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Ratings notes for next season

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    ty 4 this gr8 analysis stiyin


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      Originally posted by viop11 View Post
      ty 4 this gr8 analysis stiyin
      Couldn't agree more, thanks for the input Stayon and great game awareness like usual!

      Asia Minor> see you sunday fuckers
      Asia Minor> maybe not
      Asia Minor> i hope you guys lose
      bloodzombie> I hope your mom fucks you while you sleep
      bloodzombie> every time you have a wet dream, it's really your mom fucking you
      bloodzombie> remmeber that next time
      bloodzombie> seriously


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        (not being bias because of his previous post here) Stayon 10* javelin.

        last season: 201-162 with 17 knockouts on a bad team near bottom of ladder.
        current season so far: 56-26 (highest kills and k/d ) and 6 knockouts going undefeated so far.
        Siaxis> yo it was way harder to kill Rage then beam in that dtd

        rylo> 1.5 mil for whoever kills renzi
        (10 seconds later)
        rEnZi is out. 17 kills 10 deaths. 2 players remain.
        P TW-Pub> rylo sent you $1,500,000, you now have $4,047,199.

        If you're going to do a thing you should to it to the best of your ability or don't do it at all.


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          Originally posted by Stayon View Post
          [USER="39632"]Vehicle In your case, I'm even more sure. My very first experience in javelins was on Spastic, season 7, with Anon, Kooma, Jam, Kronic and yourself. We were just basers, upsetting javelin squads like Pirates / Venom, however we didnĀ“t make playoffs by 1 win. Whilst it's true you did not practise javelin alot over the years, you stayed connected to the ship and you are way more of a "javelin" in terms of IQ / shots when compared to other basers (who play a more running / bulleting style usually), like Rab or Rage. With more focus, you'd be a 7.5*. Your team in particular has 7, 7* javelins which sucks for playtime purposes. Realisticly, only Beast and Dwop can play over you at that slot. One is a captain, connected to dice javelins throughout his years (so has an idea what to do), the other is probably a 7.5* (was raised from 6.5*), when playing properly.
          Thanks Stay for weighing in. I get what you're saying in terms of IQ and you're probably right. I just know from two season's worth of experience that no one will play me at 7*. It's an odd situation, because the usual response is: get gud. But that would end up with me being promoted, no?

          Maybe the problem lies in the fact that there are so many 7* javs so the skill gap is wide from the worst 7* to the best. I also feel like just because of the math, 7*'s get less play time. I don't know if there's a solution, or if it's even really a problem, but maybe the 7*'s should be reviewed closely in any future season, especially if we're doing .5's.
          Vehicle> ?help Will the division's be decided as well today?
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          2:BLeeN> veh yes
          2:Vehicle> (Overstrand)>no
          2:BLeeN> ok then no
          :Overstrand:2:Bleen> veh yes
          (Overstrand)>oh...then yes


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            For what it's worth, I'd like to submit that I'm overrated in dd as a 7* and could go down to a 6 or 6.5*. I'm not going to play much either way in dd but there just is no way I can provide the same value as I do in bd. My sample size in dd should be small to non-existant, so this is based on my wb elim which is usually hovering around a .333 winning percentage.

            My jav and bd ratings should be different, but that's a topic for another time perhaps. I don't have a good gauge or opinion on where I am compared with others, but would assume my bd is higher than jav.