, the forums do not seem to be indicative of the general attitude towards this league- while I'm sure many have their reservations, still others are excited to see and play with their friends of 15+ years again.


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                  I'm with Willby, looking forward to this season just like any other. Only negative in my mind is I wish it would start sooner.


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                    LETS GO
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                      I love willby. Willby for president.


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                        of course i appreciate the effort and volunteering.

                        i just don't agree that game is going to die if you don't run a league over the next 4 weeks. i don't see the point in rushing it, especially if the season won't end in 2020. the fact people didn't sign up is pretty concerning in terms of drafting.

                        WillBy since you're offering, yes please remove me as a captain. i think the league would be better served by someone who is excited by this season and in agreement with these staff decisions. i hope the league does well and people show and it succeeds.

                        i'll stay on as a player to get drafted, i just want to lower my commitment level. thanks.

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                          Am ready to cap and already have my first pick! Taking Claushouse guy is pro wb, pro jav, pro baser and makes the best cheese n cracker platers which is HUGE with the holidays coming up. Ez pick! Let's GO!


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                            Who else besides rasaq won't play this season? I heard ppl saying there was other players.
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                              Sign me up
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                                Originally posted by Iron View Post
                                Who else besides rasaq won't play this season? I heard ppl saying there was other players.
                                There's a lot ok look.




                                well rasaq..

                                oh and me..

                                and uh.. well of course Jessup

                                bunch more man. just take my word for it. pretty sure mythril not playing, OKYO not playing.. and then a few others. lot of people sitting it out.

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