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  • Commodo's TWDTJ Review

    I'll preface this by saying that all teams carry a threat and are incredibly close (between A- and C+). I've assessed there to be 5 teams roughly on the same level: Halo, Blast, Hokage, Pure Luck and Hype!, making (potentially) for an incredibly hard fought season. I'm sure at least one of my predictions will be proven completely wrong, nevertheless, here's my take...

    Dreamwin - Terrorist

    Top Line: Ease (10), Dreamwin (9.5), Mean Gene (8.5), Beam (7), Aggi (6)
    Subs: Major Crisis (8)
    Rating: A- (Favourite)

    A veteran captain of TWDT, Dreamwin has drafted a polarised but perfectly balanced jav line here. Ease and Dreamwin constitute the top-heavy part of the equation - but Mean Gene and Beam possess the real value in this line. Beam, the best performing 7* jav last season, should've been upgraded to 7.5. And Mean Gene is a really solid and confident player, who puts up 1:1 with regularity. The only possible weaknesses of this line are a) the chemistry between Ease and Dreamwin (harking from different lineages), and b) the 6* spot. But I believe aggi, with a substantial multi-zone legacy and new-found interest in TW, can be developed within this team to be solid enough. Definitely a title contender.

    Cripple - Halo

    Top Line: Turban (10) Morph (9) Kira (8.5) Cripple (7.5) Kings (6)
    Subs: Lag Killer (7.5) Jurassic (7.5)
    Rating: B+ (Semi-finals or Final)

    Cripple picked some quality javelins here - opening with statistically the best player from last season, Turban. Morph and Kira were also nice early picks and constitute a promising supporting cast - if a little off-the-pace of Ro and Maketso (Turban's co-javs from last season). Playing this essential trio, however, poses some problems for the lower stars. Cripple has a nice choice of 7.5*s - but his 6* options look dubious. I don't see any way for Halo to avoid playing a 6*, and thus they are beholden to the form of Kings, Broken or Onelove, whom, to my knowledge, have never played javelin. Without any 8* or 7* javs at all, I believe this team may lack the mathematical flexibility to really finesse their line. Nevertheless, on the strength of their top 4, and provided Turban is happy to do some heavy lifting, I've put these guys right up there.

    Racka - Blast

    Top Line: Racka (9.5), Ro (9.5), Uprise (8.5), Poid (7.5), Celly (6)
    Subs: Ogron (7.5), Ravage (7), Heisman (7.5)
    Rating: B+ (Semi-finals or Final)

    I'd put these guys in a similar camp to Halo - knocking on the door of the top teams and probably a title contender. The major drawback here is Ro's stated lack of enthusiasm for the league, which may hamper their chances of qualification - but I'm sure Racka can exert some friendly pressure to get him onside. I feel Blast really needs to find a way to include Uprise, a candidate for promotion who remains at 8.5*, as he is statistically very strong. That entails, however, risking a 6* in Celly, who could prove to be a fatal liability. And if Ro does not show, there are no options on the bench to replace him. Overall, strong on paper but precarious.

    Iron Survivor - Hokage

    Top Line: Commodo (9.5), Maketso (9.5), Iron Survivor (8), Bugyswartz (7), Banks (7)
    Subs: Tripin (7.5), Mindriot (6.5), Dazz (6.5), Jessup (7)
    Rating: B+ (Semi-finals or Final)

    Iron started the draft boldly, consecutively picking two 9.5 javs (myself and Maketso) who are on a good run of form from last season. Iron Survivor, buoyed up by his role as captain, is good value at 8*, and will add an awkward lag factor to the line. Moreover, Bugyswartz and Banks are arguably the best 7*s from the current crop, alongside Beam and Beast. There are options on the bench, too. There are no major weaknesses here, besides, perhaps, disparities in playing styles. I play quite aggressively, and Maketso more conservatively. Though, if Hokage can harmonise their death management, I believe they could comfortably challenge in the later stages of the playoffs.

    Dwopple - HYPE!

    Top Line: Saiyan (9.5) Creature (8.5) Zizzo (8.5) Skatarius (8) Nlie (6.5)
    Alt Line: Rough (10) Creature (8.5) Zizzo (8.5) Beast (7) Dwopple (7)
    Subs: Thrill (8.5) Dwopple (7)
    Rating: B+ (Semi-finals or Final)

    Strong draft on paper from Dwopple here, although there's a question mark over Rough's activity so I've left him out the top line. (NB: Even if Rough shows, fitting him into a line with Saiyan and Creature is practically impossible.) These guys have a similar setup to Scumbigs - stacking the middle ratings, but with a more impressive one-two punch in Saiyan/Rough and Creature. Skatarius can be horrible to play against too, with a low-res, hyper-aggressive style- but he is prone to poor activity. Even their 6.5*, Nlie, seems comfortable in the golden ship. Yet it was mathematically difficult to make certain theoretical lines fit- for example Rough, Saiyan, Creature, Beast, Nlie would be an incredibly strong line, but is, sadly for Dwopple, .5* over the limit. If they can make something work with Rough and Saiyan, perhaps with help of the free agency, then HYPE! could definitely go deep into the playoffs.

    Tiny - Pure Luck

    Top Line: Zidane (10), Tiny (9.5), A2M (7.5), Raples (7.5), (Gushing 6.5)
    Subs: Banzi (7), Renzi (7.5)
    Rating: B+ (Semi-finals or Final)

    Like Dreamwin, Tiny has smartly polarised his line, picking Zidane first and then not a single other top-ticket javelin. I think together, long-time squadmates Tiny and Zidane can really hurt some teams, and I believe Zidane will want to reassert himself as a top javelin after a lack lustre Autumn season. Furthermore, all the 7.5 options have been solid in recent seasons, but with three sub-8* players, they may be prone to some upset losses too.

