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TWDT 23 Free Agency Sign Up

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  • TWDT 23 Free Agency Sign Up

    The FA draft will take place on September 26th, 2021 at 1:00PM EDT, 1 hour before the Week 3 games begin. The picking order will be based on the current standings before the Week 3 matches. The lowest ranked team will have the first pick in free agency, and then so on and so forth. If there are any ties between teams, it will be randomized to determine who picks first. This will provide teams that are struggling to have a better chance at turning their season around, while also giving returning players an opportunity to play a good amount of the season.

    FA Players are immediately eligible to play all Week 3 games after being drafted.


    12:00PM EDT: FA Draft Signups are locked. Players can no longer signup for TWDT.
    1:00PM EDT: FA Draft
    2:00PM EDT: Week 3 Games Start

    Please message myself or beam or respond in this thread if you would like to be added to the free agency draft.

    1. Groan
    2. Rampage
    3. blt_12
    4. Amorf
    5. Mikkiz
    6. Kira_Yamato~
    7. Cloth
    8. Olde
    9. ixt
    10. Aprix
    11. JacKie>
    12. Thrill
    13. Source
    14. Azuline
    15. bugyswartz
    16. Euforia
    17. Draft
    18. retroaction
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    1:Sika> "ezor" is #1

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    With summer coming to an end on the northeast coast, I will begin to log on, sign me up.


    • #3
      sure for the lols


      • #4
        i'm in
        - appy


        • #5
          Please add JacKie> to the FA draft list.

          If a squad needs to round out their basing line-up, I can spider, Terr OK, and ER Shark. Thanks!


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            thrill, source, bugyswartz, and euforia want 2 signup, and jr5 aswill


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              n azuline


              • #8
                would like to see ratings for these ppl sooner rather than later


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                  nightowl is already on my squidrin ricki


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                    jr5 wishis to vs