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  • W4 - TWDTD By the Numbers

    *** Week 4 TWDTD ***

    This week’s post is a bit short, as I will be doing a longer post for the end of the regular season. In that post, I will be including interviews, individual stats records and team break downs at length.

    This Week’s Top Overall Performer- Lockdown
    Playing in all league matches Lockdown performed well, helping Funk go 5-1 and personally getting two MVP’s. In warbird he went 16-9/12-9, Jav 8-10/11-5, and lastly spider 72-19/119-57. Solid across the board, well done Lockdown!

    Highest total kills – Saiyan - 32 kills
    He’s back again for the second time this season, with almost identical numbers as week 2. Saiyan went 17-10 and 15-3 this week with a 2.46 KD

    Runner up – Rasaq - 31 kills
    Rasaq was hot this week putting up large kill numbers each match, getting an impressive 18 kill first game and 13 in the second. Total KD 1.8.

    Highest single game kills - Best - 20 kills
    Best put on a performance in match one getting the MVP and going 20-9!

    *** Star performers ***

    10* - Vys - Power
    Had a solid performance this week, going 11-8 and 18-5, with 1 MVP and a total KD of 2.23.

    Runner up – Saiyan - Morph
    Most total kills of the day, one MVP, total KD 2.46.

    9/9.5* - Steadman - Funk
    With Funk’s 2-0 this week it wouldn’t be right if some of their warbirds weren’t on this list. Steadman had two solid games, going 15-7 and 11-9 with a total KD of 1.6.

    8/8.5* - Mongrel - Power
    Mongrel threw down this week in warbird, going 17-9 in the first match and 8-3 in the second. 1 MVP and total KD of 2.1.

    7/7.5* - Uprise - Finigirmin
    This 7* played great this week, winning one game going 12-8 and playing decent in the lose with a 12-10. Total KD of 1.3.

    6/6.5* - Lee - Funk
    Lee hasn’t had the best luck with warbird as of late, but this week he did much better- going 6-8 and 11-6 with a total KD of 1.21.

    Top Team – Terrorist
    There are 4 teams tied for the most TWDTD wins, Power, Terrorist, Fingirmin and Thunder and the top spot could be a tossup at this point. Leaving bias aside and looking mainly at individual stats the top team would be Terrorist. While I understand this doesn’t define the top team, its how I came to this determination at this point.
    Terrorist has highest rank average on the warbird stat leaderboard, with 4 of them in the top 20. Leading the team is Bike ranked 2nd with 6 wins and a KD of 1.89. Then it's Rasaq ranked 10th with 4 wins and a total KD of 1.64. The rest to follow are, dreamwin #14, makesto #18 and banks #37.

    Blunder Team award – Paddington II 2-6
    Things look bleak for Paddington, and it appears their playoff hopes are shot. Paddington has made changes to the lineup but haven’t found the winning combo. Their currently highest ranked warbird is Ardour (28), who was a sub in the first match going 11-6, but unable to close the second match 7-10. Their highest star warbird Peru is ranked 36th and has a total KD of .82.

    Thanks for checking out my post and please check out next weeks as it will be quite in depth! And good luck in the hunt to secure a playoff spot!

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    ty sir, howefir fingirmin won both warbirt mitchis