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    I am declaring these 16 warbirds the best players of the decade (2010-2019), including the bookend years of 2009 and 2020. No subjective inputs, simply statistical performances and titles, weighed in this order: TWLD Playoff stats, TWLD Titles, TWLD Regular Season stats, TWDT titles, TWDT stats.

    I've also included Warbirds of the Year, highlighting the 10 best warbirds every calendar year.

    Full list at the bottom of the post.

    Warbirds of the Decade

    1. Ease

    After winning back-to-back TWLD titles on Thunder, Ease upset Fierce in 2013 and 2015, then reclaimed the title in 2020, whilst being the clear #1 WB in four different years.

    2. Mythril

    Along with Ease, mustered one of the most legendary TWLD Finals performances in 2013 to take down Fierce, then dominated the second half of the decade alongside Racka and was a Top 3 warbird in five different years.

    3. Racka

    Back-to-back finals on Quicksand and Fierce, Racka left the game at the height of his powers, returning in force in 2015 and dominating ever since. With back-to-back TWLD titles in 2019 and 2020 and logging the most dominant TWDT-D season in history, Racka is once again back on top.

    4. Apok

    Apok nudges out DEEZ NUTS due to some incredibly elite carries in TWDT-D along with his TWLD performances, claiming the #1 WB spot in 2010 and 2012. Won 4 TWLD titles in 6 years on the stackfest that was Fierce.

    5. Deez Nuts

    Either the greatest or second-greatest warbird of all-time, Deez still managed to finish in the Top 5 despite not playing the second half of the decade. He was the #1 warbird in 2014, and constantly put up big numbers in the TWLD playoffs when it mattered most.

    6. Iron Survivor

    The opposite of Deez, Iron emerged in the second half of the decade, leading Force to a TWLD title and being the best warbird in the game in 2016 and 2017. He has won multiple TWDT-D scoring titles, and carried Monster to the 2020 TWLD Finals.

    7. Skepsis

    One of the most consistent warbirds of all-time, Skepsis only broke into the Top 5 once (in 2014) in his life, but he has made a career out of being the 4th or 5th best player on a championship team and staying alive.

    8. Vys

    Vys's prime saw him as a Top 5 warbird in 2009 and 2011, re-emerging in the later part of the decade and establishing himself as a Top 10 WB the last four years. He finally won his TWLD title in 2020 and had the signature performance he was looking for Round 1, after dominating and winning TWDT-D across three decades.

    9. Lasenza

    Arguably the best dueler of all-time, he also had strong seasons in team play, winning multiple TWLD and TWDT-D titles, and being the #1 WB in 2019, #2 in 2015, and #3 in 2018.

    10. Best

    Best went supersaiyan in 2015, obliterating every league and MVPing every round of the TWLD finals against Fierce and winning the championship. He would then go on to make 4 straight TWLD finals and be an absolute wrecking ball on the field, and is undoubtedly one of the most aggressive and fun players to watch.

    11. Weak

    A TWLD finals mainstay with multiple cores, Weak has put in multiple deep playoff runs with excellent performances on championship teams. A consistently excellent player when it matters.

    12. Burnt

    Burnt finished #3 in 2009, #6 in 2010, and #5 in 2012 thanks to his multiple championship runs in TWLD as a complimentary piece to Ease on Thunder, and as a leader on Real. He was a star in the early part of the decade.

    13. Dak

    Another supporting player, Dak won back-to-back TWLD titles with strong performances on Sweet and Fierce, finishing #3 in 2011 and #2 in 2012. He returned to relevance in 2020 finishing in the Top 10 helping Monster reach the TWLD finals.

    14. Beam

    After laying dormant for nearly a decade, Beam emerged like a cicada and tore through TWLD and TWDT-D in 2018, 2019, and 2020 while winning back-to-back TWLD titles, and finishing in the Top 5 in 2019 and 2020.

    15. Okyo

    Okyo has been a beast in TWDT-D the past 5 years, and even better in TWLD, helping lead Force over Thunder and Dice in winning the 2016 title, and in carrying Monster to the 2020 finals. He was the #3 warbird in 2016 and #4 in 2017.

    16. Raazi

    Raazi finished #3, #4, and #3 in 2015, 2016, and 2017 respectively. He was one of the best players on Cobra, Burn, and Dice teams that reached the TWLD finals, winning the Championship in 2015 over Fierce with some epic performances.

    Honorable Mentions: Ricko, Tripin, Riverside, Geisha, Jones, Creature, Casket, Kentaro, Kyou, Attacks, Cres, Peru, Megaman89, Engineers, Scoop, Vash

    Warbirds of the Year


    Ease wins back-to-back TWLD titles along with Geisha, Burnt, and Raspi, while Vys is in his prime, Chuckle has a moment, and Kid Kaos is tearing it up.


