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  • Shark Stats Formula

    **Disclaimer: I know shark stats are almost impossible to judge and are essentially meaningless when determining skill.

    On the contrary, I feel like the formula can be fixed/adjusted (I don’t know what it is currently). It seems like it’s just a ranking of kills at this point. Here’s my quick example:

    (sorry violence not personal and know you are a stud )

    #4 violence - 36 kills, 2.9 rpd, 1 tek, 10 TK

    #6 mvp - 33 kills, 3.0 rpd, 2 teks, 4 TK
    In game alias: mvp

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    i litirilly cudnt gif less of a fk am shirkink hindicipped on this computir my rep key wirks 50% of the time, the other 25% because my rep key is "c" it jus types "ccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc cccccccccccc" then i haf 2 press entir b4 i cud rep, 20% of time my rep key jus wirks w/o issue, am basicilly prayink i dun haf 2 hit repel 50x to vs 1 rep

    n yet w/o my ripilint key wirkink n nefir playink tr1nch w1r cud still izily disp1tch u fkin pubmin scrubmin girpigimin

    c u on the p1tch


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      I remember hearing once that the RPD stat couldn't be narrowed down to an individual player. Maybe I am wrong though and that's not the case? It will always be extremely hard to measure Shark skill in a given match as its about positioning and timing.
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