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  • TWDTJ finals predictions

    Just like in wb, also jav finals feature arguably 2 most consistent and best teams throughout entire league.
    Power- Zidane, like myth in wb, seeks to defend his jav title with very impressive Power team that has dominated the league. Lead by zidane (10) and supported by hypocrit (8.5), cripple or draft(8), criminally underrated banzi (7.5) and kov (7), it is hard to find weakness in this team. Pretty much every player is either playing up the VPs or then playing much better. Especially banzi seems to be way underrated and is playing more on 8.5 level in this league. They dont have really much options outside those 6 players mentioned, but all those players are very reliably and pretty much show every week and perform, so it should not be a big problem for Zidane. They did lose both games in last week of season, but that was mainly due to using genx and spartan and not playing their main line. Their only weak spot seems to be facing vios team, as they are only ones who managed to defeat Power with their main players (actually won both matches they had between them), but luckily for Power, this is not the team they have to face in finals.

    Win or Die - Rackas team has also been consistent in jav entire league. With backbone of team made up with Racka (9.5), jurassic (8.5) and spawnisen (8), they have rotated their lower rated players quite a bit. Tpz and dwopple (7.5) and Beast (7) have all featured and done well. Also zizu (8) has played well in matches he has been used. Comparing the season so far with Power, it makes me feel though that Win or Die has struggled a bit more. Even with their preferred lineup, there have been losses, so it seems this team can be more affected by some "stars aligning", rather than putting in strong performances week in and out. In their 2 matches with Power, its 1-1, but both happened pretty early in the league, so will be very interesting to see how this ends up. But exactly like in Power, also Win or Die has players like jurassic and spawnisen, who seem to be playing on higher level compared to their VPs, which makes the team very dangerous opponent to anyone.

    Will be definitely close matchup, i think that it is even more likely to go to 3 matches, but looking at history i have a feeling Power lineup has a bit higher ceiling and can eventually take the win 2-1.

    Power wins
    Win or Die wins

    The poll is expired.