    Apok and Racka start the Fierce dynasty, delectable is elite, Kyou is in his prime, Burnt is racking up titles on Thunder and Creature is still elite.


    For one brief period in time, Riverside is relevant -- something that has never occurred before or since, winning TWLD and TWDT-D. megaman89 is a monster who takes down Fierce in the Semis along with vys, while Dak, Engineers, Jones, and Eric Clapton give Sweet their only title.


    Dak and Engineers, hot off their Sweet title, join the darkside and team up with Apok and Deez Nuts to win TWLD on Fierce, Burnt leads Real to the finals, Skepsis does Skepsis things, and Sika and Reaver return to the game and get slapped by Fierce in the finals.


    Ease and Mythril put in a Herculean effort to topple Fierce in the TWLD finals, with Amputate, Geisha, Cape, and Spezza in tow, taking down Deez Nuts, Apok, Skepsis and Vash.


    Fierce wins back-to-back TWLDs, with Deez Nuts, Apok, Skepsis, Lasenza and Welt completely dominating the game. Ricko, Kentaro and Kyou lose to them on Cobra while Ease and Mythril fall to them on Pandora.


    Best becomes the best warbird in the game, preventing Fierce from winning 3 straight TWLDs and matching Siege, alongside Ease, Raazi, Mythril, Weak and Racka. Lasenza, Deez Nuts, Apok, and Skepsis settle for 2nd place.


    Iron Survivor claims the mantle of best WB, leading Cres, Okyo, Attacks and Skepsis to the TWLD title. Raazi, Mythril and Best shine in the finals, but even with Racka's presence they fall short. Weak is stellar for Thunder but nobody else is.


    The dark ages of the zone with no TWL in 2017-2018. Iron Survivor continues to dominate every format, with Mythril in tow. Geio and Ricko win their first titles playing, capturing TWDT-D championships. Weak, Ease, Racka, Vys, and Okyo are still dominant.


    Ease and Vys dominate TWDT-D and win the title on Power, while Mythril, Beam, and Ogron put up serious numbers on Legio XI. Tripin continues his solid play, and Flew returns to the game with strong performances.


    TWLD returns, with Lasenza, Racka, Mythril, Beam, and Turban winning the finals. Flew takes down Monsters in the semis and reaches two TWDT-D finals. Ease and Ogron put up a fight in the TWLD finals, but fall in Round 3. Peru has great TWLD and TWDT-D runs before flopping in both finals.


    Ease dominates back-to-back TWLD playoffs and wins the title. Racka wins TWLD and TWDT-D, posting the greatest season in TWDT history. Lockdown wins TWLD and TWDT-D, and has a strong TWLD final. Beam wins his second straight TWLD. Ogron wins his second. Iron Survivor, Dak, Okyo, and Tripin lead Monster to the TWLD finals. Vys wins his first TWLD, and there is much rejoicing.

    Imagine being the Eli manning of terr and thinking you're Tom Brady

    Can't compete on stats, can't compete on winning.

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    Imagine being the Eli manning of terr and thinking you're Tom Brady

    Can't compete on stats, can't compete on winning.


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      Damn lot of data in this, very nice. Do you have these #s for jav too, would be interesting to see jav getting some love!


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        lot of work put in this, thanks claus, was a good read

        I wonder how it would look if TWL title category was voided for people that didn't play, also curious what the breakdown of the weighting was
        1:Foreign> i screenshot every time i get mvp in javs
        1:pascone> folder is empty :/
        1:Tiny> LOL
        1:Mega Newbie> uhauhauhauhauhauha

        1:Ricko> i havent played so well and gone 4-7 before


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          Originally posted by kentaro View Post
          lot of work put in this, thanks claus, was a good read

          I wonder how it would look if TWL title category was voided for people that didn't play, also curious what the breakdown of the weighting was

          no titles awarded to people who didn't play. you can see who got what here:

          it's based on the work i did here:

          weights are roughly 500pts for an LD title, 250pts for LD runner-up, 200pts for LD regular season/early playoffs stats, 100 to 800pts for LD semis/finals performances (300pts max base, with 500pts bonus for #1, 400 for #2, 300 for #3, 200 for #2, 100 for #1 highly rewarding elite play in the TWLD semis/finals), 200pts for TWDT-D stats, 150pts for a DT-D title. you can see how they're converted from overall points to yearly ranks here:

          Imagine being the Eli manning of terr and thinking you're Tom Brady

          Can't compete on stats, can't compete on winning.