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  • Visual Data -- Championships Over Time

    Off-season posts! Summer is here, and there's no major leagues until TWDT and TWL return this fall.

    I updated the winners in all three leagues, and converted it to visual data over time. I thought I would share.


    I've kept the methodology simple: 10 points for winning TWL (5 points for runner-up), 3 points for winning TWDT (2 points for runner-up).

    I do not believe this is the best methology, but it is consistent and easy to understand. I tend to stay conservative with charts, top 100 lists, etc.

    There are a fair amount of hardline TWL traditionalists among elite players who would never rate draft titles more than 30% of a TWL title -- I don't agree with these views, and perhaps I've catered too hard to them -- but I try to weigh things in a broad, consensus-y type fashion.

    Either way, the charts wouldn't look too dissimilar. I will give some outlier examples, however:

    Racka, for instance, has won 2 TWEL-D titles and 3 TWDT-D titles as a 10* in the star cap era. TWEL, and bonus points for winning as a 10*, are not included in the original chart. I personally believe winning as a 10* under a star cap is exceedingly difficult, and should probably be worth closer to 7 points. You could rate a TWEL title, say, 5 points.

    This would boost his total by a whopping 22 points. He'd still be in the same spot (#2), but only a stones throw away from Ease.

    Again, I've tried to keep it simple and consistent, and not inject too much bias into the chart (although bias is impossible to eliminate as giving 10 points for a TWL title and 3 points for a TWDT title is still a subjective opinion.)

    However, had I done it this way: Lasenza, Racka, Turban, and Mythril in TWEL, and multi-time TWDT 10* winners such as Zidane, Commodo, Racka, Ogron, and Sarger -- for instance -- would have benefitted more than others.


    I excluded players outside the top 30 in championship points in most of these charts for clarity, as too many lines turns it into a Jackson Pollock painting.


    megaman89's dominance in base is on display here, as he is STILL the all-time leader in championship points, despite not having won a title since 2014, not played in a final since 2015, and not participated in leagues since 2016.

    Despite giving his competitors nearly 8 years to surpass him, he is still on top in spider.



    a2m's incredible reign in shark lasted well over a decade, with zidane only recently eclipsing him.


    Including all basers regardless of ship provides a slightly better picture, especially for multi-ship players like Cape and Hulk, who have split their time between ships.

    It's worth noting there are now exactly 24 seasons of TWL and 24 seasons of TWDT as of this writing, meaning there have been a fairly even amount of premier and draft leagues to participate in.

    There are differences between ships and eras, of course, as there have been 24 TWLD seasons, while only 20 TWLJ and 20 TWLB seasons. Basers benefit from an extra 3 Basing Cups in draft. There have been 20 TWLD/TWLJ finals, and 19 TWLB finals (plus a TWLB Cup). I counted winning TWLD seasons 1 through 4 the same as winning finals, despite those seasons not having playoffs.

    The last decade has seen significantly more opportunity in draft, with those leagues run more often and with much higher quality (and more standardized maps) than in the past. TWDT has become much harder to win for elite players since 2019 due to the Star Cap.

    Conversely, there have been less TWLs. Someone whose prime was 2009-2014 got to play 8 TWLs in 6 years. If your prime was 2016-2021 you only got to play 4 TWLs in 6 years.

    Thanks for reading!
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    congratulations to all the stackers


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      I guess one way to look at these charts is to think of the slope as the players' level of dominance. Like mm89 is practically vertical in spider while someone like Commodo or Mikkiz has a more-gentle slope.

      There's no shortage of people on these charts who have a medal for nearly every season they participated in. I think in one sense that says something about their skill at the time. It also goes to show that there really only ever were a handful of top squads in basing over it's entire history.
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        Originally posted by ogron View Post

        Someone whose prime was 2009-2014 got to play 8 TWLs in 6 years. If your prime was 2016-2021 you only got to play 4 TWLs in 6 years.
        *looks around the room* ... I feel ATTACKED!

        This is awesome, much appreciated for the informative history and visualizations!

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          cool stuff, brings back memories seeing some of those names


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            How many of these former champs basically quit the game entirely before 2014? I like how those graphs are never shown when Ogron wants to stroke himself.


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              Originally posted by Exalt View Post
              How many of these former champs basically quit the game entirely before 2014? I like how those graphs are never shown when Ogron wants to stroke himself.
              you're such a weird hater with no redeeming qualities, it's honestly crazy. you make every thread shitty and toxic for no reason.

              i've played against 42 of the 50 best basers to ever play in the TWLB semis/finals, including 3-4 against megaman89, since i've based from 2012-2022 (and i played against Fierce in the early to mid 2010s in TWLD.)

              the first elite TWLB final was Dice vs. Pandora in 2007-2008. the game declined 2017-2018 and was a weak era. 2019 was ok. TWLB 2020-2021 semis/finals are as good as 2007-2008... it's half the players from the 2007 finals (stayon, a2m, sarger, mouse, cripple, etc.) mixed with the best from the next generation, plus all the GOAT players from other zones like Saiyan/Bombed/Spartan turning into 10*s in spider.

              i'm sorry you're too bitter and angry to appreciate the quality of play in basing the last few years.
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                This was neat 2 c ty 4 sharing

                Congrits 2 all firmir winnirs