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    A new TWDT website is available here: In short, it contains data from previous seasons, player profile pages, and match pages.

    • Season switcher
    • Player profile pages (click on profile names on Teams page or on the match)
    • Match pages (shows some more detailed stats like bullets fired, kills/bul; kill table similarly to twd coming soon)
    • Matches page
    • Match recordings are linked to matches that have it (shown as a green play button); 2021 summer week 2 recordings have been added (2021 summer week 1 recordings will be added soon; will find time to add other recordings from past seasons in the future)
    • *new* Kill table in match page
    • Standings / Leaderboards
    • Dark/light mode if anyone cares
    • Badges on profile pages for certain achievements (i.e., based on stats, finals/winners, etc)
    • Show future match schedules (to then possibly replace current TWDT site)

    • [09/26/21] Improved matches page fetching speed

    Available on the latest versions of major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. If you run into any issues, please let me know.
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    This is sick!!! Thanks for this
    4:cripple> everyone DOWNLOAD my cheat engine it removes .5 sec off ur respawn and adds a 3rd into regen energy link is here:


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      Sick Work!


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        Very slick.

        - it looks like players are sorted by star rating desc, which is cool, but for base it would be cleaner to have terr and sharks above spiders.
        - the matches page needs filters for team and division.
        - the page title is "Trench Wars - *", should be "TWDT - *" or similar, and the matches page title is missing " - Matches".
        - on the leaderboards page the length of team names messes up the row height. use ellipsis overflow if you can't make the column wider.
        - once the matches, standings, and leaderboard have been loaded for a season then they subsequently load very fast so I don't even see the "loading..." message. however the teams page always displays "loading..." for about 1 second. not a huge issue, but it's weird because the page doesn't look particularly more complicated than other pages.
        - it would be nice if the website included teams sheets in this format, and updating as trades and fa happen.
        - when you get to scheduling, make sure to handle daylight savings correctly, this is a problem the current site has every season.


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          great work, thanks for this
          top 100 basers
          spider/terr records


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            Looks like I wont have to do nerd sheets for much longer!
            If you're going to do a thing you should to it to the best of your ability or don't do it at all.

            Siaxis> yo it was way harder to kill Rage then beam in that dtd

            Originally posted by olde;n1353305
            I can't beleive you left Acc. on Tj's birthday...