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    Hi guys. Banh Mi TMZ conducted some interviews after the warbird quarter-finals. Here they are!

    Interview with Dreamwin:

    Banh Mi TMZ> Hi Dreamwin. My name is Banh Mi and I'm from TMZ! I would like to conduct a short interview. Congrats on the win.

    dreamwin> Ty sir, our opponents were tough and we fumbled a bit at the beginning of rnd 2 but thanks to our professional preparation we were able to turn it over.

    Banh Mi TMZ> How does it feel to make it to the semis?

    dreamwin> Gotta say, im pretty used to it but semis and finals are always fun to play at. Our minimum goal is to triple crown

    Banh Mi TMZ> I know that you're a poker player as well. How does this win compare to that of winning a poker tournament?

    dreamwin> you are a poker player as well so yo might know our emotions don't vary too much in a poker table. This however is a team game and therefore more emotional. Gives quite good kicks to win together.

    Banh Mi TMZ> Definitely. Winning as a team is always enjoyable and feels great.

    Banh Mi TMZ> How do you like your chances next Sunday in the semis? You'll be playing either Powerful Fingermen or Thunder.

    dreamwin> I like our chances a lot. I think we lost to both of them in regular season but were trying different lineup. Everyone in our current lineup are top talent of their * level

    Banh Mi TM> We've known each other for years and I appreciate you taking the time to do this interview. Goodluck in your next round!

    dreamwin> Thank you sir, best of luck to you too!

    Banh Mi TM> Alright man. Happy birthday and shut up bro. If you play me I'm going to slam you. This interview is over.

    dreamwin> LOOOOL

    dreamwin> TY BABE

    Banh Mi TM> LOL

    dreamwin> how u start a new job and write essay predictions on first week LOL

    dreamwin> love it

    Interview with Lockdown:

    Banh Mi TM> Hi Lockdown. My name is Banh Mi and I'm from TMZ! Congrats on the win. Do you have time for an interview?

    Lockdown> I have a few minutes, sure.

    Banh Mi TM> Most of the community viewed Funk as the underdog in the TWDTD. What do you have to say to all those doubters?

    Lockdown> Idiots. The lot of them. We have legends on this team who absolutely killed it today. Heaven and Lee are the next coming of Stromile Swift and David Lee.

    Banh Mi TM> Low stars are definitely very important, but I want to talk to you about your big 3, Tripin, Steadman and yourself. How strong of a tandem do you think you guys are and why?

    Lockdown> I don't like talking about myself so lets focus on the other 2.

    Lockdown> Stead is like a cheap box of chocolates.

    Lockdown> Consistency.

    Banh Mi TM> Is he the dollar store kind?

    Lockdown> Gas Station Chocolate.

    Banh Mi TM> I heard those make your fart stink.

    Banh Mi TM> How about Tripin?

    Lockdown> Tripin reminds me of stubbing my toe. It hurts a lot at first but then a form of clarity comes over you after the pain subsides.

    Banh Mi TM> Yea man your toes stink I heard.

    Lockdown> But really they are both great teammates to play with.

    Banh Mi TM> I'm glad you guys are playing well together! Next week you'll be most likely be playing against Powerful Fingermen. That team is lead by the Legend himself, Flew, along with his co-stars, Sprackle and Bacon. How confident are you and will you even show up?

    Lockdown> Since Flew has never won a TWDTD, and his playstyle gives me diabetes, I am not worried at all about that team.

    Lockdown> Sprackle is good tho.

    Banh Mi TM> Alright well. CUT. This interview is over shut up you newbie. You better hope I don't pick you this Sunday.

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    There's no way Flew has a job
    3:Steadman> ive been a leader in every league of legends and basketball game ive ever played in


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      Flew's job is to destroy the competition.


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        I had strong faith in this media but turns out it uses the same censorship methods than all mainstream medias!

        dreamwin> I like our chances a lot. I think we lost to both of them in regular season but were trying different lineup. Everyone in our current lineup are top talent of their * level
        dreamwin> discluding me ofc, im just there to inspire the troops
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          ROFL alex
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            Hi guys=)