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Ratings notes for next season

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  • Ratings notes for next season

    Note here any ratings you want reviewing next season.

    I'll maintain this list of suggestions for easy reference next season.

    Maintained List

    Aggi 6.5 => 7.5
    Autopilot 7.5 => 8
    Beast 6.5 => 7
    Bombed 8 => 8.5
    BugySwartz 6 => 7
    Celly 6 => 6.5
    Cripple 7.5 => 8
    Dak 9 => 8.5
    Golden_Aim 6.5 => 7
    Hellkite 7 => 7.5
    Kassius 7.5 => 8
    Kov 7 => 6.5
    Lag Killer 7 => 7.5
    Maketso 8 => 8.5
    Mean Gene 7 => 7.5
    Morph 8.5 => 9
    Mouse 6 => 6.5
    Nlie 6.5 => 7
    Porkjet 7 => 6.5
    Ro 9 => 9.5
    Rucci 6 => 6.5
    Scurvy 7 => 6.5
    Shaggy2dope 7.5 => 7
    Siaxis 8.5 => 9
    Snes 7 => 6.5
    Star Fox 8 => 8.5
    Tiny 8 => 8.5
    TJ Hazuki 6 => 6.5
    Tripin 9 => 8.5
    Whinegum 7 => 6.5
    Yeh 7.5 => 8.5
    Zeebu 7.5 => 8

    Bacon 8 => 8.5
    BugySwartz 7 => 7.5
    Hulk 8 => 8.5
    Mikkiz 8 => 8.5
    Stayon 9.5 => 10
    TPZ 7.5 => 7
    Uprise 8.5 => 8

    Dad 7 => 6.5
    Mouse 9.5 => 9
    Scurvy 7.5 => 7
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    Posted in wrong thread. Ignore me.... or please delete?
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    Vehicle> ?help Will the division's be decided as well today?
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    2:BLeeN> veh yes
    2:Vehicle> (Overstrand)>no
    2:BLeeN> ok then no
    :Overstrand:2:Bleen> veh yes
    (Overstrand)>oh...then yes


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      Just speaking for warbird

      Tiny 8-->8.5
      Ro 9 --->9.5
      Dak 9 --->8.5
      Tripin 9 --->8.5
      Zeebu 7.5 -->8
      Morph 8.5---->9
      Nlie 6.5--->7 (still no idea how this happened and made my lulu friends mad at me bringing it up xD lol)


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        yes i had one good game which i then followed up with a 0-5 before being subbed out

        1996 Minnesota State Pooping Champion


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          Kassius Javelin 6.5 to 6.

          6.5 Kassius 1 10 1


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            I think ratings were for the most part properly done during the rating stream last season, and some nice tweaking for this season on a few specific cases, however I feel overall theres still quite a bit to be done.

            My suggestions per league. I'm looking at overall skill level, rather than just peaks of form during a specific period, that TWDT usually produces.

            Wb Sure Deals

            Mean Gene - 7 to 7.5
            Aggi - 6.5 to 7
            Scurvy - 7 to 6.5
            Lag Killer - 7 to 7.5
            Cripple - 7.5 to 8
            Morph - 8.5 to 9
            TJ Hazuki - 6 to 6.5
            Fermata (Porkjet) - 7 to 6.5
            Autopilot - 7.5 to 8
            Zeebu - 7.5 to 8
            BugySwartz - 6 to 7. The only +1 bump. Belongs more on the 7 class than 6.5. A little dose of helpful Turkish lag as well.
            Maketso - 8 to 8.5. Closed multiple 49-49 games last season, and consistent on it for quite some years now.
            Nlie - 6.5 to 7
            Beast - 6.5 to 7
            Kov - 7 to 6.5
            Shaggy2dope - 7.5 to 7
            Whinegum - 7 to 6.5
            Golden_Aim - 6.5 to 7. Eventually, even 7.5.
            Rucci - 6 to 6.5
            Snes - 7 to 6.5
            Hellkite - 7 to 7.5
            Star Fox - 8 to 8.5. Was well rated before at 8.5, usually consistent.
            Mouse - 6 to 6.5
            Celly - 6 to 6.5
            Bombed - 8 to 8.5. While super recent and maybe a bit of a strech but was on route before and now playing like one, surely. Also makes sense with Auto's, Bacon's and Aggi's, eg player evolution on different leagues.
            Ro - 9 to 9.5. Deserves to be on the same tier as Turb. Mvp mode alot.

            Wb Case Studies

            Dak - While comments to downgrade to 8.5 are valid due to his playstyle, he's extremely consistent for what he's supposed to do. 9 fits well.
            Tiny - Similar to Rough, could be and probably is an 8.5, but 8 sits well for now.
            Banzi - One of the most legendary names of the game. He's only about half what he used to be nearly 20 years ago, and I reckon slowly hes getting there. Could be bumped to 8.5.
            Myself - 8.5 would be correct on a active/cautious Stayon wb, however I don't care / produce enough consistently to be rated that, given that when I suck, I underperform like a 7.5.
            Violence / Apricot / Dwopple - Borderline 8's, no scandal here, if all 3 were changed.
            Paradise / Kess / JZ - With higher/care activity, all 3 would be 8's.
            Geio - At the moment sits well at his rating, however, a more active Geio would have to be rated 9.
            Creature - If Ro gets bumped to 9.5 to match Turb, bumping Creat to a 10 makes even more sense to join the other 10's. Huge game impact, consistency and team player.
            Terminator 17.5 - Although not sure, looks like he's on his way to get bumped from 7 to 7.5
            Zapata - Similar to Dak's case, he was actually toned down to 8.5. Sometimes inconsistent (TWL for Stray, he was the opposite), loads of experience and mvp numbers capability. 9 feels better.
            Paky Dude - Probably 8.5, when he shows his best version.
            Cape - Same as Paky, but with no doubts here. Just depends on his effort.
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              Iron: 10 to 9.5
              TWLD 2016 Champion
              TWDTD champion x 3
              Potenza 4 LIFE


