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    sign me up, no cap


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      Sign me up. Would like to cap.
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        Originally posted by qan View Post
        Dwopple and RaCka should be contacting people soon. It's a fair bit of work to get everyone's payment preferences. Also, Wirah's been a bit busy.


        When you get a chance, could you please enlighten us about the situation? Is there really gonna be payouts even though the distribution was never announced for the season?

        PS. Sign up for S27. Will cap if needed.
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          Originally posted by Kassius View Post
          Click image for larger version

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          This refreshes endlessly, and the mailbox for doesn't exist

          I've set up a $5/month recurring sub
          i too would like to donate using kassius' transaction id

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            Originally posted by Ardour View Post
            Sign me up. Would like to cap.
            Ardour would make a great C imo. He led the development and contributions to twlm, which allows players to be Fantasy GMs of TWL.

            Sounds like a great potential GM.

            I echo the same with Lee. As a fellow TWDTJ winner, he knows what it takes to win 3 leagues. Team-oriented, solid 3 leaguer whos gameplay is improving (imo) with more reps.

            I would appreciate seeing more players Volunteer to Captain for the first time. The variety helps with the enjoyment of a league that is being voluntarily organized recurringly.


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              Originally posted by RageRitual View Post


              Also I went to match kass 5 bucks a month idea but paypal the only option. Even runescape can setup a monthly subscription without paypal. Any chance we can get the same?
              Without getting too deep into PCI-DSS, it isn't really possible for us to run our own credit card processing outside of PayPal.

              There are other services like Strype, but for no profit orgs I don't think the fees are very friendly. Really at the end of the day it does the same thing as PayPal, just different branding.

              We also have to look out for the best interest of everyone. PayPal has reasonable fraud protection, allows us to validate donations and never once requires us to see a credit card number. Im sure that everyone would rather trust a known processor like PayPal than to use TWMoneyServices or whatever name we'd give it.

              Could we maybe do Venmo or Zelle, something like that? Perhaps we could look into one of those tools, but I'm still not seeing the reason to abandon PayPal.


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                Have no clue what my show rate would be. Sign me up
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                  Sign me up! Can't show first two weeks
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                    sign me up



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                      update: schedule pushed back a week as the draft was set for the same day as the super bowl
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                        Originally posted by beam View Post
                        update: schedule pushed back a week as the draft was set for the same day as the super bowl
                        Good. Didn't want to miss the draft to watch the 49ers!