    Flew - Prayer

    Top Line: Stayon (9.5), Yeh (9), Mikkiz (8), Flew (7.5), Props (7)
    Subs: Ardour (8.5), big sean (7.5)
    Rating: B (Early playoffs)

    Flew has picked a team packed with value (Stayon, Mikkiz and Yeh were all hotly disputed candidates for promotion from last season). To be honest, Mikkiz remaining at 8* is really a careless oversight by the organisers - but all credit to Flew for capitalising on it. Between Big Papi's rural Portugese connection, and Yeh's Middle Eastern latency, this team will be a very awkward opponent to any team. And to say these guys are only good because of lag is to sell them short - the top talent on Prayer are spatially aware and aggressive players who should have considerable synergy together. Though I think the low stars may be too soft to put them in title contention.

    Violence - ScumBigs

    Top Line: Temujin (9) Aprix (9) Bacon (8) Geio (8) Zeebu (7)
    Subs: Violence (7), Autopilot (6.5), Burstman (6.5)
    Rating: B (Early playoffs)

    Like one or two other teams, Violence has opted for a more even, middling TWDTJ line, with no Scumbig javelin rated above a 9. Temujin, bumped up from 8.5 last season, is a very tricky player and still has considerable value at 9. A special mention also to Burstman- one of the best current players in Chaos Zone. There is definitely potential in this line if Violence can get Burstman to play and potentially trade up, but that's a big IF. Aprix and Geio can both have strong performances, but are also a little passive at times, ceding too much space. All of the starters on this team have proven themselves adept supporting players - but, besides Temujin, it remains to be seen whether any of them can step up on their own. Nevertheless, if Temujin really kicks off, these guys will carry a threat against any team.

    Golden_Aim - Unknown25

    Top Line: Cape (9) Golden_Aim (8.5) Jamal (8.5) Bombed (7.5) Player Killer (7.5)
    Subs: Hellkite (8), Spectacular (8), Hellzno (8)
    Rating: B- (Early playoffs)

    Despite being out the game for a few years, and taking some flak for some dubious early picks, Golden_Aim has arrived at a pretty solid DTJ line here. And there does seem to be some method to the madness - with a clear strategy of picking basers who can also javelin. Jamal has been overlooked in ship 2 in some seasons, but picking up 25 kills yesterday - in an elim in which Hellkite, Golden_Aim and Bombed also all played - gave a strong initial impression. I also believe Bombed is massively under-rated and I predict he'll have a break out season. Like Lifeban, Golden_Aim has plenty of options on the bench, and if the Finnish captain can summon some of the form of his early Sk8 and Rapid years, they could be a dark horse in the playoffs (if they make it that far.)

    Vys - Lifeban

    Top Line: Trasher (9), Kess (9) Vys (8.5), Bram (7.5), Mvp (7)
    Subs: animeboy12 (8), paradise (8.5), heaven (7.5)
    Rating: C+ (Regular season/First round of playoffs)

    Unlike many other teams, Vys has picked himself a salad of good javelins at various ratings. This depth is a pretty unique strength, allowing Vys to mix and match certain lines until he finds something that works, unlike other teams who are welded into a pretty narrow formation of players. For example, they could feasibly sub out Kess&Bram for Animeboy12&Paradise, for a more aggressive approach. Ultimately, the success of Lifeban will hinge on Trasher and Kess and whether they want it enough. They are not majorly active but have got a high ceiling of play and bags of TWLJ experience. The problem with this line? The absence of a big threat. They will certainly win some games though.
    Last edited by MHz; 11-22-2020, 12:23 AM. Reason: Updated ranking for Scumbigs, along with Uprise's fact checks

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    Great write-up Comm. Appreciate this!


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      Nice writeup! Interesting to see where expectations lie, and who the early "draft winners" seem to be. Looks like Dreamwin and Tiny both drafted pretty well (according to writeups, which in the end mean very little). Thanks again!


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        nice to see a write-up from somebody with an IQ above 5, thanks for this

        Rated 10th out of 10 teams in TWDT-B (source: Poseidon)


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          Nice write-up, but you forgot i won twdtj with you a while back as a 6*.


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            True, forgot you were Pat B!


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              I'd say another line is vys, thrasher, kess, paradise, bonghits
              Best warbird to ever enter trenchwars


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                Fair, yeah you guys have a lot of different possible lines. And on a good day, I could see you beating Terrorist. Going to be so close in jav this year.


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                  Your lineup for Pure Luck is 42 stars and the lineup for Prayer is 41,5 stars. It is going to be a very competitive jav season as long as everyone shows up
                  Last edited by uprise; 11-17-2020, 10:05 AM.


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                    I definitely think this will be a competitive Jav season as well. Thanks for the write-up, MHz. I'm pretty happy playing with both the starting and alt lines you have for us, in that order.

                    P.s. someone who has Rough 's phone # text him and tell him he's been called to active-duty, and so far the TWDT media has given us favorable season projections.

                    HYPE 8.5.2
                    Golden Sun> gg
                    Whimp> gg dwopple
                    scoop> gg
                    Spikey> dwopple'd
                    wheen> gg dwopple
                    Spikey> gg dwop
                    wheen> rematch without dwopple?

                    1:Chief Utsav> LOL
                    1:Rule> we dont do that here.

                    cripple> can u get pregnant if u cum in gf's ass


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                      Love it. nice write up
                      Best> Para is the only guy i know who can put a quarter up his nostrils lol


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                        So many better lines for lifeban than with me in there haha. I despise jav and would be a waste at 7 star. Only time I tried in jav was a couple years ago was when there was essentially no basing going on. If I was 6.5 there could potentially be upside to playing me but I don’t intend to play jav as long as basing is active.


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