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Ratings notes for next season

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  • Ratings notes for next season

    Note here any ratings you want reviewing next season.

    I'll maintain this list of suggestions for easy reference next season.

    Trying plus + and minus - symbols to indicate suggested change.

    Maintained List

    TPZ (7) ------- (res limit can't play)

    Spectacular (7.5) +

    Mongrel (6.5) ++
    Dare (6.5) ++
    Dad (6.5) +
    Last edited by Rab; 09-19-2021, 02:20 PM.

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    Mongrel (6.5) is underrated in spider
    Dare (6.5) is underrated in spider
    Dad (6.5) is underrated in spider


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      Paddington wbs are pieces of crap. F+. Rate them all .5 to 1 lower. Also, paddington basers all overrated. D- , lower by .5 across the board.
      1:waven> u challenge
      1:waven> if i challenge it looks too scary

      Originally posted by MHz
      Hope you contract ebola from your, no doubt cheap, Easter Egg, you fucking shit-jav, pug-faced cunt.


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        Spectacular (7.5) clearly stronger than the other 7.5 players.


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          i'll take it

          ogron> good game would be removing rab from the pool of available talent, and hopefully ejecting him into sun
          ogron> ur rlly bad
          ogron> at base
          ogron> all ships
          ogron> low iq and selfish player
          ogron> there's a reason rab and henry saari unsquaded when TWL comes around, no one wants them


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            Found out today there's a res limit in TWDTD, not really convinced it was there before, but it means 2 things.
            1. hello everyone, heads up there is a res limit in twdtd.
            2. I can't play twdtd, which means there needs to be a rating to cover this. i.e. zero rating for ppl who can't play due to res limits. I'm clearly not 7* if I can't be added.