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                Guys, its week 1... Relax lol
                Season 12 champion TWLD / TWLJ
                Season 18 champion TWLJ / TWLB
                Season 19 champion TWLB (C)

                Season 6 champion TWDT-J TWDT-B (C)
                Season 10 champion TWDT-J (C)
                Season 11 champion TWDT-B (C)
                Season 13 champion TWDT-B (C)
                Season 17 TRIPLE CROWN TWDT (C)

                The winningest TWDT captain of all time


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                  Originally posted by Dreamwin View Post
                  Guys, its week 1... Relax lol
                  Took the words right out my mouth
                  In game alias: mvp

                  twdt-b 2017 finalist
                  twlb 2020 champ cheerleader
                  twdt-b 2020 and 2021 champ


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                    lol will you two calm down? we do this every single DT season (well rab does and we chime in). and for the record, just about everyone in wb on this list was on my changes to be done before this season even started--just got disregarded for whatever the reason be.

                    PS: I think it's good to get disputed ratings up from the onset of a season. This season of DT more so. We barely had any break between seasons and the first couple weeks of this short 5 week DT you can bet people will be playing their hardest (mostly) which is best for people to gauge where about they are but I already knew most of these before this started tbh.
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                      TPZ 7 => 6

                      TPZ 7.5 => 6
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                        Who can I request to have my ratings for all 3 leagues dropped for next season? I think its pretty obvious I'm over ranked in all 3 based on performances looooooong past. It's really fucking me trying to get into any lineup mathematically..

                        Asia Minor> see you sunday fuckers
                        Asia Minor> maybe not
                        Asia Minor> i hope you guys lose
                        bloodzombie> I hope your mom fucks you while you sleep
                        bloodzombie> every time you have a wet dream, it's really your mom fucking you
                        bloodzombie> remmeber that next time
                        bloodzombie> seriously


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                          Originally posted by HellzNo! View Post
                          Who can I request to have my ratings for all 3 leagues dropped for next season? I think its pretty obvious I'm over ranked in all 3 based on performances looooooong past. It's really fucking me trying to get into any lineup mathematically..
                          Same, specifically in javelin. No team is willing to play me at 7, and I have been playing in jds and stuff recently so don't say it's because I don't jav. I think I should be a 6 but will accept a 6.5. Thank you.
                          Vehicle> ?help Will the division's be decided as well today?
                          Message has been sent to online moderators
                          2:BLeeN> veh yes
                          2:Vehicle> (Overstrand)>no
                          2:BLeeN> ok then no
                          :Overstrand:2:Bleen> veh yes
                          (Overstrand)>oh...then yes


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                            <-- Subbed in for 2-4 rec, following game subbed out with 2-6 rec. I suck at 5v5 7* too high. Dreamwin even almost forfeited instead of putting me in lol.
                            Siaxis> yo it was way harder to kill Rage then beam in that dtd

                            rylo> 1.5 mil for whoever kills renzi
                            (10 seconds later)
                            rEnZi is out. 17 kills 10 deaths. 2 players remain.
                            P TW-Pub> rylo sent you $1,500,000, you now have $4,047,199.

                            If you're going to do a thing you should to it to the best of your ability or don't do it at all.


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                              Rab You have good enough ship control to be a 7* in wb. That and when compared to other 7´s, namely basers. I agree with the jav rating, while you have plenty of DT jav low star experience, you ain't a 7.5 However, you are a 7, and a good one. Worth mentioning there are 3-4, 6.5* javelins that need to be raised to 7.

                              Nipple Nibbler When comparing to other 7*s, namely basers, you are a middle of the pack / low 7*. Same thing happens in wb on your case, but you are better there. Anyways, 6.5* wouldn´t be a scandal, but you're a smart player overall and know what to do.

                              Vehicle In your case, I'm even more sure. My very first experience in javelins was on Spastic, season 7, with Anon, Kooma, Jam, Kronic and yourself. We were just basers, upsetting javelin squads like Pirates / Venom, however we didn´t make playoffs by 1 win. Whilst it's true you did not practise javelin alot over the years, you stayed connected to the ship and you are way more of a "javelin" in terms of IQ / shots when compared to other basers (who play a more running / bulleting style usually), like Rab or Rage. With more focus, you'd be a 7.5*. Your team in particular has 7, 7* javelins which sucks for playtime purposes. Realisticly, only Beast and Dwop can play over you at that slot. One is a captain, connected to dice javelins throughout his years (so has an idea what to do), the other is probably a 7.5* (was raised from 6.5*), when playing properly.

                              HellzNo! You a tricky case Hellz. 100% agree that you are part of that group of players that cameback but still very distant from what you use to do. You'd be a 8/9/9 easily. This man was a Pallies legend, and spider and javelin starter. Also had quite the spunk! You're IQ is still there, and it's clear you can jump onwards to better ratings from what you currently have, but the mechanics aren't there yet. However at the current moment, and for playtime issues, if I was the one deciding, I'd drop your javelin rating to 7.5 when comparing to other 7.5*/8*s, and maybe wb to 6.5*. I'd maintain your 7.5* in base since you did well enough for Vio, last TWDT and it's the league you have more of an impact currently.

                              Worth noting, there are almost 40 people rated 7* in javelin.