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  • TWDT Season 24 Announcement


    TWDT Season 24 Ops: RaCka, Ogron, and Beam

    This season is scheduled for a 5 week regular season and will have a star cap which will be determined once we have an idea of sign ups. We'll stream the ratings process as we have the past couple seasons.

    The draft date is scheduled for January 23rd and start date of January 30th.

    All other details regarding the league will be posted in the next couple weeks but expect it to be very similar to the past few seasons.

    If you wish to sign up you can post in the sign up thread, message myself, beam, ogron, or pm the twdtbot !signup.
    7:Amnesti <TW>> racka is nestled in Candlekeep. hes nestled atop the cliffs that rise from the sword-coast.
    Amnesti> but i guess i havent tried so much yet, im only 19. when im 20+ i will on purpose make myself look as good as i can, and go to places where girls are
    1:Sika> "ezor" is #1